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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Logan Ricks Springs to Preston Valley Campgroumd [UT] 00h10m Bill Hunt June 2017 riverwide log warning
Salmon, Middle Fork 1 - Marsh Creek to Boundary Creek [ID] 02h18m Bill Hunt 15.7 river miles on Google maps
Casselman 1) Salisbury to Markleton [PA] 07h43m Tony Allred Jr 6-25-2017 - Added description
Russell Fork Lower - RF Gorge takeout to Elkhorn City (2.5 miles) [KY] 07h59m Jason Foley
Casselman 2) Markleton to Harnedsville (Confluence) [PA] 09h49m Tony Allred Jr 6-25-2017 - Improved and extended description
Laurel Hill Creek Laurel Hill State Park to Ursina [PA] 10h01m Tony Allred Jr 6-25-2017 - Correcting Difficulty slightly
Underwood Creek Krueger Park to Hoyt Park (3.5 miles) ** Access Issues ** [WI] 87h24m Rob promote to top of page warning about restructuring
Wequiock Creek Wequiock Falls to Nicolet Drive (1.25 miles) *Access Issues* [WI] 88h25m Rob minor edit
Loon Creek Loon Creek Ranger Station to confluence with M. F. Salmon [ID] 4d07h19m Kevin Colburn photo
Flambeau, N.Fk. B) Park Falls bypass channel (0.32 mile PnP) [WI] 4d13h10m Rob minor edit
Flambeau, N.Fk. C) Babbs Island (CTH.W) to Hervas Camp Landing (14.2 miles) [WI] 4d13h13m Rob minor edit
Flambeau, N.Fk. A) Turtle Dam to Agenda Landing (14 miles) [WI] 4d15h01m Rob embed comment into body/description
Payette, S. Fork 3. Swirly Canyon [ID] 5d01h30m Bill Hunt Mentioned there is a bad log in this run currently.
Salmon 3 - Sunbeam Dam to Holman Creek [ID] 5d04h23m Bill Hunt Added an abstract and a bit of description. This section should be split in two, ending at Torreys.
Salmon 2 - Stanley to Old Sunbeam Dam [ID] 5d05h07m Bill Hunt added some info on the main rapids.
Patapsco, S. Branch (Upper) Woodbine to Henryton Rd. [MD] 6d06h40m Tony Allred Jr 6-20-2017 - cleanup
Craig Creek Roaring Run to James River confluence [VA] 6d07h53m Philip Young Corrected name from "Craigs" to "Craig"
Octoraro Creek New Bridge Road to Richardsmere [MD] 6d10h00m Tony Allred Jr 6-20-2017 - cleanup
Octoraro Creek Octoraro Lake to New Bridge Rd, MD [PA] 6d14h44m Tony Allred Jr 6-20-2017 - cleanup
Deerfield 3) Monroe Bridge to Bear Swamp (The Dryway) [MA] 6d14h54m Bob Nasdor Dryway Back
St. Joseph East Race Whitewater Course (0.35 mile) [IN] 6d15h56m Rob update for 2017 season
Wisconsin C) Grandfather Falls (1 mile) [WI] 6d23h03m Rob formatting fix
Nolichucky Poplar N.C. to Nolichucky Gorge Campground (Erwin, TN) [TN] 7d03h48m Lee H Thonus minor Phone, shuttle optinos
Eagle 02. Redcliff to Tigiwan Rd (FR 707) [CO] 7d08h45m Scott McCorvey
Catawba 2. Bridgewater Dam to Route 1147 Bridge [NC] 7d09h24m Kevin Colburn added release website.
