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Oak Creek Mill Road to Lake Michigan (PnP or 0.8 mile)*Access&Safety Issues* [WI] 05h05m n/a updated image position
Klamath 05. Iron Gate Dam to Sarah Totten CG [CA] 12h04m n/a updated image position
Klamath 09. Ishi Pishi Bridge to Orleans (Ikes) [CA] 12h18m n/a updated image position
Klamath 08. Coon Creek to Ishi Pishi Falls [CA] 12h20m n/a updated image position
Klamath 07. Happy Camp to Coon Creek [CA] 12h24m n/a updated image position
French Broad 9. Barnard to Hot Springs [NC] 16h36m n/a updated description
Nooksack, Middle Fork Clearwater Creek to Heisters Creek [WA] 19h59m n/a updated description
Tuckasegee, West Fork Thorpe Dam to Thorpe Powerhouse on Tuckasegee Reservoir [NC] 59h05m n/a updated description
Eau Claire (Wisconsin R. trib) B) Eau Claire Dells to Lookout Rd. (4.6 miles) [WI] 75h18m n/a updated description
White 3. Buckley to Auburn (Lower) [WA] 88h03m n/a updated stats
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 4. The Box [WY] 4d04h08m n/a updated image position
Birch Creek, North Fork Hike-Up [MT] 5d04h13m n/a
Kinnickinnic (Milwaukee trib) S.31st Street to S.Chase Ave. (2.7-4.0 miles) *Access&Quality Issues* [WI] 5d07h05m n/a updated description
Brunet Hanson Road to Hwy.27 at Town Line Road (6.5 miles) [WI] 5d07h22m n/a updated description
Neversink 1. Rock Hill to Oakland Valley [NY] 6d13h57m n/a updated description
Rio Grande 04. Wagon Wheel Gap to South Fork [CO] 6d14h18m n/a updated image position
Yampa 04. Cross Mountain Gorge - 85 Rd to Deer Lodge Park Rd [CO] 6d14h21m n/a updated name
Big Thompson 03. Forks Park to Narrows Park [CO] 6d14h46m n/a updated description
Bluff Creek FS5306 (off Bond Falls Road) to Choate Road (6.06 miles) [MI] 6d20h12m n/a updated description
Bluegrass Creek Tunnel outlet to Highway 34 [WY] 6d22h49m n/a updated image position
Boulder Creek, North 01. Switzerland Park to Boulder Falls [CO] 6d23h03m n/a updated description
Bear Creek 01. Idledale to Morrison [CO] 6d23h05m n/a updated image position
Big Thompson 02. Fishing Pier to Forks Park [CO] 7d01h06m n/a updated description
Truckee 1. Alpine Meadows Road to Floriston [CA] 7d13h26m n/a updated description
Owens River Pleasant Valley Reservoir to Pleasant Valley Campground Footbridge [CA] 7d21h06m n/a updated description
Big Thompson 01. Estes Park Dam to Fishing Pier [CO] 9d03h05m n/a updated description
Two Medicine, South Fork Canyon [MT] 10d03h40m n/a updated image position
Chippewa C) Lake Wissota Spillway (PnP) [WI] 10d21h21m n/a updated description
Short Creek CR 409 to Guntersville Lake [AL] 11d01h46m n/a updated name
Cache La Poudre 10. Below Filter Plant to Picnic Rock Access [CO] 12d00h43m n/a updated description
Wolf G) Five Islands to Keshena Falls (9.5 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 12d01h02m n/a updated description
Wolf F) Sec.4: Otter Slide to Big Smokey Falls (5.96 miles) ** Access Fee ** [WI] 12d05h59m n/a updated name
Wolf D) Sec.3: Langlade (Hwy 64) to Wild Wolf Inn (3.9 or 10.3 miles) [WI] 12d05h59m n/a updated name
