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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Greys 2) Little Greys River to Hwy bridge [WY] 08h16m Bill Hunt added closure of Greys River road.
Piscataquog Goffstown [NH] 10h55m Paul Martzen Changed take out descriptin and moved mark back to Dumont Park Road
Hoosic 0. Petersburgh, NY [NY] 11h21m Jackson Ennis updated flow description based on recent observations
Branch, The (Schroon trib.) Boreas Road (Route 28) to Palmer Pond [NY] 97h41m Jordan Haskins 4/19/18
Linville Linville Falls to Lake James [NC] 4d14h18m Kevin Colburn spelling
Cold 2. Vilas Pool to Alstead [NH] 5d03h50m Alex Barham Location
Cold 1. South Acworth to Vilas Pool [NH] 5d03h52m Alex Barham Location and Info
Cascade Brook Lincoln [NH] 5d04h18m Alex Barham Location
Broad Brook Above Powerlines to Lower Ashuelot [NH] 5d04h20m Alex Barham Location
Blackwater Route 127 to Snyder's Mill [NH] 5d04h27m Alex Barham Location
Bearcamp Bennett Corner to Whittier [NH] 5d04h28m Alex Barham Location
Baker 2. Rte. 118 to Wentworth [NH] 5d04h33m Alex Barham Info
Ashuelot 3. Ashuelot to Hinsdale [NH] 5d04h38m Alex Barham Location
Baker 1. Warren (Upper Baker) [NH] 5d04h52m Alex Barham Location
Androscoggin 1. Errol Rapids [NH] 5d04h57m Alex Barham Location
North Siouxon Black Hole Falls to Siouxon Confluence [WA] 5d05h13m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Williams Northchester to Brockway Mills [VT] 5d05h16m Alex Barham Location
White Rochester to Bethel [VT] 5d05h18m Alex Barham Location
White, First Branch Chelsea Health Center to above Sawmill Dam [VT] 5d05h21m Alex Barham Location
Wells Groton to Wells River Village [VT] 5d05h31m Alex Barham Location and Info
Wardsboro Brook North Wardsboro to West River [VT] 5d05h36m Alex Barham Location and Info
Walloomsac AT Crossing to Park St in Bennington [VT] 5d05h39m Alex Barham Location
Waits Waits River Village to Route 25B [VT] 5d05h42m Alex Barham Location
Saxton's Grafton to Connecticut River [VT] 5d05h45m Alex Barham Location
Poultney US Route 4 to Carvers Falls Dam [VT] 5d05h52m Alex Barham Location and Info
Passumpsic E Br E. Burke dam-Rt. 114 bridge [VT] 5d05h55m Alex Barham Location and Info
Otter Creek Beldens Falls to Bleeders Dam [VT] 5d05h58m Alex Barham Location
Ottauquechee Just above Route 4 to 1 Mile below Route 4 [VT] 5d06h00m Alex Barham Location
Ompompanoosuc Post Mills to Confluence [VT] 5d06h07m Alex Barham Location and Info
Ompompanoosuc, W. Branch Strafford to Rices Mill [VT] 5d06h16m Alex Barham Location and Info
Nulhegan Hatchery to Connecticut River [VT] 5d06h23m Alex Barham Location and Info
New Haven 3. Rocky Dale to below Bristol [VT] 5d06h45m Alex Barham Info
New Haven Baldwin Creek to Otter Creek [VT] 5d06h52m Alex Barham Location
Moose 2. East St. Johnsbury to Passumpsic River [VT] 5d06h56m Alex Barham Location
Moose 1. Victory Bog to Concord [VT] 5d06h58m Alex Barham Location and Info
Missisquoi East Richford to Lake Champlain [VT] 5d07h02m Alex Barham Description
Minister Brook Kimball Rd to Rt 12 [VT] 5d07h32m Alex Barham Location
Mill River 2) Rt. 103-Rt. 7b [VT] 5d07h34m Alex Barham Location
Mill River 1) E. Wallingford to Cuttingsville [VT] 5d07h45m Alex Barham Location
Mill Brook (Jericho) Jericho [VT] 5d08h04m Alex Barham Location
Middlebury Ripton to E. Middlebury [VT] 5d08h06m Alex Barham Location
Little Waterbury Reservoir to Winooski River [VT] 5d08h10m Alex Barham Location
Little, W. Branch Fosters to Recreation Path parking lot [VT] 5d08h12m Alex Barham Location
Lewis Creek Prindle Corner to Lake Champlain [VT] 5d08h14m Alex Barham Location and Info
Lamoille 2. Fairfax Falls to East Georgia [VT] 5d08h21m Alex Barham Location
Lamoille, Wild Branch Craftsbury to Wolcott [VT] 5d08h26m Alex Barham Location and Info
Joe's Brook W. Danville to covered bridge [VT] 5d08h34m Alex Barham Location
Hoosic North Adams to North Pownal (VT) [VT] 5d08h36m Alex Barham Location and Info
Deerfield, W. Branch Heartwellville to Readsboro Village [VT] 5d09h22m Alex Barham Location
Deerfield, E. Branch Somerset Reservoir to Searsburg Reservoir [VT] 5d09h28m Alex Barham Location
Clyde 5 Mile Square Rd to Clyde Road [VT] 5d09h30m Alex Barham Location and Info
Clarendon Clarendon Springs to W. Rutland [VT] 5d09h48m Alex Barham
Castleton Downtown [VT] 5d09h51m Alex Barham l
Battenkill Manchester to NY border (Arlington) [VT] 5d10h13m Alex Barham Location and Info
Barton Rt. 16 South of Glover to Lake Memphremagog [VT] 5d10h28m Alex Barham Location and Info
Occoquan [VA] 5d11h11m Thomas O'Keefe reach created
Hagen Creek Into the NW Fork Washougal [WA] 6d08h25m Jacob Cruiser gauge data
Salmon (Oregon Coast) Prairie Creek to Otis [OR] 7d01h43m Jacob Cruiser added videos and gauge
Dunbar Brook South Road to Deerfield River [MA] 7d10h47m Jackson Ennis added wood warning
Hudson 1. Indian River to North River [NY] 8d08h00m Jackson Ennis updated flows, description etc.
