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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Ogden 02. Smokey Bear to Rainbow Gardens (The Narrows) [UT] 33h21m Bill Hunt updated the progression to work up to the Narrows.
Ogden 01. Pineview dam to Smokey Bear [UT] 33h56m Bill Hunt added total Length
Rock Creek (Clackamas) Sunnyside Road to Carver Road [OR] 62h10m Priscilla Macy Added photo/flows
Potomac, North Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [WV] 64h40m Tony Allred Jr 9/19/2017 - cleanup
Nisqually 1 - La Grande Reservoir to Mashel River [WA] 76h18m Jacob Cruiser Added Flow note
Barren River Downtown Bowling Green Riverfront [KY] 4d13h20m Rob fix broken YouTube video link
Malad (aka Big Wood) 3. Devil's Washbowl [ID] 7d06h07m Bill Hunt added Alec's descent
Meadow Creek Roadless [ID] 7d11h08m Kevin Colburn added flow
Ogden 03. Rainbow Gardens to Lorin Farr [UT] 9d06h51m Bill Hunt Updated description.
Patapsco Woodstock to Elkridge [MD] 10d07h30m Tony Allred Jr 9-13-2017 - minor corrections
Little Pigeon, Middle Prong (The Greenbrier) 3. Porter's Creek Confluence to Hwy 73 [TN] 11d14h45m Rob fix broken link
Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park to Sprinkle Road (5.1 miles) [TX] 12d09h44m DRC
Saint Vrain Creek, South 02. Narrows to 1in5 Rapid [CO] 16d06h01m Kestrel Kunz
Saint Vrain Creek, North 01. Peak to Peak Hwy to Buttonrock Preserve [CO] 16d06h07m Kestrel Kunz
Vermilion 3. Lower: Mill Hollow Park to Vermilion Boat Ramp [OH] 16d17h34m Rob reset coords (which were considerably off)
Vermilion 2. Middle: Edison Hwy/US20 (Schoepfle Gardens) to Mill Hollow Park [OH] 16d17h50m Rob reset coords (which were considerably off)
Vermilion 1. Upper: E.Main Street / US20 to Edison Hwy/Schoepfle Gardens [OH] 16d18h13m Rob Add abstract
Grand Harpersfield Dam (Route 534) to Hidden Valley (Route 528) [OH] 17d01h19m Rob reset coords (which were WAY off)
Neches Blackburn Rapid (PnP) [TX] 17d03h29m DRC
Licking 2. Ridgely Tract to Dillon Falls [OH] 17d07h43m Rob remove broken link
San Marcos 1. Rio Vista Whitewater Park (PnP) [TX] 23d08h52m DRC
Eagle Creek, West Fork Rt 353 to Rt 763 [OH] 23d10h42m Rob reposition start/end points (which were out in fields)
Todd Fork Middleboro Road to Pike Street [OH] 25d06h00m Rob clean up some strange junk on gauge description
Cheat 1. (Narrows) Below Rowlesburg to above Albright Power Dam [WV] 25d09h25m Aaron Fleishman Updated gps coordinates
Four Mile Creek Bonham Rd to Darrtown Rd [OH] 25d15h06m Rob add HUC
Second Creek State Rte. 132 to Confluence with Todd's Fork [OH] 25d15h51m Rob remedy typos
Merrimack Amoskeag Falls to Goffs Falls [NH] 26d17h10m Rob remove dead links
Cedar Creek (Floyds Fork trib.) Cedar Creek Rd near Johnson School Rd to Bells Mill Rd (12.2 miles) [KY] 27d22h11m Chris Stoops more strainer updates
Potomac, North Branch 2. Gormania, WV to Kitzmiller, MD [WV] 30d07h22m Tony Allred Jr 8-22-2017 - cleanup
Wakatomica Creek Frampton Road Covered Bridge to Frampton [OH] 30d10h42m Rob feature photo(s)
Rocky, W.Br. 2. Sprague Road to Cedar Point Road [OH] 30d13h42m Rob Select featured photo; incorporate others into features descriptions
Rocky, W. Br. 1. Abbyville Road to Valley City [OH] 30d17h36m Rob Add abstract; enable directions
Paine Creek Grand River Tributary *** Access Disputed *** [OH] 31d06h30m Rob reset coords (which were WAY off)
Little Miami 4. Kelley Nature Preserve to Milford (Jim Tarrell Park) [OH] 31d06h56m Rob enable directions
Great Miami Dayton Playpark [OH] 31d08h29m Rob minor edit
Cuyahoga F. OH 303 to Boston Mills Road [OH] 31d10h51m Rob fix multitudes of broken links
Buck Creek Springfield Play Park (PnP or 5.1 miles) [OH] 33d03h13m Rob fix broken links
Hanging Fork Creek Hubble Road/590 to Rankin Road (7.84 miles) [KY] 33d15h20m Rob add length/gradient data
Laurel Hill Creek 1. Laurel Hill State Park to Whipkey Dam [PA] 34d07h43m Rob enable shutle mapping; pick feature photo
Lawson Creek Fry Place to Oak Flat [OR] 35d06h27m Jacob Cruiser
Little River 2. Lower [OR] 35d07h29m Jacob Cruiser
Little River 1. Upper [OR] 35d07h29m Jacob Cruiser
Cacapon US 50 at Capon Bridge to WV 127 Bridge [WV] 35d13h21m Tony Allred Jr 9-5-2017 - minor corrections to moorefield & Great Cacapon gauge levels - no impact on summary page.
