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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
American, S. Fork 8. The Gorge (Greenwood Creek to Folsom Reservoir) [CA] 09h58m Thomas O'Keefe typos and broken links fixed
American, S. Fork 7. Coloma to Greenwood Creek [CA] 23h01m Thomas O'Keefe rapid edits
Pike, N.Br. B) Four Falls: Twin Lake Road to Eight Foot Falls (3.27 miles) [WI] 51h24m Rob minor edit
Pike, S.Br. B) Mathias Lake Road to Dave's Falls (5 miles) [WI] 51h30m Rob minor edit
Feather, N. Fork 5) Poe Powerhouse to Oroville Reservoir [CA] 4d09h31m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Klamath 0) Copco Reservoir to Iron Gate Reservoir (inundated) [CA] 5d14h44m Thomas O'Keefe name edit
Potomac, North Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [WV] 5d22h52m Tony Allred Jr 11-14-2017 - Cleanup
Washougal, N. Fork Mile 7 to Washougal River [WA] 6d14h07m Jacob Cruiser added description
Mississippi Sauk Rapids (PnP) [MN] 7d22h34m Rob Select featured photo; embed YouTube Vid
Split Rock Superior Hiking Trail to Hwy 61 (2.9 miles) [MN] 7d23h40m Rob embed youtube video
Red C) Lower Red Lake Dam to CTH.A (4.3 miles) [WI] 8d19h43m Rob Swap to better youtube vid (full run)
Feather, West Branch 1) Whiskey Flat to Dean Road [CA] 9d12h52m Thomas O'Keefe
Moose, S. Branch Rock Dam to McKeever [NY] 9d22h55m Alex Barham
Indian (S.Br. Moose trib.) Brooktrout Lake to South Branch Moose [NY] 9d23h18m Alex Barham
Potomac 4. Sandy Beach/O-Deck to Anglers Inn [MD] 10d02h46m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Potomac 0HF-2. Sandy Hook/Potoma Wayside to Point of Rocks [MD] 10d22h17m Tony Allred Jr 11-9-2017 - cleanup
Potomac Harpers Ferry - Dam #3 to Rt. 340 Bridge [WV] 10d23h21m Tony Allred Jr 11-9-2017 - cleanup
Shenandoah 3. Millville to Harpers Ferry [WV] 10d23h28m Tony Allred Jr 11-9-2017 - cleanup
Potomac 0HF-1. Dargans Bend Boat Ramp to Sandy Hook/Potoma Wayside [MD] 10d23h53m Tony Allred Jr 11-9-2017 - cleanup
Wills Creek Fairhope to Hyndman [PA] 11d20h07m Nathan Blatchley 11-8-2017 - put page back as it was
Mill River 2) Rt. 103-Rt. 7b [VT] 11d23h55m Skip Morris
Mill River 1) E. Wallingford to Cuttingsville [VT] 11d23h57m Skip Morris
Mill Brook (Jericho) Jericho [VT] 12d00h17m Skip Morris
Potomac 5. Anglers Inn to Lock 10 [MD] 12d21h35m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Potomac 6. Lock 10 to Sycamore Island [MD] 12d21h39m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Potomac 7. Little Falls [MD] 12d22h10m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Tohickon Creek 2. South Park Road to Ralph Stover State Park (Immediately below Lake Nockamixon) [PA] 13d04h04m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Deer Creek 4. Rocks State Park to Sandy Hook Rd./Deer Creek Conservation Area River Access [MD] 13d19h59m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Deer Creek 3. Eden Mill Dam to Rocks State Park [MD] 13d20h02m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Tohickon Creek 1. Quakertown (Thatcher Road, LR09082) to PA Route 563 (above Lake Nockamixon) [PA] 14d00h30m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Tohickon Creek 3. Ralph Stover State Park to Point Pleasant (PA Route 32) [PA] 14d00h52m Tony Allred Jr 11-7-2017 - cleanup
Nolichucky Poplar N.C. to Nolichucky Gorge Campground (Erwin, TN) [TN] 14d01h29m Lee H Thonus USA Shuttle fee update
