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Hood, E. Fork Sherwood Campground to Hwy 35 Bridge [OR] -04h39m n/a updated image position
Humptulips, E. Fork 1 - FR 2206 access to FR 22 Bridge (Narrows Run) [WA] -01h06m n/a updated image position
Eagle Creek 2. Fish Hatchery to Eagle Creek Road [OR] 18h22m n/a updated description
Boulder Creek Idanha/Detroit [OR] 20h39m n/a updated name
Brushy Fork Brushy Fork Road to Stonelick Creek [OH] 21h20m n/a updated image position
Wilson, North Fork West fork, North Fork confluence to Jones Creek Bridge on Wilson [OR] 39h54m n/a updated description
Potomac, North Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [WV] 45h42m n/a updated description
Mason Creek Carvins Cove Rd (Route 740) to I-81 [VA] 63h14m n/a updated description
Little (Fr.Broad trib) 2. Base of Triple Falls to Hooker Falls [NC] 65h44m n/a updated description
Hominy Creek Sand Hill Road to French Broad River [NC] 65h58m n/a updated image position
Muddy Creek (Susquehanna trib) 2. Paper Mill Road to Susquehanna River (Cold Creek Park) [PA] 68h49m n/a updated name
Muddy Creek (Susquehanna Trib) 1. Woodbine Rd to Paper Mill Rd [PA] 68h50m n/a updated name
Running Water Creek Katy Lane to Nickajack Lake [TN] 5d15h13m n/a updated description
Wildhorse Bear Creek Bridge to Snake River confluence [ID] 5d18h24m n/a updated image position
Rock Creek (Umpqua) Above Rock Creek Fish Hatchery [OR] 5d18h49m n/a updated description
Clackamas 4. Faraday Diversion Dam to Faraday Powerhouse [OR] 6d11h37m n/a updated name
Pilchuck Creek 2 - Pilchuck Creek Campsite to Highway 9 Bridge [WA] 6d17h21m n/a updated description
Tuolumne, S. Fork Highway 120 Bridge to Rainbow Pool Picnic Area [CA] 6d21h43m n/a updated description
South Klondike Rd to Ga 138/Stockbridge Hwy [GA] 7d03h30m n/a updated description
Locke Brook Pine Campground to Davis Road [MA] 7d11h02m n/a updated description
Granite Creek Strawberry Mine to near Cassidy Trail [CA] 7d15h51m n/a updated description
Lizard Creek, N.Br. from Lentsch Access to confluence w/ Des Moines river in Fort Dodge [IA] 8d14h46m n/a updated description
Carberry Creek Bridge to Applegate Reservoir [OR] 8d15h45m n/a updated name
Potomac 7. Little Falls [VA] 8d17h09m n/a updated image position
Assabet Route 117 to Route 62 [MA] 10d04h37m n/a updated description
Merced 5) Redbud to Briceburg [CA] 12d21h12m n/a updated image position
Saranac 3. High Falls Gorge [NY] 12d21h55m n/a updated image position
Clinton W. Avon Road (at Livernois) to E. Avon Road (Yates Dam) (5 miles) [MI] 14d06h12m n/a updated stats
Wilson, West Fork of North Fork Headwaters to NF confluence [OR] 14d18h10m n/a updated name
Briggs Woods Spillway/Ditch 166 near Webster City (0.3 mile) [IA] 15d05h46m n/a updated permit
Wooley Creek North Fork confluence to Salmon River [CA] 15d14h36m n/a updated description
Bridge Creek Let 'er Buck Trailhead to Wooley Creek [CA] 15d14h52m n/a updated name
Spruce Run Upper Spruce Run [NJ] 15d21h49m n/a updated description
Hollow Brook Teetertown Ravine [NJ] 15d21h59m n/a updated description
Hagen Creek Into the NW Fork Washougal [WA] 15d23h12m n/a updated description
Canyon Creek (S.F. Still. trib) 3 - Fishing Access site to S.Fork Stillaguamish [WA] 16d13h34m n/a updated description
Chattooga Rock Gorge - Burrell's Ford to Lick Log Creek [SC] 16d17h06m n/a updated stats
Chattooga Ellicott Rock - Bull Pen Bridge to Burrell's Ford [SC] 16d17h11m n/a updated stats
Moodna Creek Woodbury Creek to Old Forge Hill Road [NY] 17d01h59m n/a updated description
Cache La Poudre 06. Steven's Gulch Access to Mishawaka Inn [CO] 17d18h01m n/a updated image position
Tuckasegee Section 3. Dillsboro to Rt. 1392 (Barkers Creek) [NC] 17d23h32m n/a updated description
Weber 06. Scrambled Egg Bend to 89 [UT] 18d23h25m n/a updated image position
Hinckston Run Hinckston Falls Area [PA] 18d23h50m n/a updated description
Wilson 1) Jones Creek Day Use Area to Milepost 15 [OR] 19d14h58m n/a updated image position
Alcovy 1- US 29 to Alcovy Rd. [GA] 19d15h30m n/a updated image position
Black (Mississippi Trib.) E) Hatfield Dam to Power Plant (3.2 miles) [WI] 19d22h58m n/a updated image position
Santiam, Little North (Classic Opal) 2. Gold Creek to Three Pools [OR] 20d22h33m n/a updated description
Eagle Creek Twister Falls to Hatchery Weir [OR] 21d16h09m n/a updated image position
Salmon 1. Split Falls to Wilderness Trailhead [OR] 21d17h52m n/a updated image position
Little Luckiamute [OR] 21d18h13m n/a updated image position