Little Luckiamute [OR] 36d04h02m Jacob Cruiser
Little Gunpowder Falls Jerusalem Mill (Jerusalem Rd.) to U.S. Route 40 [MD] 38d07h54m Tony Allred Jr 8-15-2017 corrected put-in information
Shenandoah 3. Millville to Harpers Ferry [WV] 38d13h32m Tony Allred Jr 8-15-2017 - minor change
Potomac 0HF-1. Dargans Bend Boat Ramp to Sandy Hook/Potoma Wayside [MD] 39d07h21m Tony Allred Jr 8-14-2017 - small correction to potoma wayside takeout description
Birch Creek St Route 343 to Little Miami at Jacoby Rd. **Access Restricted** [OH] 40d02h10m Rob fix numerous typos
Jacques-Cartier 8) Pont-Rouge – Donnaconna [CAN-QUE] 40d02h32m Rob remove HUC from non-US river
Jacques-Cartier 7) Grand-Remous – Pont-Rouge [CAN-QUE] 40d02h32m Rob remove HUC from non-US river
Jacques-Cartier 6) Shannon – Sainte-Catherine [CAN-QUE] 40d02h33m Rob remove HUC from non-US river
Jacques-Cartier 5) Tewkesbury [CAN-QUE] 40d02h34m Rob remove HUC from non-US river
Jacques-Cartier 2) Le Haut de la VallĂ©e (Camp 3 – Upper Park Valley) [CAN-QUE] 40d02h34m Rob remove HUC from non-US river
Jacques-Cartier 1) Le Taureau (The Bull) [CAN-QUE] 40d02h35m Rob remove HUC from non-US river
Jacques-Cartier Nord-Ouest [CAN-QUE] 40d02h37m Rob remove HUC from non-US river
Painter Creek Rangeline Rd to Sugar Grove Rd [OH] 40d02h44m Rob fix erroneous HUC
Little Miami River, East Fork Williamsburg Community Park to Launch Ramp (off Twin Bridges Road) [OH] 40d06h22m Rob Add HUC
Sycamore Creek Keller Rd to Camp Livingston Park [OH] 41d07h00m Rob add HUC, lat/lng, enable shuttle
Portage Woodville to Elmore [OH] 44d17h25m Rob remove demoted html
Casselman 1) Salisbury to Rockwood [PA] 46d10h38m Tony Allred Jr 8-7-2017 - minor change to minimum level
Casselman 2) Rockwood to Markleton [PA] 46d10h47m Tony Allred Jr 8-7-2017 - minor change to minimum level
Casselman 3) Markleton to Harnedsville (Confluence) [PA] 46d10h48m Tony Allred Jr 9-21-2017 - cleanup
Maumee 1. Grand Rapids [OH] 46d11h36m Rob add 'length' info, change 'directions' default to home-zip.