Pine Creek Ansonia to Blackwell [PA] 17d10h15m Steve McLuckie updated length, access location
Pine (Eastern UP) B) N Srv Road to Dixie Highway (Hwy.134) (3.3 miles) [MI] 20d03h13m Doug Heym Added Eastern UP to name
Pine (Eastern UP) A) W.Prairie Road to S.River Road (3.25 miles) [MI] 20d03h15m Doug Heym Added Eastern UP to name
Cacapon US 50 at Capon Bridge to WV 127 Bridge [WV] 20d20h03m Tony Allred Jr 10-31-2017 - cleanup
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 22d00h41m Ricky Hazlett gauge fixed, they took cfs away from us
Christopher Creek 01. Box Canyon [AZ] 24d18h44m Spencer Huff photos added
Animas 05. Bakers Box [CO] 24d19h53m Spencer Huff rapids tagged to photos
Gunnison 03. Crystal Dam to Chukar Trail [CO] 24d20h46m Spencer Huff photos added
Deer Creek 6. MD 136 to Susquehanna River [MD] 25d23h30m Tony Allred Jr 10-25-2017 - cleanup
Deer Creek 5. Sandy Hook Rd./Deer Creek Conservation Area River Access to MD 136 [MD] 25d23h31m Tony Allred Jr 10-25-2017 - cleanup
Looking Glass Creek Along Highway 276 [NC] 26d01h47m Kevin Colburn Road Name Fix
Snake G) Lower Salmon Falls Dam to Bliss Reservoir [ID] 27d16h29m Bill Hunt added warmup rapid
Tanasee Creek in Pisgah [NC] 27d22h48m Kevin Colburn gage
Wisconsin D) Wausau Slalom Course (0.35 mile modified natural channel) [WI] 28d02h46m Rob reset default directions to be from home zip
Rio Grande 06. Taos Junction Bridge to Embudo Station Restaurant [NM] 29d15h58m Thomas O'Keefe Added clarity on names for Racecourse and Pilar segments.
Colorado 18. Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead [AZ] 30d23h18m Nathan Fey
Trout Creek Dunkley - Flat Tops Wilderness [CO] 31d00h56m Nathan Fey
Little Luckiamute [OR] 31d01h22m Priscilla Macy added TR and photo ID
Southridge Ditch S.76th to Root River Parkway (0.45 mile) **Access Issues** [WI] 31d04h10m Rob add 'Quick Facts'
Thomas Creek 1. Below Thomas Creek Falls to Log Bridge [OR] 31d22h50m Jacob Cruiser Legacy Update
Green 04. Ouray to Green River Town (Desolation & Gray) [UT] 33d01h23m Kestrel Kunz
Green 05. Green River Town to Colorado Confluence (Labyrinth and Stillwater) [UT] 33d01h23m Kestrel Kunz
Grand Downtown Grand Rapids whitewater park *PROPOSED* [MI] 33d04h33m Rob add FB link
Connoquenessing Creek RR bridge on South River Rd to Rock Point [PA] 33d22h51m Jonathan Janicki take-out on map fixed
Boulder Creek Bedrock City [OR] 34d22h33m Jacob Cruiser descipton
Honey Creek Honey Creek Pkwy. to Menomonee R. (1.5 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 36d05h26m Rob minor edit
White 02. Rangely to Bonanza Bridge [CO] 36d18h39m Craig Irwin 22
Arkansas 02. The Numbers [CO] 36d21h10m Craig Irwin 20171014
Kinnickinnic (Milwaukee trib) S.31st Street to S.Chase Ave. (2.7-4.0 miles) *Access&Quality Issues* [WI] 39d03h30m Rob minor edit
Roaring Brook Brokeback Gorge [NY] 40d02h10m Alex Barham
Deerfield 3) Monroe Bridge to Bear Swamp (The Dryway) [MA] 40d21h35m Bob Nasdor
Lost 1. Lost River (town) to WV 55 bridge 3.7 miles above Wardensville [WV] 41d05h12m Tony Allred Jr 10-8-2017 - corrected directions
Lost 2. WV 55 Bridge 3.7 miles above Wardensville to WV 259 Bridge below Wardensville [WV] 41d05h13m Tony Allred Jr 10-8-2017 - corrected directions
Wet Beaver Creek 01. FR 618 to Camp Verde Bridge [AZ] 41d17h35m Craig Irwin 22
