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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Christopher Creek 01. Box Canyon [AZ] 6d08h05m Craig Irwin 1
San Gabriel, N. Fork 1. CR 236 to US 183 (8.3 miles) [TX] 6d08h44m DRC
San Gabriel, N. Fork 2. Lake Georgetown to Georgetown (4.75 miles) [TX] 6d08h45m DRC
South Platte 05. Waterton Canyon [CO] 6d23h55m wreeves
Little River 1. Upper [OR] 7d00h18m Jacob Cruiser
Little River 2. Lower [OR] 7d00h23m Jacob Cruiser edit put in
Mill Creek 1. Upper Bridge to Mill Creek County Park [OR] 7d00h30m Jacob Cruiser
Drift Creek (Siletz) North Creek to Covered Bridge [OR] 7d03h21m Jacob Cruiser tr/video
Sacramento 5) Balls Ferry to Tehema [CA] 7d07h38m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Scott Canyon Entrance near Meamber Creek to Klamath Confluence [CA] 7d07h50m Craig Irwin 12
Potomac, North Fork of South Branch 5. Head of Hopeville Canyon to Hopeville [WV] 8d04h50m Tony Allred Jr 10-15-2018 - cleanup
Teton Highway 33 Bridge to Spring Hollow (South of France) [ID] 8d06h06m Kevin Colburn gage
Potomac, North Fork of South Branch 4. Seneca Rocks to Head of Hopeville Canyon [WV] 8d10h20m Tony Allred Jr 10-15-2018
Oak Creek 03. Lower Oak Creek/ Red Rock Crossing [AZ] 9d22h36m Craig Irwin 1
Oak Creek 01. Upper Oak Creek [AZ] 11d03h26m Craig Irwin 2
Little Colorado 01. Below Grand Falls to above Black Falls [AZ] 11d03h33m Craig Irwin 1
Potomac, North Fork of South Branch 1. Confluence of Laurel Fork and Straight Fork to Cherry Grove [WV] 12d03h26m Tony Allred Jr 10-11-2018 - added correlations feet vs cfs
Potomac, North Fork of South Branch 2. Cherry Grove to Riverton [WV] 12d03h27m Tony Allred Jr 10-11-2018 - added correlations feet vs cfs
Potomac, North Fork of South Branch 3. Riverton to Seneca Rocks [WV] 12d03h27m Tony Allred Jr 10-11-2018 - added correlations feet vs cfs
Potomac, North Fork of South Branch 6. Hopeville to South Branch Confluence [WV] 12d03h30m Tony Allred Jr 10-11-2018 - added correlations feet vs cfs
Collawash 1. Big Dog [OR] 13d03h05m Jacob Cruiser geology
Big Sewee Hwy 58 bridge to Decatur-Watts Bar Rd [TN] 13d10h17m Alex Barham Coordinates Fixed
Sandy 3. Marmot Dam site to Revenue Bridge [OR] 14d03h30m Jacob Cruiser
Peshtigo E) Roaring Rapids: Otter Ck to W.P.S. Landing (5.3 miles) [WI] 16d10h44m Rob clean up formatting glitch and typos
Contoocook 2. Hillsborough to Henniker [NH] 19d05h37m Craig Irwin 1
Feather, N. Fork 2) Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse [CA] 19d22h00m Dave Steindorf
Blackfoot, North Fork Foot Bridge to Road Bridge (Hike In) [MT] 20d09h50m Kevin Colburn gage update
Hagen Creek Into the NW Fork Washougal [WA] 21d01h56m Jacob Cruiser
Second Creek 1. Hollywood to US 219 bridge [WV] 21d04h29m Philip Young Updated gauge description
Lake Fork 01. Moon Lake to Bridge to Yellowstone River [UT] 21d05h22m Bill Hunt updated description, added a video
Gunpowder Falls 6 - Route 1 to U.S.40 [MD] 22d04h44m Tony Allred Jr 9-30-2018 - cleanup
Malad (aka Big Wood) 3. Devil's Washbowl [ID] 22d06h18m Bill Hunt Unrunnable due to rockfall