Montreal, W.Fk. B) Gile Falls to Hwy.2 (6.3 miles) [WI] 12d06h01m n/a updated name
Montreal, W.Fk. A) ? (Logging Road?) to Spring Camp Road (3.76 miles) [WI] 12d06h02m n/a updated name
Milwaukee B) Grafton Dells: Bridge Street to Lime Kiln Park Landing (PnP or 1.2 miles) [WI] 12d16h53m n/a updated description
Haw 1. Route 1545 (Chicken Bridge) to US Route 15-501 (Bynum) [NC] 12d21h14m n/a updated image position
French Broad Del Rio to Bridgeport Market [TN] 12d23h44m n/a updated description
Virgin 01. South Campground (Zion NP) or Springdale to Virgin [UT] 13d14h26m n/a updated description
Trout Creek Dunckley - Flat Tops Wilderness [CO] 13d14h39m n/a updated name
Potomac 2. GW Canal Loop or Violette's Lock to Pennyfield Lock [VA] 14d05h13m n/a updated description
St. Francis 3. (Lower St. Francis) Millstream Gardens to Silver Mines (2.3 miles) [MO] 14d12h37m n/a updated image position
Boardman 6 mi. S. of Traverse City (5.3 miles) [MI] 15d02h39m n/a directions to the river
Underwood Creek Krueger Park to Hoyt Park (0.5 - 3.5 miles) [WI] 15d03h09m n/a updated description
Reddies River Route 1546 to North Wilkesboro [NC] 15d08h04m n/a updated description
Umpqua, North 2. Soda Springs to Deadline Falls [OR] 15d11h06m n/a updated description
Sixth Water Creek 01. Unborn Soul [UT] 15d17h29m n/a updated image position
Rogue, North Fork 4. Mill Creek Falls to Lost Creek Reservoir [OR] 15d20h48m n/a updated description
Menominee A) Piers Gorge: Niagara to Hwy.8 (0.5-2.9 miles) *Fee Area* [WI] 15d23h10m n/a updated image position
Klamath 02. Pioneer Park to Spring Island (Big Bend) [OR] 16d14h22m n/a updated description
Roaring Fork 01. Weller Lake to Difficult CG [CO] 17d01h52m n/a updated description
Fordyce Creek Fordyce Lake to Lake Spaulding [CA] 18d00h39m n/a updated description
Honey Creek Honey Creek Pkwy. to Menomonee R. (1.76+2.14 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 18d05h51m n/a updated description
Cacapon US 50 at Capon Bridge to WV 127 Bridge [WV] 18d06h09m n/a updated name
Gold Creek 1 mile above LNF to NF Road 2209 [OR] 19d19h21m n/a updated image position
Eagle Creek Twister Falls to Hatchery Weir [OR] 19d19h24m n/a updated image position
Clackamas 2. Collawash River to Three Lynx Power Station [OR] 19d19h29m n/a updated image position
Canal Creek 1.2 mi above Quartzville Ck [OR] 19d19h33m n/a updated image position
Calapooya Nonpareil to Driver Valley Road [OR] 19d19h33m n/a updated image position
Alsea, S. Fork Hubert McBee Memorial Park to Rock Quarry Weir [OR] 19d19h38m n/a updated image position
Uncompahgre River 02. Ouray to KOA campground [CO] 19d23h53m n/a updated description
Rio Grande 08. Otowi Bridge to Cochiti Reservoir [NM] 20d11h43m n/a updated image position
Santiam, Middle 2. Green Peter Dam to Foster Reservoir [OR] 20d17h28m n/a updated image position
Smith Creek Smith Creek Bridge to above Smith Creek Falls [ID] 20d19h55m n/a updated description
Smith Creek 1. Upper [ID] 20d20h08m n/a updated description
Yaak 2. Yaak Falls to Kootenai R. [MT] 20d20h52m n/a updated description
Mountaintown Creek Hwy 52w to Hwy 282/76w [GA] 20d20h59m n/a updated image position
