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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Casselman 3) Markleton to Harnedsville (Confluence) [PA] 06h08m Tony Allred Jr 6-24-2018 - cleanup
Laurel Hill Creek 2. Whipkey Dam to Humbert Covered Bridge Nr. Ursina [PA] 06h44m Tony Allred Jr 6-24-2018 - cleanup
Merrimack 6) Amoskeag Falls to Goffs Falls (Crack Pipe, 293 Wave) [NH] 15h27m Skip Morris
Merrimack 1) Franklin to Penacook [NH] 15h28m Skip Morris
Payette 3. Main Payette - Gutter and Bladder Wave [ID] 68h16m Thomas O'Keefe edits to directions
Payette 2. Lower Main - Beehive Bend to Jet Boat Ramp [ID] 68h19m Thomas O'Keefe road mileage added
Ohanapecosh Ohanapecosh Campground to La Wis Wis Campground [WA] 75h03m Jacob Cruiser link
Little Greys Little Greys [WY] 90h46m Bill Hunt
Snake 8 - Sheep Gulch to Palisades Reservoir [WY] 91h06m Bill Hunt Deleting the ranges so that this does not show as runnable right now, because the reservoir level is high and this section is completely underwater.
Belt Creek 2. Monarch to Riceville [MT] 92h35m Kevin Colburn ..
Casselman, N. Branch Dung Hill Road to Maryland Route 495 [MD] 97h24m Tony Allred Jr 6-15-2018 - cleanup
Red Cedar A) Williamston, McCormick Park (0.1 miles) [MI] 97h40m Rob minor reformat for readability
Red Cedar B) MSU Wave (0.1 miles) [MI] 4d04h02m Rob reset put-in/take-out pins to more accurate locations
San Joaquin 4. Patterson Bend (Kerckhoff Reservoir to Kerchoff #1 PH) [CA] 4d20h24m Theresa Simsiman Remove offensive name as requested by the tribe
San Joaquin 5. K1 to K2 (Kerckhoff #1 PH to Kerckhoff #2 PH) [CA] 4d21h15m Theresa Simsiman Remove offensive name as requested by the tribe
Greys 1) Murphy Creek Bridge to Little Greys River [WY] 4d22h27m Bill Hunt Grays river road is open
Greys 2) Little Greys River to Hwy bridge [WY] 4d22h28m Bill Hunt Grays river road is open
Hulahula Grasser's Airstrip to Arey Island (Arctic Ocean) [AK] 4d22h58m Thomas O'Keefe cleaned up and removed broken links
Dolores 01. Rico to Big Rock (West Fork) [CO] 5d02h29m Nathan Fey
Dolores 02. West Fork to McPhee Reservoir [CO] 5d02h37m Nathan Fey
Black Creek Hazelton (Jaycee Drive) to Nescopeck [PA] 5d02h48m Alex Barham Location and Info
Dolores 07. Gateway to Colorado River (UT) [UT] 5d02h49m Nathan Fey
Dolores 06. Bedrock to Gateway [CO] 5d02h49m Nathan Fey
Dolores 05. Slickrock to Bedrock [CO] 5d02h50m Nathan Fey
Dolores 04. Dove Creek Pump Station to Slickrock [CO] 5d02h50m Nathan Fey
Dolores 03. Bradfield Launch (McPhee Reservoir) to Dove Creek Pump Station [CO] 5d02h51m Nathan Fey
Big Run Savannah Road to Shenango River [PA] 5d02h58m Alex Barham Location
Big Cove Creek T379 to Licking Creek [PA] 5d03h02m Alex Barham Location
Beaver Creek LR 26023 to confluence with Meadow Run [PA] 5d03h16m Alex Barham Location
San Juan 02. Pagosa Springs to Trujillo Rd [CO] 5d03h18m Nathan Fey
Bear Creek PA Route 115 to Walter Dam [PA] 5d03h19m Alex Barham Location
Babb Creek Lick Run to Pine Creek [PA] 5d03h29m Alex Barham
Antietam Creek, E. Branch Old Forge to confluence with W. Branch [PA] 5d03h32m Alex Barham
San Juan 01. Riverside Campground to Yamaguchi Park [CO] 5d03h34m Nathan Fey
Anderson Creek US Rte 322 to W.Br. Susquehanna [PA] 5d03h42m Alex Barham Location and Info
Antietam Creek 1) Upper: Oak Ridge Dr. to Hwy.68 (Devils Backbone Park) [MD] 6d06h20m Tony Allred Jr 6-15-2018 - cleanup
Clackamas 2. Collawash River to Three Lynx Power Station [OR] 6d16h36m Jacob Cruiser bolstered description
Imnaha 1. Headwaters [OR] 6d16h47m Jacob Cruiser
Stanislaus, Middle Fork 4. Sand Bar Flat Dam to Camp 9 Powerhouse [CA] 7d01h34m Jacob Cruiser Description from Joseph Hatcher added
Payette, Middle Fork 2. Nozzle Section [ID] 7d09h36m Bill Hunt In "How to Get There" section, changed Rattlesnake to Hardscrabble campground. This run begins below the class 5+ sections, not above them.