Umpqua, South 3. Campbell Falls to Three C Rock [OR] 41d23h09m Jacob Cruiser Code reduction
Wisconsin G) Prairie du Sac (PnP) [WI] 42d23h58m Rob fix broken link
Deer Creek 2. Harford Creamery Rd. to Eden Mill Park boat ramp [MD] 43d01h16m Tony Allred Jr 10-8-2017 - added new deer creek stream reach
Deer Creek 1. Bond Road to MD 23 [MD] 43d01h17m Tony Allred Jr 10-8-2017 - corrected stream reach
White (Bayfield/Ashland) B) Hwy. 112: Dam to Powerhouse (0.25-0.43 mile) [WI] 46d03h23m Rob minor edit
Cedar Creek Highland Drive to CTH.T (2.22 miles) *2017 Access Issue* [WI] 46d18h22m Rob update re: work progress
Fox C) Kaukauna/1000 Islands: Hwy.55/Main Ave. to CTH.ZZ (1.5 miles) [WI] 46d19h07m Rob minor edit
Umpqua, South 2. South Umpqua Falls to Boulder Creek Campground [OR] 46d19h37m Jacob Cruiser added link
Pauley Creek Second Divide Turnout to Downieville [CA] 48d04h34m Rob remove broken links
Rock Creek (Columbia River trib.) Steep Creek to Ryan-Allen Bridge [WA] 51d20h16m Jacob Cruiser
Gauley 7 (Upper). Summersville Dam to Mason Branch [WV] 52d19h25m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Little Gunpowder Falls 1) Bottom Rd @ Laurel Brook to Jerusalem Mill (Jerusalem Rd.) [MD] 52d23h01m Tony Allred Jr 10-27-2017 - Cleanup
Brice Creek 2. Champion Creek to Cedar Creek Campground [OR] 53d15h30m Jacob Cruiser added photo and description
Deep Creek, NF Boring to Hwy 224 [OR] 55d16h25m Jacob Cruiser
Gunpowder Falls 4 - Lower Loch Raven Dam to Route 1 [MD] 55d19h10m Tony Allred Jr 9-25-2017 - virtual gauge reports to summary page
Little Gunpowder Falls 2) Jerusalem Mill (Jerusalem Rd.) to U.S. Route 40 [MD] 55d21h17m Tony Allred Jr 10-27-2017 - Cleanup
Gunpowder Falls 5 - Route 1 to U.S.40 [MD] 55d22h21m Tony Allred Jr 10-8-2017 - cleanup
Ogden 02. Smokey Bear to Rainbow Gardens (The Narrows) [UT] 59d20h42m Bill Hunt updated the progression to work up to the Narrows.
Ogden 01. Pineview dam to Smokey Bear [UT] 59d21h16m Bill Hunt added total Length
Rock Creek (Clackamas) Sunnyside Road to Carver Road [OR] 61d01h31m Priscilla Macy Added photo/flows
Nisqually 1 - La Grande Reservoir to Mashel River [WA] 61d15h38m Jacob Cruiser Added Flow note
Barren River Downtown Bowling Green Riverfront [KY] 63d00h40m Rob fix broken YouTube video link
Malad (aka Big Wood) 3. Devil's Washbowl [ID] 65d17h27m Bill Hunt added Alec's descent
Meadow Creek Roadless [ID] 65d22h28m Kevin Colburn added flow
Ogden 03. Rainbow Gardens to Lorin Farr [UT] 67d18h11m Bill Hunt Updated description.
Patapsco Woodstock to Elkridge [MD] 68d18h50m Tony Allred Jr 9-29-2017 - cleaned up Daniels Dam description.
Little Pigeon, Middle Prong (The Greenbrier) 3. Porter's Creek Confluence to Hwy 73 [TN] 70d02h06m Rob fix broken link
Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park to Sprinkle Road (5.1 miles) [TX] 70d21h05m DRC
Saint Vrain Creek, South 02. Narrows to 1in5 Rapid [CO] 74d17h21m Kestrel Kunz
Saint Vrain Creek, North 01. Peak to Peak Hwy to Buttonrock Preserve [CO] 74d17h27m Kestrel Kunz
Vermilion 3. Lower: Mill Hollow Park to Vermilion Boat Ramp [OH] 75d04h54m Rob reset coords (which were considerably off)
Vermilion 2. Middle: Edison Hwy/US20 (Schoepfle Gardens) to Mill Hollow Park [OH] 75d05h10m Rob reset coords (which were considerably off)
Vermilion 1. Upper: E.Main Street / US20 to Edison Hwy/Schoepfle Gardens [OH] 75d05h33m Rob Add abstract