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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Rio Grande 06. Lasauses to Lobatos Bridge [CO] 00h02m Nathan Fey
Rio Grande 05. South Fork to Del Norte [CO] 01h04m Nathan Fey
Rio Grande 03. Airport Rd to Wagon Wheel Gap [CO] 01h05m Nathan Fey
Roaring Fork Carbondale to Black Bridge [CO] 01h07m Nathan Fey
Roaring Fork 07. Black Bridge to Veltus Park (Cemetery) [CO] 01h10m Nathan Fey
Roaring Fork 05. Basalt to Carbondale [CO] 01h16m Nathan Fey
Roaring Fork 04. Lower Woody Creek Bridge to Rte. 82 Bridge [CO] 01h26m Nathan Fey
Rio Grande 02. Box Canyon to Airport Rd. [CO] 01h41m Nathan Fey
Rio Grande 04. Wagon Wheel Gap to South Fork [CO] 02h04m Nathan Fey
Petite Nation 2) Chutes d'eau de Slide Ronde et Plaisances (Le Bas) [CAN-QUE] 37h31m Skip Morris
Rio Grande Upper Rio Grande [CO] 47h06m Nathan Fey
Rio Grande 01. Box Canyon (CO) [CO] 47h16m Nathan Fey
Ohanapecosh Ohanapecosh Campground to La Wis Wis Campground [WA] 51h07m Jacob Cruiser Flow note: Winter
Casselman 2) Rockwood to Markleton [PA] 79h26m Tony Allred Jr 12-1-2018 - cleanup
Youghiogheny 7. Bottom [PA] 80h30m Tony Allred Jr 12-1-2018 - cleanup
Stone's Creek Small Dam to Pleasant Green Dam on Eno River [NC] 90h03m Stephen Strange fixed weird characters
Raritan, S. Branch 00. Upper Upper- (Above Drakestown Rd.) [NJ] 90h12m Stephen Strange numbering change
Swan River Crystal Lake to Lindburgh Lake [MT] 95h20m Kevin Colburn description update
Youghiogheny 3. Upper [MD] 95h32m Tony Allred Jr 12-1-2018 - corrected length of run to 9.5 miles
Youghiogheny 1. Tippy-Top [MD] 95h38m Tony Allred Jr 12-1-2018 - cleanup
Youghiogheny 6. Lower [PA] 4d18h06m Tony Allred Jr 12-1-2018 - cleanup
Youghiogheny 5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] 4d21h39m Tony Allred Jr 12-1-2018 - update of description started
Cheat, Dry Fork 4. Jenningston to Hendricks [WV] 5d07h18m Tony Allred Jr 11-30-2018 - cleanup description
Chetco, South Fork West Coon Creek to Chetco [OR] 5d22h56m Jacob Cruiser
Beaver Creek (Blackwater trib.) Old WV 93 about 7 road miles above WV 93/Corridor H bridge above Davis to WV 93/Corridor H bridge above Davis [WV] 6d00h43m Tony Allred Jr 11-30-2018 - cleanup
Beaver Creek (Little Sandy trib.) CR 11/1 old bridge location to confluence with Little Sandy Creek [WV] 6d01h29m Tony Allred Jr 11-30-2018 - cleanup
Big Sandy Creek 1. PA-WV State Line to Bruceton Mills [WV] 6d03h35m Tony Allred Jr 11-30-2018 - cleanup
Big Sandy Creek 3. Rockville to Jenkinsburg Bridge (Cheat River) [WV] 6d03h47m Tony Allred Jr 11-30-2018 - cleanup
Little Sandy Creek 2. Rt 26 to Big Sandy Creek [WV] 6d03h48m Tony Allred Jr 11-30-2018 - cleanup
San Juan 02. Mexican Hat to Clay Hills Crossing [UT] 7d01h59m Thomas O'Keefe permit link update
San Juan 01. Sand Island to Mexican Hat [UT] 7d02h04m Thomas O'Keefe permit link update
Green 04. Ouray to Green River Town (Desolation & Gray) [UT] 7d02h09m Thomas O'Keefe permit edit
Green 02. Lodore to Echo Park [UT] 7d02h23m Thomas O'Keefe Permit edit
Green 05. Green River Town to Colorado Confluence (Labyrinth and Stillwater) [UT] 7d02h40m Thomas O'Keefe minor reorganization