Patapsco, S. Branch 1. Woodbine to Henryton Rd. [MD] 22d11h55m Tony Allred Jr 9-29-2018 - cleanup
Wynoochee Wynoochee Reservoir to Save Creek [WA] 22d21h58m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
New 14. New River Gorge: Cunard to Fayette Station [WV] 25d12h21m Tony Allred Jr 9-28 - 2018 adjusted upper level cutoff to 10'
Big Sioux Sioux Falls Park (1 mile) [SD] 27d21h05m wreeves
Genesee Letchworth Gorge [NY] 28d00h53m Paul Martzen Put in changes from Steve de Boer
Menomonee A) MenFalls: Main Street bridge to next bridge (0.4 mile) [WI] 28d09h34m Rob minor edit
Verde 06. Childs to Horseshoe Reservoir [AZ] 29d01h15m Craig Irwin 1
Clearwater, N. Fork Orogrande Creek to Aquarius Campground [ID] 32d05h06m Kevin Colburn photo added
Upper Creek Raven Cliffs Gorge [NC] 34d01h57m BradR br
South Fork Mills River Pink Beds to Turkey Creek. [NC] 35d06h12m Kevin Colburn Added Photo
James (no known descents) FM 385 to FM 2389 (18 miles) [TX] 35d07h37m DRC
Roanoke 4. Little Niagra to Rutrough Road [VA] 36d05h21m Tony Allred Jr 9-14-2018 - cleanup
Roanoke 3. Rt 419 bridge to Wasena Park [VA] 36d05h29m Tony Allred Jr 9-14-2018 - cleanup
Roanoke 2. Green Hill Park to Rt 419 bridge [VA] 36d05h35m Tony Allred Jr 9-14-2018 - added river length
Roanoke 1. Dixie Caverns to Green Hill Park [VA] 36d05h40m Tony Allred Jr 9-14-2018 - added river length
Pigeon, West Fork Along Hwy 215 (Middle) [NC] 36d10h09m Kevin Colburn name.
Pigeon, West Fork 3. Along Hwy 215 (Upper) [NC] 36d10h25m Kevin Colburn name
Cupsuptic Big Canyon to Big Falls [ME] 37d05h46m Steve McLuckie
Fifteen Mile Creek US Route 40 to Potomac River [MD] 37d07h19m Tony Allred Jr 9-14-2018 - cleanup
Nolichucky Poplar N.C. to Nolichucky Gorge Campground (Erwin, TN) [TN] 38d03h02m Lee H Thonus parking & shuttle update
Potomac, North Branch 5. Bloomington, MD to Keyser, WV [WV] 39d03h44m Tony Allred Jr 9-10 - added additional description
Potomac 0.2 Paw Paw Tunnel Campground to Fifteen Mile Creek Boat Landing [MD] 39d11h34m Tony Allred Jr 9-10-2018 - cleanup
Eau Claire (Chippewa trib.) C) Soo Line Rapids (PnP, or 3.3 miles) [WI] 40d08h13m Rob additional embedded vid
Meadow 3. Route 19 Bridge to confluence with the Gauley River [WV] 40d21h43m Geoff Calhoun GC its class 5
Dan 0.3 Kibler Valley Power Plant to Claudville [VA] 41d08h49m Tony Allred Jr 9-10-2018 - corrected claudville from claudeville
Dan 0.2 Pinnacles of Dan: Townes Dam to Powerplant [VA] 41d12h29m Tony Allred Jr 9-10-2018 - adjusted order number
Dan 0.1 Sawteeh Gorge [VA] 41d12h30m Tony Allred Jr 9-10-2018 - adjusted order number
Dan 0.4 Claudville (Route 103) to Jessups Mill (Collinstown Rd/Rte. 1432) [VA] 41d12h31m Tony Allred Jr 9-10-2018 - adjusted order number
Rogue, North Fork 2. Woodruff Bridge to River Bridge (Takilma Gorge) [OR] 42d08h08m Jacob Cruiser
Stillaguamish, S. Fork 1 - Deer Creek to Mallardy Creek (Upper) [WA] 43d06h14m Joe Sauve updated map putin/takeout, added description
Evitts Creek 2. MD 144 to MD 51 [MD] 43d11h09m Tony Allred Jr 9-10-2018 - cleanup
Evitts Creek 1. Lake Gordon Dam (PA) to Maryland Route 144 (MD) [PA] 43d12h25m Tony Allred Jr 9-10-2018 split river length into two.