Mad River Mad River Run [OH] 46d15h18m Rob (re-)position pins to agree with in/out/feature locations
Saint Vrain Creek, North 03. CR 80 to Lyons [CO] 46d22h55m Craig Irwin 20170806
Cedar Palisades-Kepler State Park (PnP) [IA] 47d12h26m Rob Replace non-accessible youtube video
Whitewater, E.Fk. b) Brookville Dam to confl. w. W.Fk.Whitewater (2 miles) [IN] 48d01h46m Rob minor edit
Deer Creek 2. Eden Mill Dam to Sandy Hook Rd./Deer Creek Conservation Area [MD] 48d17h17m Tony Allred Jr 8-4-2017 - small edit to gauge levels
Whitewater Metamora, IN to Elizabethtown, OH [OH] 48d17h17m Rob minor reformat
Whitewater, E.Fk. a) Hayes Arboretum Road to Test Road (5.8 miles) [IN] 49d01h26m Rob minor edit
White Lick Creek E.CR200N to E.Hendricks CR (up to 15.4 miles) [IN] 49d08h46m Rob add waypoints (potential accesses)
St. Joseph (L.Michigan trib) East Race Whitewater Course (0.35 mile) [IN] 49d14h08m Rob fix broken link
St. Joseph (Maumee trib) Spencerville Takeout [IN] 49d14h41m Rob distinguish from other St.J
Blue White Cloud to Blue River Chapel (2.4 miles) [IN] 50d13h54m Rob Select featured photo
Taylor River Canyon 01. Taylor Park Reservoir to Almont [CO] 50d23h50m Craig Irwin 822017
Deschutes K. US 26 (Warm Springs) to Sherars Falls [OR] 51d06h22m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Elwha 2. Glines Canyon to Highway 101 [WA] 53d22h18m Thomas O'Keefe map edit
Turtle Shays Dam to CTH.FF (Turtle/Flambeau Flowage) (16.5 miles) [WI] 54d02h23m Rob revise name
Collawash 1. Big Dog [OR] 57d05h38m Jacob Cruiser
Champion Creek Gorge 1 mile above Brice Creek to Brice Creek [OR] 57d07h50m Jacob Cruiser added report
Falls 2. Concrete CCC Bridge to Kirkham Bridge [ID] 58d07h35m Kevin Colburn photo
Kishacoquillas Creek Reedsville (322 Overpass) to Kish Pike Bridge (APM True Value) [PA] 60d01h05m Aaron Fleishman added more descriptions to put-in and take-out
Teton Highway 33 Bridge to Spring Hollow (South of France) [ID] 60d14h58m Kevin Colburn photo
Bitch Creek Highway 32 Bridge (near Wyoming line) to Teton River [ID] 60d15h02m Kevin Colburn photo
Conasauga Jacks River to U.S. 411 Bridge [TN] 60d15h33m Paul Martzen Info from Tom Welander
Henrys Fork Riverside Campground to Hatchery Ford Road [ID] 61d23h24m Paul Martzen Created page - per Dan Cottam
Madison 3) Beartrap Canyon: Madison Dam to Route 84 [MT] 64d12h26m Kevin Colburn description
Gwynns Falls 2) Gwynn Oak Ave. to Wilkens Ave (US 1) [MD] 66d14h43m Tony Allred Jr 7-17-2017 - added 2 to river length
Gwynns Falls 1) Villa Nova to Woodlawn [MD] 66d14h43m Tony Allred Jr 7-17-2017 - added 1 to river length
O'Bannon Creek Gibson Road to Little Miami confluence [OH] 67d02h42m Scott Puthoff Update reach with new raipds, etc.. - SP
Laurel Hill Creek 2. Whipkey Dam to Humbert Covered Bridge Nr. Ursina [PA] 68d16h32m Tony Allred Jr 9-5-2017 - cleanup
Elwha 1. Grand Canyon [WA] 69d06h38m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Rio Chama 05. Abiquiu Dam to confluence with Rio Grande [NM] 69d23h21m Kestrel Kunz
Rio Chama 04. El Vado Lake to Abiquiu Reservoir [NM] 69d23h21m Kestrel Kunz
Salt 02.5. Gleason Flats 19 mi. to Horseshoe Bend [AZ] 69d23h23m Kestrel Kunz
Salt 01.5. US 60 to Mescal Rapid (Day Run) [AZ] 69d23h24m Kestrel Kunz
Little Colorado 02. Dirt Road to Highway 4162 [AZ] 69d23h24m Kestrel Kunz
Trampas Creek (Rio de las Trampas) 01. into the Embudo [NM] 69d23h28m Kestrel Kunz
San Juan 01. Navajo Dam to Four Corners [NM] 69d23h28m Kestrel Kunz