Muddy Creek (Susquehanna trib) Paper Mill Road to Susquehanna River (Cold Creek Park) [PA] 8d03h38m Tony Allred Jr 6-15-2018 - cleanup
White (Fox/Illinois trib.) Sheridan Springs Road to Mill Street (3.75 miles) [WI] 8d06h14m Rob fix typos
Deer Creek 5. US Rt 1, Benjamin Bridge Access to MD 136 [MD] 9d07h09m Tony Allred Jr 6-15-2018 - cleanup
West Canada Creek Trenton Falls to Herkimer [NY] 9d21h35m Alex Barham info
Wild Ammonoosuc 1. Picnic Area to Wildwood to Water Supply Dam [NH] 9d22h57m Skip Morris
Wild Ammonoosuc 2. Wildwood Water Supply Dam to Route 302 [NH] 9d22h58m Skip Morris
Tye 2. Massies Mill to US 29 [VA] 10d01h11m Tony Allred Jr 6-15-2018 - cleanup
Tye 1. Nash to Massies Mill [VA] 10d01h14m Tony Allred Jr 6-15-2018 - cleanup
Lost 1. Lost River (town) to WV 55 bridge 3.7 miles above Wardensville [WV] 10d21h21m Tony Allred Jr 6-14-2018 - edited to account for canoe zero correlation
Lost 2. WV 55 Bridge 3.7 miles above Wardensville to WV 259 Bridge below Wardensville [WV] 10d21h40m Tony Allred Jr 6-14-2018 - edited to account for canoe zero correlation
Rock Creek 1. Upper Rock Creek [UT] 11d17h16m Bill Hunt added photo
Rock Creek 2. Upper Stillwater Dam to Route 134 [UT] 11d17h55m Bill Hunt Changing sequence number to 2.