Tuckasegee Section 3. Dillsboro to Rt. 1392 (Barkers Creek) [NC] 7d09h29m Kevin Colburn release web address
Nantahala 3. Power Plant to Wesser [NC] 7d09h34m Kevin Colburn release web address
Pigeon Gorge: Big Creek to Hartford [NC] 7d09h43m Kevin Colburn release web address
Peshtigo E) Roaring Rapids: Otter Ck to W.P.S. Landing (5.3 miles) [WI] 7d23h40m Rob one more minor edit
Ben's Creek Strawberry Rd (T521) to PA Route 53 [PA] 10d12h48m Ricky Hazlett
Patapsco Woodstock to Elkridge [MD] 11d05h33m Tony Allred Jr 6-15-2017 - edited rapids
Black (Douglas Co.) Little Manitou Falls to RR bridge off Station Rd (4.6 miles) [WI] 12d02h02m Rob rework to give data as two sections
Smith Creek Smith Creek Bridge to above Smith Creek Falls [ID] 14d02h15m Jacob Cruiser
Deer Creek, Eden Mill Lake Head of Eden Mill Lake to Eden Mill Dam [MD] 14d10h37m Tony Allred Jr 5-31-2017 give river reach gauge reading
Owyhee 1. Duck Valley Indian Res. to Crutcher's Crossing [ID] 17d07h33m Teresa Gryder
Deer Creek, Upper Bond Road to Head of Eden Mill Lake [MD] 17d09h50m Tony Allred Jr 5-31-2017 corrected reach to exclude Eden Mill Lake
Muddy Creek I-70 to Hanksville [UT] 17d20h33m Thomas O'Keefe photo changed
Colorado 12. Big Sur [CO] 17d20h34m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
XX [OR] 17d20h51m Thomas O'Keefe data removed
Snoqualmie, S. Fork 1. I-90 Exit 52 to Denny Creek Campground (Fall in the Wall) [WA] 18d03h59m Thomas O'Keefe photo update
Patapsco, S. Branch (Lower) Marriottsville Rd to Woodstock [MD] 18d04h54m Tony Allred Jr 5-31-2017 making correction to description
Muddy Creek (Susquehanna trib) Paper Mill Road to Susquehanna River (Cold Creek Park) [PA] 18d07h03m Tony Allred Jr 6-19-2017 Corrected minimum flow
Potomac, North Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [WV] 18d08h44m Tony Allred Jr 5-31-2017 River Description edited to correct rapid names and to be more complete.
Owyhee 2. Crutcher's Crossing to Three Forks [OR] 18d09h04m Teresa Gryder gage added
Kishacoquillas Creek Reedsville to Kish Pike Bridge [PA] 18d23h27m Aaron Fleishman More updates
Umpqua, South 4. Three C Rocks to MP 22 [OR] 19d00h44m Jacob Cruiser
Umpqua, South 2. South Umpqua Falls to Boulder Creek Campground [OR] 19d01h19m Jacob Cruiser
Weiser Midvale to Galloway Diversion Dam [ID] 19d02h58m Megan Hooker
Schoharie Creek Esperance to Fort Hunter [NY] 19d11h54m Andrew Jones Updated intro text
Gunpowder Falls 3 - Falls Road to Phoenix [MD] 20d04h32m Tony Allred Jr 6-13-2017 - split gauge levels into low, medium and high runnable
Gunpowder Falls 5 - Route 1 to U.S.40 [MD] 20d04h33m Tony Allred Jr 5-31-2017 River Description edited to correct rapid names and to be more complete.
Umpqua, South 1. Camp Comfort to South Umpqua Falls [OR] 20d08h05m Jacob Cruiser
Gunpowder Falls 4 - Lower Loch Raven Dam to Route 1 [MD] 20d08h46m Tony Allred Jr 5-31-2017
Gunnison 03. Chukar to N. Fork [CO] 20d18h56m Bill Hunt Added link to BLM info on the rapids.
Ogden 2- Smokey Bear to Rainbow Gardens (The Narrows) [UT] 20d19h38m Bill Hunt The beaver dam is gone.
Big US10&1040th Street to short of RR/Mississippi R. (up to 6.8 miles) [WI] 21d01h31m Rob remove format glitches
Umpqua, South 3. Campbell Falls to Three C Rock [OR] 21d01h35m Jacob Cruiser
Umpqua, South 5. MP 22 to Days Creek [OR] 21d01h36m Jacob Cruiser
Umpqua, South 6. Canyonville Park to Lawson Bar [OR] 21d01h36m Jacob Cruiser
Umpqua, South 7. Lawson Bar to Myrtle Ck [OR] 21d01h37m Jacob Cruiser
Willow C) Footbridge in WRSP to Trout Brook Road (3.88 miles) [WI] 21d01h56m Rob undo formatting glitches
Milwaukee B) Estabrook Park to North Ave.Dam (PnP or up to 3.8 miles) [WI] 21d03h50m Rob minor edit
Provo 2. Upper - Provo Falls, Slate Gorge [UT] 21d06h00m Bill Hunt Edited to remove ascii chars, and the day use fee is $6 now.
