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Name Updated Edited By Comment
Tallulah 5 - Tallulah Gorge to Lake Tugaloo [GA] 02h02m n/a updated description
Little 3. Elbow to the 'Y' (Townsend) [TN] 03h41m n/a
Thomas Creek 2. Gate to Hannah Bridge [OR] 36h56m n/a description
Apalachee 3 - High Shoals to Price Mill [GA] 48h31m n/a updated description
Rogue 2. Gold Ray Dam to Gold Hill Boat Ramp (up to 5.5 miles) [OR] 48h53m n/a copy edits
Deep Creek 1. Upper - Newfound Gap to Bryson City [NC] 52h43m n/a updated description
Waubonsie Creek Oswego: Stone Gate Park to Fox River (1.15-2.15 miles) [IL] 52h56m n/a updated image position
Big Panther Creek Old Hwy 441 to dirt road off Yonah Lake Road [GA] 6d23h26m n/a
Wildcat Creek roadside to W. Wildcat Creek Road [GA] 6d23h33m n/a
Trout Creek Gorge [NC] 6d23h35m n/a
Corbin Creek Lower [GA] 6d23h39m n/a Added gauge & abstract; copyedit.
Big Creek 1. Walnut Bottom to NPS Campground [NC] 8d02h49m n/a updated image position
Clackamas 2. Collawash River to Three Lynx Power Station [OR] 11d23h34m n/a updated image position
Klamath 07. Happy Camp to Coon Creek [CA] 13d04h36m n/a updated image position
Manitouwabing River Hurdville Dam to Seguin Confluence [CAN-ONT] 13d06h02m n/a
Blanco Five-Mile Dam (PnP) [TX] 13d07h36m n/a
Uncompahgre River 04. Billy Creek SWA to Trout Rd [CO] 13d22h48m n/a
Uncompahgre River 02. Ouray to KOA campground [CO] 13d23h14m n/a updated description
Sanderson Creek (no known descents) 1. US 90 (near Cochran Rd) to US 90 (Mofeta) (9.9 miles) [TX] 13d23h42m n/a
Sabine River Toledo Bend Dam (PnP) [TX] 14d00h24m n/a
Canadian River US 287 Bridge (PnP) [TX] 14d06h16m n/a
Brazos, Double Mtn Fk (no known descents) Clairemont (SH 208) to Old Glory (FM 1835) (64 miles) [TX] 14d06h40m n/a
Berry Creek (current beta needed) CR 245 to FM 971 (16 miles) [TX] 14d07h07m n/a
Vermilion B) Eightmile Creek to Cty 24 (CCC boat landing) (1.5 miles) [MN] 14d21h22m n/a updated image position
Ouachita 5) Rockport Ledge (PnP) [AR] 15d06h23m n/a
Chickalah Creek Spring Lake Road to CR-691 (1.6 miles) [AR] 15d17h05m n/a enable directions mapping
Rock Creek Top of the hill to Jellico Creek (~0.9 mile) [KY] 15d20h08m n/a reach added
Skagit 2. Copper Creek to Rockport [WA] 19d23h44m n/a updated image position
Great Miami b) 50 Hole (Cleves) [OH] 21d19h43m n/a
Cuyahoga E. Ira Rd. to Rte. 303 [OH] 21d19h50m n/a
Black E) Lower: Conglomerate Falls to Lake Superior (2.0-2.6 miles) [MI] 21d23h49m n/a updated description
Silver C) Lower Silver: Arvon Rd to Silver Falls Park (4.2 miles) [MI] 22d00h00m n/a updated description
Silver B) Upper Silver: Silver Rd to Arvon Rd (2.3 miles) [MI] 22d00h02m n/a updated description
Rock Worm Lake outlet to Sturgeon River (9.1 miles) [MI] 22d00h42m n/a updated description
Presque Isle C) Steigers Bridge to South Boundary Road (8.2 miles) [MI] 22d00h46m n/a updated description
Presque Isle B) Underwood Tower Rd to Steigers Bridge (7.5 miles) [MI] 22d00h47m n/a updated description