East 02. CB South to Almont [CO] 11d18h01m Kestrel Kunz
Westfield, Middle Branch River Road to Littleville Dam [MA] 12d02h01m Alex Barham
Walker Brook 3.5 miles West of Chester on Rt. 20 to Chester [MA] 12d02h25m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Swift Along Rte. 9 to North Branch Westfield River [MA] 12d02h28m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Westfield, N. Branch 2) Cummington to Chesterfield Gorge [MA] 12d02h31m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Konkapot Brook Mill River to Ashley Falls [MA] 12d03h03m Alex Barham Info
Factory Brook Middlefield to Bancroft [MA] 12d03h14m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Chickley Route 8A to Deerfield River [MA] 12d03h45m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford [TN] 12d15h53m Lee H Thonus parking clarification
Lawrence Brook Doane Falls [MA] 12d21h46m Alex Barham
Millers 1) Upper [MA] 12d21h48m Alex Barham Info
Westfield, W. Branch 2. Chester to Huntington [MA] 12d22h35m Alex Barham
Westfield, W. Branch 1. Becket to Chester [MA] 12d22h36m Alex Barham
Hoosic 4. Powerhouse to the Hudson [NY] 12d22h59m Alex Barham
Hoosic 3. Schaghticoke Dam to Powerhouse [NY] 12d23h00m Alex Barham
Hoosic 2. Petersburgh, NY [NY] 12d23h00m Alex Barham
Hoosic 1. North Adams (MA) to North Pownal (VT) [VT] 12d23h01m Alex Barham
East 01. Gothic Bridge to above Stupid Falls [CO] 12d23h45m Kestrel Kunz
South Fork Mills River Pink Beds to Turkey Creek. [NC] 12d23h56m Kevin Colburn description
Green (Deerfield River Trib.) W. Leyden to covered bridge [MA] 13d00h35m Alex Barham Name Changed
Green (Hoosic River Trib.) Hopper Rd, Rt. 43 to Hoosic River [MA] 13d00h35m Alex Barham Name Changed
Connecticut 2. Wave-o-Saurus [MA] 13d23h54m Alex Barham
Connecticut 1. Turners Falls Dam Bypass Reach [MA] 13d23h54m Alex Barham
Charles 2. Waltham Wave [MA] 14d00h06m Alex Barham Name Changed
Charles 1. Needham Rapids [MA] 14d00h07m Alex Barham Name Changed
Canyon Creek 7 Mile Bridge to South Santiam River [OR] 14d15h50m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Jordan Creek Headwaters to Wilson River [OR] 14d15h51m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Klickitat 3 - Klickitat Springs to Fishing Access [WA] 14d15h52m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Codorus Creek John Rudy Park to Codorus Furnace Road [PA] 15d00h31m Tony Allred Jr 6-8-2018 - cleanup
Two Lick Creek Waterworks Park to Homer City [PA] 16d00h43m Paul Martzen Created Reach per Dana Driscoll
San Marcos 1. Rio Vista Whitewater Park (PnP) [TX] 16d14h29m DRC
Deerfield 3) The Dryway [MA] 16d17h13m Jackson Ennis fixed rating
Patapsco Woodstock to Elkridge [MD] 16d19h39m Tony Allred Jr 6-8-2018 - cleanup
Cacapon US 50 at Capon Bridge to WV 127 Bridge [WV] 16d19h45m Tony Allred Jr 6-8-2018 - improved the description
Clackamas 4. Farday Diversion Dam to Farday Powerhouse [OR] 16d23h26m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Weber 07. I-89 to Riverdale [UT] 17d01h10m Bill Hunt updated for 2018
Tuckasegee, West Fork Thorpe Dam to Thorpe Powerhouse on Tuckasegee Reservoir [NC] 17d11h07m Greg Adkison corrected measurements of pothole at top of Breakbone Falls (aka, Flight Stimulator)
Washougal 2 - Doc's Drop to Dougan Falls (Falls Section) [WA] 17d16h40m Jacob Cruiser
McCoy Creek milepost 8 to Yellowjacket Creek [WA] 20d16h53m Jacob Cruiser update
Blackwater 1. Below Blackwater Falls to North Fork Confluence [WV] 21d06h30m Tony Allred Jr 6-3-2018 - organized river by sections
Sturgeon (Menominee R. trib.) Sturgeon Dam (0.3 - 2.0 miles) [MI] 21d06h58m Rob replace dead link
Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] 21d16h20m John Pilson
Hood, West Fork 2. Lake Branch to Punchbowl Falls [OR] 22d01h41m Thomas O'Keefe minor map edits
Blackwater 2. North Fork Confluence to Hendricks [WV] 22d04h25m Tony Allred Jr 6-3-2018 - organized river by sections
Blackwater 0. Wildlife Preserve to Davis [WV] 22d04h26m Tony Allred Jr 6-3-2018 - organized river by sections
Gunpowder Falls 3 - Falls Road to Big Falls Road [MD] 22d07h03m Tony Allred Jr 5-29-2018 - cleanup
Presque Isle D) 'Bottom Presque': South Boundary Rd to Lake Superior (1.1 miles) [MI] 22d16h45m Rob swap out non-functioning YouTube video