Potomac 0.7 Dargans Bend Boat Ramp to Sandy Hook/Potoma Wayside [MD] 7d08h07m Tony Allred Jr 11-30-2018 - cleanup of the description
Vermilion Hwy 178 to Ed Hand Hwy. (7.7 miles) [IL] 10d16h24m Rob fix/remove broken links
Goose Creek Saddle Road to South Fork Smith confluence [CA] 10d22h30m Jacob Cruiser
Chetco 2) Craggie Creek to South Fork (Chetco Gorge) [OR] 11d00h30m Jacob Cruiser
Graves Creek Above Hungry Horse Reservoir [MT] 12d23h00m Kevin Colburn video
Upper Twin Creek Nanny Creek to SF Flathead (Hike In) [MT] 13d05h29m Kevin Colburn spelling fix
Rio Grande 06. Quartzite River Access to County Line River Access (The Racecourse) [NM] 21d03h10m Joey A. Coburn
Salmon, Middle Fork 2 - Boundary Creek (Dagger Falls) to Cache Bar (near Salmon R.) [ID] 22d19h32m Thomas O'Keefe photos added
Brush Creek to French Broad River [NC] 23d01h58m Kevin Colburn map
Rogue 5. Grave Creek (Galice) to Foster Bar (Agness) (35 miles) [OR] 23d21h37m Thomas O'Keefe river permit link updated
Deschutes L. Sherar's Falls to Columbia River [OR] 23d22h51m Thomas O'Keefe river permit link updated
Deschutes K. US 26 (Warm Springs) to Sherars Falls [OR] 23d22h52m Thomas O'Keefe River permit link updated
Snake I) Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing [OR] 23d23h43m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Snake J) Pittsburg Landing (or Salmon) to Heller Bar [WA] 23d23h46m Thomas O'Keefe river permit link updated
Selway 1 - Paradise to Selway Falls [ID] 23d23h51m Thomas O'Keefe river permit link updated
Upper Creek Raven Cliffs Gorge [NC] 24d22h54m Matt Anger
Kinnickinnic (Milwaukee trib) S.31st Street to S.Chase Ave. (2.7-4.0 miles) *Access&Quality Issues* [WI] 25d08h23m Rob add photo
Nolichucky Poplar N.C. to Nolichucky Gorge Campground (Erwin, TN) [TN] 25d18h30m Thomas O'Keefe Photo added
Cache La Poudre 05. Narrows Picnic Ground to Steven's Gulch Access [CO] 26d04h14m Craig Irwin 2
Little Gunpowder Falls 2) Jerusalem Mill (Jerusalem Rd.) to U.S. Route 40 [MD] 27d07h25m Tony Allred Jr 11-29-2018 - cleanup
Yuba, N. Fork C) Goodyears Bar Bridge to Hwy 49 Bridge [CA] 29d05h29m Craig Irwin 1
Deer Creek Hwy 32 (Potato Patch Campground) to Route 99 [CA] 29d05h40m Craig Irwin 2
Klamath 07. Happy Camp to Coon Creek [CA] 29d06h48m Craig Irwin 2
Ausable, W. Branch 6. Wilmington to Ausable Forks [NY] 30d22h48m Alex Barham
Boulder Creek, South 03. Gross Mountain Res to Eldorado State Park [CO] 32d12h25m Craig Irwin 201811
Santiam, Little North (Opal Gorge) 3. Three Pools to Salmon Falls [OR] 33d00h51m Jacob Cruiser
Colorado 18. Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead [AZ] 33d03h37m Craig Irwin 20111102
Tallulah 5 - Tallulah Gorge to Lake Tugaloo [GA] 34d04h41m Kevin Colburn eliminated confusing "Tugalo Park"
Saco - East Branch Route 302 at Lower Bartlett [NH] 34d20h20m Skip Morris
Mulberry Fork Above Old US 31 to Whitewater Drive [AL] 34d21h36m Judith Ranelli