Falls Mead Rd to Lake Superior (L'Anse) (2 miles) [MI] 22d01h01m n/a updated description
Eagle Phoenix to Eagle River Falls (2.3 miles) [MI] 22d01h04m n/a updated description
Chippewa Mount Pleasant (1 mile) [MI] 22d01h45m n/a updated image position
Bluff Creek FS5306 (off Bond Falls Road) to Choate Road (6.06 miles) [MI] 22d02h03m n/a updated description
Black D) Narrows Park to Conglomerate Falls (8 miles) [MI] 22d02h13m n/a updated description
Bear Petoskey: Sheridan Street to Lake (1.15 mile) [MI] 22d03h15m n/a updated description
Pigeon Creek Bonniwell Road to Highland Road (1.2 - 2.4 miles) [WI] 22d05h57m n/a updated image position
Crystal Chain O' Lakes to Little Hope (Wayside Park) (5 miles) [WI] 22d07h16m n/a updated description
Wisconsin D) Wausau Slalom Course (0.35 mile modified natural channel) [WI] 22d07h30m n/a updated image position
Wequiock Creek Wequiock Falls to Nicolet Drive (1.25 miles) *Access Issues* [WI] 22d07h33m n/a updated image position
School Creek Luxemburg: Hwy.64 to Hwy.64 (4.6 miles) [WI] 22d07h55m n/a updated image position
Southridge Ditch S.76th to Root River Parkway (0.45 mile) **Access Issues** [WI] 22d07h57m n/a updated description
Root B) Horlick Dam to Quarry Park (0.2 - 0.6 mile) [WI] 22d08h07m n/a updated image position
Rock Indianford / Janesville Dams (PnP) [WI] 22d08h10m n/a updated image position
Pike, S.Br. A) USB Pike: Old County A to primitive camp off FR510 (4.9 miles) [WI] 22d08h20m n/a updated image position
Pike, S.Br. B) LSB Pike: Mathias Lake Road to Dave's Falls (5 miles) [WI] 22d08h24m n/a updated description
Pike, N.Br. B) Four Falls: Twin Lake Road to Eight Foot Falls (3.27 miles) [WI] 22d08h57m n/a updated image position
Pike, N.Br. A) Carney Rapids/Old County A to Four Foot Falls (0.4 miles) [WI] 22d09h03m n/a updated image position
Menominee C) Pemene Falls (0.2 miles) *Fee Area* [WI] 22d09h21m n/a updated image position
Fox C) Kaukauna/1000 Islands: Hwy.55/Main Ave. to CTH.ZZ (1.5 miles) [WI] 22d09h38m n/a updated description
Mullet Camp Evelyn to Woodland Road (1.25-2.34 miles) [WI] 22d20h40m n/a updated description
Mullet S.of Plymouth to Old CTH.PP (up to 14.7 miles) [WI] 22d20h41m n/a updated description
Dan 0.1 Sawteeh Gorge [VA] 23d05h01m n/a 9-10-2018 - adjusted order number
Montreal C) Montreal Canyon: below Saxon Falls to Hwy. 122 (3.1 miles) [WI] 23d21h29m n/a updated description
Montreal, W.Fk. B) Gile Falls to Hwy.2 (6.3 miles) [WI] 23d23h54m n/a updated name
Milwaukee B) Grafton Dells: Bridge Street to Lime Kiln Park Landing (PnP or 1.2 miles) [WI] 23d23h57m n/a updated description
Manitowoc B) Union Road to Michigan Avenue (7 miles) [WI] 24d00h05m n/a updated description
Little Wolf A) Wolf River Road to Wall Street (Big Falls) (7.4 miles) [WI] 24d00h07m n/a updated description
Menomonee A) MenFalls: Main Street bridge to next bridge (0.4 mile) [WI] 24d00h11m n/a updated image position
Menomonee C) MenTosa: Hart Park Lane to 4202 W.Bluemound Road (2.55 miles) [WI] 24d00h12m n/a updated image position