John Day, N. Fork 1. Route 52 Bridge to Dale [OR] 21d07h29m Jacob Cruiser
Deer Creek Eden Mill Dam - Susquehanna River [MD] 21d10h39m Tony Allred Jr 5-31-2017
Ogden 3- Rainbow Gardens to Lorin Farr [UT] 23d09h44m Bill Hunt
Paint Creek SR 56 to Stonycreek River [PA] 24d11h47m Ricky Hazlett
Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford [TN] 26d12h12m Jonathan Ryan
Hood, West Fork 2. Lake Branch to Punchbowl Falls [OR] 26d21h44m Thomas O'Keefe map edit
Chewuch 3. Five Mile Bridge to Winthrop (The Lower) [WA] 27d02h16m Thomas O'Keefe rapids added
Twisp Buttermilk Creek to town of Twisp [WA] 27d02h30m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Pine Creek (Tributary of South Fork of the Snake) Headwaters to S. Fork Snake River confluence [ID] 27d07h47m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Huntington Creek Left Hand Fork [UT] 27d20h16m Bill Hunt added summary
Little Pigeon, West Prong 2. Chimneys Picnic Area to Campbell Overlook [TN] 29d09h50m Alex Harvey ajh
Little Pigeon, West Prong 1. Chimneys Trailhead to Chimneys Picnic Area [TN] 29d09h52m Alex Harvey ajh
Dead Spencer Falls to West Forks [ME] 30d23h38m Skip Morris
Zigzag Hwy 26 to Lolo Pass [OR] 31d09h08m Jacob Cruiser
Cadron Creek 1) Hartwick Mill Run: Highway 124 to Pinnacle Springs (11 miles) [AR] 32d01h03m John Svendsen Correct and Update
Barbours Creek Route 611 to Route 609 [VA] 32d05h50m Philip Young Removed empty space in description
Rose Rte 648 to Robinson River [VA] 32d06h18m Kevin Colburn landownder note
Jenny Creek Hwy 66 near Ashland, OR, to Iron Gate Reservoir, CA [OR] 32d08h10m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Bear Evanston whitewater park [WY] 32d18h12m Bill Hunt added some surf waves and distances.
Santiam, Middle 1. Sheep Creek Rd to Green Peter Reservoir [OR] 35d09h16m Jacob Cruiser
Possum Trot Hollow Nail to Walnut [AR] 35d10h08m Lance Jones
Long Branch Wayton to Murray (2+3.5 miles) [AR] 35d12h10m Lance Jones
Price 2. Picnic area above Price Canyon to Castle Gate (Price Canyon) [UT] 35d23h20m Bill Hunt
Provo 8. Bridalveil [UT] 36d00h05m Bill Hunt added downstream gauges
Ogden 4- Lorin Farr to Crystal Wave [UT] 38d06h27m Bill Hunt More info on Lincoln Ave bridge, levels for portage.
Taylor River Canyon 01. Taylor Park Reservoir to Almont [CO] 39d10h55m Craig Irwin cd2017
Mill Creek Village of Dexter (PnP) [MI] 40d01h51m Lee Green
Kinnickinnic (St.Croix trib), S.Fk. Hwy.35/65 to mouth (up to 2.1 miles) [WI] 40d13h22m Rob adjust take-out for better route mapping
Briggs Creek Brushy Bar to Briggs Creek Campground [OR] 41d04h51m Jacob Cruiser
Illinois 2 - Miami Bar to Oak Flat (31 miles) [OR] 41d06h08m Jacob Cruiser added note
Grindstone Hinkley Dam to Kettle River/Hwy.48 (6.75+1.66 miles) [MN] 41d08h28m Rob initial add
Big Cottonwood Creek 3- Old Mill to 3900 South [UT] 41d17h14m Bill Hunt made links clickable
Black (Jackson Co.) E) Hatfield Dam to Power Plant (3.2 miles) [WI] 42d00h04m Rob embed video
Big Reed Island Creek Route 58 to US Route 221 [VA] 42d00h39m Philip Young Added photos & text
Farmington 2. Collinsville to Unionville [CT] 42d04h56m Andrew Jones Added rapid photos, descriptions, and class levels.
Big Reed Island Creek U.S. Route 221 to New River (Route 693) [VA] 42d10h23m Philip Young added photo; removed broken links