Pistol NF - 070 Spur to HWY 101 [OR] 21d18h21m n/a updated image position
Opal Creek (Opal Proper) Beachie Creek to Jawbone Flat footbridge [OR] 21d18h29m n/a updated image position
Canyon Creek 7 Mile Bridge to South Santiam River [OR] 21d18h32m n/a updated image position
White Salmon 5 - Buck Creek to Columbia River (Lower Gorge) [WA] 21d21h06m n/a updated image position
Whitechuck Bridge above Crystal Creek to Sauk River confluence [WA] 21d21h06m n/a updated image position
Wynoochee Wynoochee Reservoir to Save Creek [WA] 21d21h07m n/a updated image position
Yakima Confluence with Teanaway River to Thorp [WA] 21d21h07m n/a updated image position
Yellowjacket Creek Veta Creek to Cispus River confluence [WA] 21d21h08m n/a updated image position
Chelan Lake Chelan to Columbia River [WA] 21d21h08m n/a updated stats
Coker Creek Highway 68 to Hiwassee River [TN] 22d08h45m n/a updated image position
Sitkum Above Brandeberry Creek to Hyas Creek [WA] 22d14h51m n/a updated description
Lewis, E. Fork 2 - Sunset Falls to bl. Horshoe Falls (Falls Section) [WA] 22d16h35m n/a updated image position
Lewis, E. Fork 1 - Green Fork to Sunset Falls (Upper) [WA] 22d16h39m n/a updated image position
American, S. Fork 5. Slab Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse [CA] 22d17h07m n/a updated description
Cedar Creek to Little North Santiam [OR] 22d17h46m n/a updated description
Henline 1/4 mile above nf rd 2209 to 1/4 mile below rd 2209 [OR] 22d19h10m n/a updated image position
Washougal 4 - Highway 140 to Washougal (Big Eddy Section) [WA] 22d20h57m n/a updated description
White 3. Buckley to Auburn (Lower) [WA] 23d13h22m n/a updated image position
John Day 3. Clarno to Cottonwood [OR] 23d22h48m n/a updated image position
Anthony Creek 2. Blue Bend Recreation Area to the confluence of the Greenbrier River at Anthony [WV] 23d22h59m n/a updated description
San Juan 01. Sand Island to Mexican Hat [UT] 25d13h21m n/a updated image position
Menomonee C) MenTosa: Hart Park Lane to 4202 W.Bluemound Road (2.55 miles) [WI] 29d04h50m n/a updated description
Chattooga Section 2 - Highway 28 Putin to Earl's Ford [SC] 29d15h00m n/a updated description
Green 2 - Green River Gorge [WA] 30d00h02m n/a updated stats
Underwood Creek Krueger Park to Hoyt Park (0.5 - 3.5 miles) [WI] 30d06h17m n/a updated description
Robinson Creek Kelly Rd to W Pine Hill Rd (4.9 miles) [WI] 31d19h10m n/a updated description
Red C) Lower Red Lake Dam to CTH.A (4.3 miles) [WI] 31d19h34m n/a updated description
Rat Partridge Lane to Harper Rd (3.3 miles) *Access Issues* [WI] 31d19h52m n/a updated description
Potato C) Hwy.169 to Potato River Rd (6.5 miles) [WI] 31d20h09m n/a updated description
Potato B) Foster Falls (Sullivan Rd) to Hwy.169 (7.5 miles) [WI] 31d20h32m n/a updated description
Potato A) Upson Falls to Foster Falls (Sullivan Rd) (2.5 or 7.2 miles) [WI] 31d20h34m n/a updated description
Escalante Highway 12 to Powell Reservoir [UT] 32d21h41m n/a updated description
Shenandoah 3. Millville to Harpers Ferry [WV] 33d02h23m n/a updated image position
Chattooga Chattooga Cliffs - Grimshawes Bridge to Bull Pen Bridge [NC] 33d03h25m n/a updated stats
Wind 3. Stabler to High Bridge [WA] 33d19h43m n/a updated image position
Kern 4) Slippery Rock to Miracle (Jungle Run) [CA] 38d16h13m n/a updated description
Sycamore Creek Maxson Road to Trimmer Springs Road [CA] 40d19h45m n/a updated description
Patapsco, S Branch Woodbine Rd. to Gaither Rd. [MD] 41d15h26m n/a
Kern 5) Miracle to Democrat Hot Springs [CA] 41d18h28m n/a updated description
Blackfoot Scotty Brown Bridge to Johnsrud Park [MT] 41d19h43m n/a updated image position
Cumberland, Big South Fork Leatherwood Ford to Station Camp [TN] 42d23h32m n/a updated image position
Flatrock Old U.S. Hwy 421 to Conns Creek (6.8 miles) [IN] 42d23h46m n/a updated image position
Big Pine Creek Rainsville to Twin Bridges (0.5-6.7 miles) [IN] 42d23h46m n/a updated image position
Cumberland, Big South Fork The Confluence to Leatherwood Ford [TN] 42d23h51m n/a updated image position
Elkhorn Creek Forks of Elkhorn US460 Bridge to Knight's Bridge on KY1900 (6 miles) [KY] 42d23h52m n/a updated image position
White Lick Creek E.CR200N to E.Hendricks CR (up to 15.4 miles) [IN] 42d23h53m n/a updated image position
Blue White Cloud to Blue River Chapel (2.4 miles) [IN] 42d23h54m n/a updated image position
Mill Creek Cataract Falls (1 mile) ** Access Issues ** [IN] 42d23h54m n/a updated image position
Sugar Creek Darlington (1.2 miles) [IN] 42d23h55m n/a updated image position