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Nooksack, N. Fork 3 - Douglas Fir Campground to Mt. Baker Highway milepost 27 [WA] 28h35m n/a updated image position
St. Louis E) CR210 to Oldenburg Point (3.25 miles) [MN] 35h08m n/a updated image position
Kelly Creek Hwy 78 to Winnataska Drive [AL] 38h00m n/a updated stats
Sleepy Creek, Meadow Branch Sleepy Creek Dam to bridge on CR9 [WV] 64h50m n/a updated description
Colt Killed Creek (White Sand Creek) 2. Colt Killed Creek Trailhead to Lochsa River [ID] 84h43m n/a updated image position
Wenatchee 3. Leavenworth to Monitor [WA] 85h07m n/a updated image position
Stillaguamish, N. Fork 2. Moose Creek to Oso [WA] 85h30m n/a updated image position
Whitetop Laurel Creek Creek Junction (Route 728) to Route 58 near Damascus [VA] 86h47m n/a updated image position
Fox (Illinois R. trib.) B) Waterford/Rochester/Burlington (PnP) [WI] 4d14h01m n/a updated description
Sauk Creek Grant Street to S.Milwaukee Street (1.5 mile or 0.3 mile PnH) [WI] 6d02h10m n/a updated description
Little Vermilion N3179 Rd to I&M Canal (Canal St/Rockwell Rd, La Salle) (6.5 miles) [IL] 7d12h02m n/a updated description
Warrior, Locust Fork 2) US 231/79 to CR 160 [AL] 9d01h29m n/a updated description
Crooked 2. Crooked R. Ranch to Billy Chinook Reservoir [OR] 10d03h33m n/a updated description
Klamath 07. Happy Camp to Coon Creek [CA] 10d08h15m n/a updated image position
South Platte 05. Waterton Canyon [CO] 11d15h09m n/a updated description
American, S. Fork 5. Slab Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse [CA] 12d03h52m n/a updated stats
Pequannock Newfoundland (Rte 513) to Alt Rt 511, Pompton Lakes [NJ] 12d16h38m n/a updated description
Stony Brook Lake Sebago to 7 Lakes Dr. bridge [NY] 14d11h25m n/a updated permit
Clackamas 5. River Mill Dam to Willamette River [OR] 14d12h41m n/a updated description
Ramapo Tuxedo to Suffern [NY] 15d14h31m n/a updated name
Hollow Brook Teetertown Ravine [NJ] 16d04h54m n/a updated description
Mad 2.) 1st Hydro Dam to Winooski River [VT] 17d04h25m n/a updated name
Mad 1.) To Waitsfield [VT] 17d04h25m n/a updated name
Clackamas 4. Farday Diversion Dam to Farday Powerhouse [OR] 19d02h47m n/a updated image position
Sauk, N. Fork Above North Fork Falls [WA] 19d04h14m n/a updated image position
Pilchuck River 1-Road P-500 above Boulder Creek to Menzel Lake Road Bridge [WA] 19d04h42m n/a updated image position
Pilchuck Creek 2 - Pilchuck Creek Campsite to Highway 9 Bridge [WA] 19d04h45m n/a updated image position
Tilton, N. Fork above Tilton confluence [WA] 19d06h57m n/a updated image position
Canyon River (Satsop trib.) FR 2260 to Cougar Smith Rd. [WA] 20d11h24m n/a updated image position
Montreal, W.Fk. Gile Falls to Hwy.2 (6.3 miles) [WI] 21d06h20m n/a updated description
Middle Lackson Road to Sleepy Valley Loop (9 miles) [WI] 21d06h59m n/a updated description
Menominee A) Piers Gorge: Niagara to Hwy.8 (0.5-2.9 miles) *Fee Area* [WI] 21d07h11m n/a updated description
Kinnickinnic (Milwaukee trib) S.31st Street to S.Chase Ave. (2.7-4.0 miles) *Access&Quality Issues* [WI] 21d08h01m n/a updated description
Eau Claire (Chippewa trib.) C) Soo Line Rapids (PnP, or 3.3 miles) [WI] 21d09h42m n/a updated description
Green 01. Flaming Gorge to Lodore (CO) [UT] 22d12h49m n/a updated image position
Menomonee A) MenFalls: Main Street bridge to next bridge (0.4 mile) [WI] 23d15h08m n/a updated image position
Apple A) Little Falls to Pike Hole (2.2 miles) [WI] 24d09h59m n/a updated description
Amnicon Sam Anderson Road to CTH.U (0.33-6 miles) [WI] 24d11h23m n/a updated stats
Feather Fish Barrier Dam to Thermalito Return [CA] 25d07h54m n/a updated description
Yellowstone 1. Gardiner to Miner (Yankee Jim Canyon) [MT] 25d09h01m n/a updated image position
Boulder 2. Speculator Creek to Chippy Park Campground [MT] 25d09h06m n/a updated image position
Boulder 4. Boulder Falls to highway (Boulder Falls Canyon) [MT] 25d09h07m n/a updated image position
Boulder 1. Fourmile to Speculator Creek (Hells Canyon) [MT] 25d09h08m n/a updated image position
Hellroaring Creek Headwaters to Yellowstone National Park [WY] 25d09h09m n/a updated image position
Madison 3) Beartrap Canyon: Madison Dam to Route 84 [MT] 25d09h10m n/a updated image position
Hyalite Creek 2. Below Hyalite Reservoir [MT] 25d09h11m n/a updated image position
Madison 2) Quake Lake to 1.5 miles downstream [MT] 25d09h13m n/a updated image position
Tenderfoot Creek S. Fork Tenderfoot to Smith R. [MT] 25d09h15m n/a updated description
Smith Camp Baker to Eden Bridge [MT] 25d09h22m n/a updated image position