Menominee B) Quiver Falls (0.3 miles) *Fee Area* [WI] 24d03h51m n/a updated image position
Lake Columbia Lake Columbia (PnP) [WI] 24d04h01m n/a
Fox (Illinois R. trib.) B) Waterford/Rochester/Burlington (PnP) [WI] 24d04h21m n/a updated description
Fox A) N Wave (Neenah) [WI] 24d04h36m n/a updated image position
Chippewa C) Lake Wissota Spillway (PnP) [WI] 24d06h51m n/a updated description
Brunsweiler B) Beaverdam Lake to Ensinger Road (9.5-10.9-11.8 miles) [WI] 24d07h00m n/a updated description
Brunet Hanson Road to Hwy.27 at Town Line Road (6.5 miles) [WI] 24d07h08m n/a updated description
Allen Creek Evansville: Lake Leota to Madison Street (0.25-0.8 mile) [WI] 24d21h05m n/a updated name
Accotink Creek Ward Park La. to US 1 [VA] 26d04h01m n/a
Goose Creek Sycolin Road Bridge to Kephart Bridge Landing (& the Potomac) [VA] 26d04h04m n/a Map edit for directions.
Boulder 1. Fourmile to Speculator Creek (Hells Canyon) [MT] 27d20h09m n/a updated image position
Cedar Creek Cedarburg City Park to CTH.T (2.2 miles) [WI] 28d00h59m n/a updated stats
Bower Creek Fonferek Falls to Hwy.V (4.3 miles) [WI] 28d08h30m n/a updated description
Chevelon Creek 01. Woods Canyon Lake to Little Colorado River [AZ] 30d04h34m n/a
Kongakut Drain Cr to Icy Reef [AK] 31d02h20m n/a
Archangel Creek Fairangel Creek Confluence to the Little Su Confluence [AK] 32d03h06m n/a
Atigun/Sagavanirktok Dalton Hwy Bridge to Slope Mt. Road Camp [AK] 32d03h43m n/a
Colorado 18. Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead [AZ] 32d23h27m n/a updated image position
Elk Creek Norcross Campground to Klamath River [CA] 33d00h01m n/a
Breitenbush Cleator Bend Campground to Detroit Reservoir [OR] 33d02h16m n/a updated image position
Hulahula Grasser's Airstrip to Arey Island (Arctic Ocean) [AK] 33d04h53m n/a cleaned up and removed broken links
Anthony Creek 2. Blue Bend Recreation Area to the confluence of the Greenbrier River at Anthony [WV] 33d07h08m n/a updated description
Shohola Creek Shohola Falls Park to Mouth (at Delaware R.) [PA] 33d22h06m n/a updated description
Raymondskill Creek SR 2009 to Rte. 209 [PA] 34d01h01m n/a added hyperlink for video
South Platte 02. Lake George to Cheesman Reservoir [CO] 35d22h05m n/a updated image position
Youghiogheny 6. Lower [PA] 36d07h05m n/a updated image position
Tyger, South Route 86 to Route 113 [SC] 40d02h11m n/a
North Oconee Hurricane Shoals County Park [GA] 40d02h38m n/a
Enoree 2. SC 418 to Allens Bridge [SC] 40d02h55m n/a Reordering reaches.
New East Fork confluence to Trinity River [CA] 42d17h15m n/a Pick feature photo; move comment to reach description.
Clear Creek (Klamath tributary) Wilderness Bridge to Klamath River [CA] 42d17h41m n/a updated description
Eagle Creek Twister Falls to Hatchery Weir [OR] 42d19h48m n/a updated description
Hood, West Fork 2. Lake Branch to Punchbowl Falls [OR] 42d22h12m n/a updated image position
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