San Marcos 1. Rio Vista Whitewater Park (PnP) [TX] 46d00h48m Mark Singleton drop instruction ad
Big Creek (Tributary of Middle Fork Salmon River) Big Creek Airstrip to Cache Bar, Middle Fork of Salmon [ID] 47d04h37m Kevin Colburn difficulty
Lake Creek Deadwood Creek to Siuslaw River [OR] 48d04h26m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Patterson Slough 24/7 [OR] 48d04h36m Jacob Cruiser added description
Colorado 4. Austin, Below Longhorn Dam (PnP) [TX] 48d08h17m DRC
Potomac 3. Through Great Falls (several runs) [MD] 51d04h53m Geoff Calhoun gc
Potomac 3. Great Falls (Center Lines) [VA] 51d05h09m Geoff Calhoun GC
Sauk Creek Grant Street to S.Milwaukee Street (1.5 mile or 0.3 mile PnH) [WI] 51d12h10m Rob minor edit
Milwaukee A) Grafton Dells: Bridge Street to Lime Kiln Park Landing (PnP or 1.2 miles) [WI] 55d22h38m Rob fix some formatting
Conococheague Creek Wilson Bridge (US 40) to Williamsport, MD Boat Ramp [MD] 56d05h36m Tony Allred Jr 8-28-2018 - added new reach
Rogue, North Fork 4. Mill Creek Falls to Lost Creek Reservoir [OR] 56d06h21m Jacob Cruiser flow info
Patapsco Woodstock to Elkridge [MD] 57d06h48m Tony Allred Jr 8-25-2018 - cleanup
Mexican Creek Medina Lake to Medina CR 271 (1.1 mile) [TX] 57d09h39m Kevin Colburn Access update
Rockfish Upper [VA] 57d11h45m Gordon Dalton
Tonto Creek 02 (Rye Creek to Gun Creek) [AZ] 57d19h32m Craig Irwin 99
Potomac, North Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [WV] 58d23h42m Tony Allred Jr 9-14-2018 - cleanup
Raritan R., South Branch Upper Upper- Above Drakestown Rd. [NJ] 60d04h06m Stephen Strange name adjustment
Santiam, Middle 2. Green Peter Dam to Foster Reservoir [OR] 62d03h31m Jacob Cruiser
San Joaquin 6. Millerton Lake Bottom (Kerchoff #2 PH to Millerton Reservoir) [CA] 62d06h17m Paul Martzen updated some links
Gunpowder Falls 2 - Prettyboy Dam to Falls Road [MD] 63d12h28m Tony Allred Jr 8-25-2018 - cleanup
Salmon (Oregon Coast) Prairie Creek to Otis [OR] 64d00h26m Jacob Cruiser
Potomac 2. Violette's Lock to Pennyfield Lock [MD] 64d12h50m Tony Allred Jr 8-8-2018 - cleanup
Saint-Laurent (St. Lawrence) 1) Valleyfield (Saint-Charles River) [CAN-QUE] 66d01h39m Skip Morris
Taylor River 01. 748 Bridge to Pieplant Ranch [CO] 69d07h40m Kestrel Kunz
Wisconsin D) Wausau Slalom Course (0.35 mile modified natural channel) [WI] 70d06h24m Rob rework for forthcoming changes
Occoquan Occoquan Reservoir to Hwy 123 [VA] 70d07h49m Tony Allred Jr 8-8-2018 - cleanup
Fordyce Creek Fordyce Lake to Lake Spaulding [CA] 70d10h13m Theresa Simsiman update for 2018
Jackson 2. Gathright Dam to James River [VA] 70d10h57m Tony Allred Jr 8-8-2018 - cleanup
Jackson 1. Vinegar Run to McClintic Bridge (Route 603) [VA] 70d10h58m Tony Allred Jr 8-8-2018 - cleanup
Savage 2. Savage Dam to North Branch Potomac River [MD] 70d10h59m Tony Allred Jr 8-8-2018 - cleanup
Savage 1. Avilton Lonaconing Road to Head of Savage Reservoir [MD] 70d10h59m Tony Allred Jr 8-8-2018 - cleanup
Youghiogheny 3. Upper [MD] 71d08h16m Aaron Fleishman updated Cheeseburger Falls description
Piscataquog, South Branch 1) Upper—Francestown to New Boston [NH] 71d17h43m Skip Morris
Piscataquog, South Branch 2) New Boston to Goffstown [NH] 71d17h58m Skip Morris
Coquille, S. Fork 3. 16 Mile Bridge to Myrtle Grove [OR] 75d03h32m Jacob Cruiser photo id