Boundary Creek Near Canadian border to Road 2450 [ID] 20d21h04m n/a updated stats
Nenana 4.Two Rocks--also called Twin Rocks-- to Healy (Nenana Canyon) [AK] 20d23h55m n/a updated name
Nenana 3. Riley Creek to Two Rocks (also called Twin Rocks) [AK] 20d23h57m n/a updated description
Crystal Chain O' Lakes to Little Hope (Wayside Park) (5 miles) [WI] 22d03h21m n/a updated description
Payette, N. Fork 3. Kelly's Whitewater Park (below Cascade Reservoir) [ID] 23d22h00m n/a updated image position
Payette, S. Fork 3. Swirly Canyon [ID] 23d22h02m n/a updated description
Payette, N. Fork 4. Cabarton Bridge to Smiths Ferry [ID] 23d22h11m n/a updated image position
Johnson Creek Yellow Pine airport to Johnson Creek gauge [ID] 23d22h12m n/a updated description
Johnson Creek Headwaters to Halfway Creek, 31.1 mi to Ice Hole Campground [ID] 23d22h25m n/a updated description
Salmon, E. Fork of S. Fork 2 - Johnson Creek to S.F.Salmon River [ID] 23d23h55m n/a updated description
Salmon, S. Fork 1 - Goat Creek to footbridge at Poverty Flats Campground [ID] 24d02h24m n/a updated description
Salmon, S. Fork 3 - East Fork of South Fork to Salmon River [ID] 24d02h26m n/a updated description
Salmon, S. Fork 2 - Poverty Flats Campground to East Fork of South Fork [ID] 24d02h34m n/a updated description
Gore Creek 03. Vail to Eagle River [CO] 24d02h49m n/a updated description
Gore Creek 01. Upper Gore Creek (Upstream of the golf course) [CO] 24d03h14m n/a updated description
Roaring Fork 07. Black Bridge to Veltus Park (Cemetery) [CO] 24d19h18m n/a updated description
Yule Creek 02. Bible Camp to Crystal River [CO] 24d22h31m n/a updated description
Boulder Creek Gorge [ID] 24d22h44m n/a updated description
Castle Creek 01. Aspen Music School to Slaughterhouse Bridge on Roaring Fork [CO] 24d23h55m n/a updated description
Gunpowder Falls 4. Blue Mount Road to Phoenix [MD] 25d07h13m n/a updated description
Gunpowder Falls 3 - Masemore Road to Blue Mount Road [MD] 25d07h15m n/a updated name
Halls (Stockwell) Creek Trow Lake Dam (Merrillan) to Black River confluence (11.5 or 6.3 miles) [WI] 25d07h42m n/a updated description
Morrison Creek S Cemetery Rd to Bottom Rd landing (5.3 miles) [WI] 25d07h42m n/a updated description
Robinson Creek Kelly Rd to W Pine Hill Rd (4.9 miles) [WI] 25d07h42m n/a updated description
Crystal 04. Redstone to Penny Hot Springs [CO] 25d19h36m n/a updated description
Crystal 05. Penny Hot Springs to Avalanche Creek [CO] 25d20h38m n/a updated description
Bridge Creek (Stehekin River) Ingalls Boulder Field Trailhead to Lady of the Lake Ferry Terminal [WA] 25d21h16m n/a updated image position
Arroyo Seco 1) Willowcreek Bridge to Arroyo Seco Picnic Area [CA] 26d18h15m n/a updated image position
Big Hole Dewey to Divide Bridge [MT] 26d21h57m n/a updated description
Patuxent, Little US Route 29 (Columbia) to US Route 1 [MD] 27d06h59m n/a updated name
Patuxent, Middle Carroll Mill Road to Savage Mill [MD] 27d07h00m n/a updated name
Granite Creek Strawberry Mine to near Cassidy Trail [CA] 27d17h47m n/a updated image position