Rock Creek (Carbon County) Lake Fork to Red Lodge [MT] 25d09h24m n/a updated image position
Hiwassee 1. Dries: Turtletown Creek to Apalachia Powerhouse [TN] 26d13h19m n/a updated description
Allen Creek Lake Leota to Madison Street (0.25-0.8 mile) [WI] 26d14h24m n/a updated name
Mongaup Rio Powerhouse to Delaware River [NY] 26d15h07m n/a updated description
Matheny Creek FR 21 Bridge to Q-1800 Bridge (Lower) [WA] 27d23h24m n/a updated description
Mascoma 2. Lebanon [NH] 28d00h12m n/a updated description
Moodna Creek Woodbury Creek to Old Forge Hill Road [NY] 28d04h34m n/a updated stats
Chattooga Section 4 - Route 76 Bridge to Tugaloo Lake Boat Ramp [SC] 32d01h57m n/a updated description
Pit 2) Pit 1: Fall River Mills to Pit River Campground (Pit Falls) [CA] 34d08h05m n/a updated description
Milwaukee C) Estabrook Park to N.Riverboat Road (PnP or up to 3.6 miles) [WI] 34d13h51m n/a updated description
Stillaguamish, S. Fork 3 - Verlot to Granite Falls (Robe Canyon Run) [WA] 36d07h16m n/a updated image position
Youghiogheny 6. Lower [PA] 36d12h33m n/a updated image position
Salmon, N. Fork Idlewild Campground to Sawyers Bar [CA] 37d09h35m n/a updated description
Potomac 0.1 Oldtown Toll Bridge to Paw Paw Tunnel Campground [WV] 37d12h27m n/a updated image position
Miller East Fork to NE Old Cascade Highway [WA] 38d11h08m n/a updated image position
Rapid Road end to Beckler River [WA] 38d11h29m n/a updated image position
Mulberry Fork, Upper Center Hill- Blountville Road to US Route 31 [AL] 38d14h51m n/a updated description
Mulberry Fork Above Old US 31 to Whitewater Drive [AL] 38d16h04m n/a updated description
Fox C) Kaukauna/1000 Islands: Hwy.55/Main Ave. to CTH.ZZ (1.5 miles) [WI] 38d17h31m n/a updated description
Little Pigeon, West Prong 2. Chimneys Picnic Area to Campbell Overlook [TN] 39d13h44m n/a updated description
Escanaba, M.Br. B) Co.Rd.CG to 1.2 mile above CR565 (10.8 miles,+1.6 miles for lower) [MI] 39d18h44m n/a updated description
Green 3 - Flaming Geyser State Park to 212 Way SE Bridge (Yo-Yo) [WA] 44d04h38m n/a updated stats
Santiam, Little North (Classic Opal) 2. Gold Creek to Three Pools [OR] 44d08h03m n/a updated image position
Flambeau, S.Fk. E) CTH.W to Skinner Creek Landing (11.2 miles) [WI] 44d18h25m n/a updated description
Marion Creek Gooch Falls Section [OR] 45d13h51m n/a updated image position
Deschutes 12. Cline Falls State Park to Lower Bridge [OR] 46d08h04m n/a updated image position
Animas 05. Bakers Box [CO] 47d08h35m n/a updated image position
Gunnison 03. Crystal Dam to Chukar Trail [CO] 47d08h44m n/a updated name
Skookum Creek Above lower gorge to SF of the Nooksack [WA] 48d13h46m n/a updated image position
Bear Creek Trailside/Bitterroots [MT] 50d13h30m n/a updated image position
Southridge Ditch S.76th to Root River Parkway (0.45 mile) **Access Issues** [WI] 51d17h41m n/a directions to the river
Gunnison, North Fork 01. Paonia Reservoir to below Somerset [CO] 52d10h22m n/a updated description
Snoqualmie, Middle Fork 3 - Taylor River to Concrete bridge (Upper) [WA] 53d05h38m n/a updated image position
Green 1 - Headworks to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park [WA] 53d07h57m n/a updated stats
Long Tom Hole Across the road from Fern Ridge Dam [OR] 53d11h52m n/a updated image position
Little Colorado 03. Cameron to Colorado River [AZ] 55d14h23m n/a updated image position
Fossil Creek 02. Classic Section [AZ] 55d14h23m n/a updated image position
Fossil Creek 01. Upper [AZ] 55d14h23m n/a updated image position
Colorado 19. Black Canyon [NV] 55d14h24m n/a updated image position
Colorado 18. Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead [AZ] 55d14h24m n/a updated image position
Piscataquog, North Branch Lake Horace to Everett Reservoir [NH] 57d05h13m n/a updated description
Umpqua, N. 3. Idleyld Park to confluence with S. Umpqua [OR] 57d11h24m n/a updated description
Umpqua, South 1. Camp Comfort to South Umpqua Falls [OR] 60d11h33m n/a updated image position
Umpqua, South 2. South Umpqua Falls to Boulder Creek Campground [OR] 60d11h34m n/a updated image position
Youghiogheny 3. Upper [MD] 64d12h58m n/a updated image position
Granite Creek Wooden Bridge to mouth [WY] 64d13h09m n/a updated image position
San Joaquin 5. K1 to K2 (Kerckhoff #1 PH to Kerckhoff #2 PH) [CA] 65d00h55m n/a updated description
Youghiogheny 7. Bottom [PA] 65d08h12m n/a updated stats
Gunpowder Falls 6 - Route 1 to U.S.40 [MD] 67d14h17m n/a updated description
Shenandoah 3. Millville to Harpers Ferry [WV] 67d16h49m n/a updated description