Green Hopper Rd, Rt. 43 to Hoosic River [MA] 8d08h38m Jackson Ennis fixed directions
Cedar Creek (Floyds Fork trib.) Cedar Creek Rd near Johnson School Rd to Bells Mill Rd (12.2 miles) [KY] 8d19h56m Chris Stoops Ran Cedar at 2 feet finally!!!!!!!!!!
Penobscot, W. Branch Seboomook Dam to Roll Dam Campsite [ME] 8d22h44m Jackson Ennis changed rapid description
Owego Creek Dr. Knapp to Owego [NY] 10d12h57m Alex Barham Created
Catatonk Creek Candor to Owego [NY] 10d13h16m Alex Barham Created
Little River 1. Upper [OR] 11d02h50m Nathan Warren nw
Black 2. Farr Road to Enos [NY] 11d08h06m Alex Barham
Erie Canal Lock 32 Whitewater Course [NY] 11d08h12m Alex Barham
McKenzie 1. Clear Lake to Carmen Reservoir [OR] 11d09h48m Jacob Cruiser Description
Craigs Creek Tyson Mine to SF Smith [OR] 12d07h10m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Coquille, S. Fork 2. Coquille River Falls to 16 Mile Bridge [OR] 14d05h33m Jacob Cruiser added directions
Potomac, North Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [WV] 14d15h01m Tony Allred Jr 4-15-2018 - small edit/cleanup
Deerfield 4) Bear Swamp to Zoar Gap (Fife Brook Section) [MA] 15d00h55m Jackson Ennis updated rapid descriptions
Jessamine Creek Frankfort Ford Rd. To 1268 (3.3 miles) [KY] 16d11h27m Andrew Van Horn
Codorus Creek John Rudy Park to Codorus Furnace Road [PA] 16d15h00m Tony Allred Jr 4-15-2018 - small edit/cleanup
Grass 5. Messena Wave [NY] 18d08h25m Alex Barham
Lostine Williamson Campground to Pole Bridge [OR] 19d01h48m Jacob Cruiser
Eagle Creek Paddy Creek to Skull Creek [OR] 19d01h52m Jacob Cruiser
Imnaha Imnaha to Snake River [OR] 19d03h00m Jacob Cruiser
Doe 2. Gorge: Bear Cage Road (Blevins Bridge) to Highway 19E bridge at Hampton High School [TN] 19d20h46m Rob reset coords (which were considerably off)
Doe 1. Crabtree Road to Bear Cage Road (Blevins Bridge) [TN] 20d00h45m Rob reset coords (which were considerably off)
Boulder Creek Bridge Forty Creek to North Fork Siletz [OR] 20d01h58m Jacob Cruiser
Cedar Creek to Little North Santiam [OR] 20d02h48m Jacob Cruiser photo id, rating
Calapooya Nonpareil to Driver Valley Road [OR] 20d03h09m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Crooked Fork Creek Potter's Falls to Camp Austin (Lower) [TN] 21d09h31m Rob reset coords (which were WAY off)
Crooked Fork Creek US 27 to Potter's Falls (Upper) [TN] 21d11h01m Rob move in/out (which were way off-river)
Sandy 1. McNeil Campground to Lolo Pass Road (Zigzag) [OR] 24d11h06m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Deer Creek 3. Eden Mill Dam to Rocks State Park [MD] 24d11h37m Tony Allred Jr 3-30-2018 - cleanup
Bald River F.S. 126 bridge to Bald River Falls [TN] 24d12h01m Rob reset coordinates (which were far off listed put-in)
Little Klickitat Olsen Road to Klickitat River [WA] 25d01h58m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Battle Axe Creek Trail 3369 to Jawbone Flat [OR] 25d02h17m Jacob Cruiser photo ID
Santiam, Little North (Classic Opal) 2. Gold Creek to Three Pools [OR] 25d04h18m Jacob Cruiser flows
Embarrass Hayman Falls (0.5 mile) [WI] 25d04h52m Rob minor edit to mapping
Cavitt Creek Upper [OR] 25d09h50m Jacob Cruiser
Cavitt Creek Lower [OR] 25d10h01m Jacob Cruiser
Tuckasegee Section 3. Dillsboro to Rt. 1392 (Barkers Creek) [NC] 25d10h07m Kevin Colburn video
Big River Cougar Bend Rd to London Rd [OR] 25d10h13m Jacob Cruiser
Ogden 02. Smokey Bear to Rainbow Gardens (The Narrows) [UT] 27d01h38m Bill Hunt minor edit
Briggs Creek Brushy Bar to Briggs Creek Campground [OR] 28d04h09m Jacob Cruiser