Patapsco Daniels to Elkridge [MD] 34d22h16m Tony Allred Jr 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Delaware Delaware Water Gap - Smithfield Beach to Kittatinny Point Visitors Center [PA] 35d06h40m Tony Allred Jr 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Delaware Lambertville Wing Dam [PA] 35d06h41m Tony Allred Jr 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Delaware Scudders Falls Recreation Area [PA] 35d06h41m Tony Allred Jr 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Calapooya Nonpareil to Driver Valley Road [OR] 38d01h29m Jacob Cruiser
Guadalupe 5. First Crossing to Common St. (6 miles) [TX] 39d16h19m DRC
Santiam, Little North (Upper Opal) 1. Battle Axe Creek to Gold Creek [OR] 39d23h06m Jacob Cruiser
New 09. Glen Lyn, VA to Bull Falls Camping Area, WV [WV] 40d19h54m Philip Young Added photos
Potomac, North Branch 8. Wiley's Ford, WV to Oldtown Toll Bridge [MD] 41d01h45m Tony Allred Jr 10-28-2018 cleanup
Fall Creek 2) Bedrock Campground to Fall Creek Reservoir [OR] 43d19h31m clinton begley updated gauge data and descriptions to interpret gauge readings
Slate River 03. Skyland Bridge to CB South [CO] 44d00h35m Kestrel Kunz
Slate River 02. Oh Be Joyful Campground to Skyland Bridge [CO] 44d00h36m Kestrel Kunz
Slate River 01. Beaver Ponds to Oh Be Joyful CG [CO] 44d00h37m Kestrel Kunz
Klamath 11. Weitchpec to Klamath Glen [CA] 44d03h40m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Klamath 10. Orleans to Weitchpec [CA] 44d03h41m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Klamath 09. Ishi Pishi Bridge to Orleans (Ikes) [CA] 44d03h42m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Klamath 08. Coon Creek to Ishi Pishi Falls [CA] 44d03h42m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Klamath 06. Sarah Totten Campground to Happy Camp [CA] 44d03h44m Thomas O'Keefe title page edit
Klamath 05. Iron Gate Dam to Sarah Totten CG [CA] 44d03h44m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Klamath 04. Copco Reservoir to Iron Gate Dam (inundated) [CA] 44d03h45m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Klamath 03. JC Boyle Powerhouse to Copco Reservoir (Hell's Corner) [OR] 44d03h46m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Klamath 02. JC Boyle Dam to Powerhouse [OR] 44d03h47m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Klamath 01. Keno Dam to JC Boyle Reservoir [OR] 44d03h48m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Cedar Creek Cedarburg City Park to CTH.T (2.2 miles) [WI] 45d08h06m Rob minor changes
Christopher Creek 01. Box Canyon [AZ] 46d01h14m Craig Irwin 2
South Platte, North Fork 01. Bailey to Pine [CO] 46d04h32m wreeves
San Gabriel, N. Fork 1. CR 236 to US 183 (8.3 miles) [TX] 53d05h50m DRC
San Gabriel, N. Fork 2. Lake Georgetown to Georgetown (4.75 miles) [TX] 53d05h51m DRC
South Platte 05. Waterton Canyon [CO] 53d21h02m wreeves
Little River 1. Upper [OR] 53d21h24m Jacob Cruiser
Little River 2. Lower [OR] 53d21h29m Jacob Cruiser edit put in
Mill Creek 1. Upper Bridge to Mill Creek County Park [OR] 53d21h37m Jacob Cruiser
Drift Creek (Siletz) North Creek to Covered Bridge [OR] 54d00h27m Jacob Cruiser tr/video
Sacramento 5) Balls Ferry to Tehema [CA] 54d04h44m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Scott Canyon Entrance near Meamber Creek to Klamath Confluence [CA] 54d04h57m Craig Irwin 12