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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Wolf Bayou Galens Road to Hwy 14 (6.4 miles) [AR] 169d11h57m Lance Jones
Long Devil's Fork Headwaters to Richland Creek (3+2 miles) [AR] 180d02h19m Lance Jones
Dry Creek (Richland) Dickey Junction to Eula (4.3 miles) [AR] 180d02h29m Lance Jones
Boss Hollow Headwaters to Hurricane Creek (3.8 miles) [AR] 180d02h34m Lance Jones
Bobtail Creek (hike in) FS 1219A to Richland Creek (2.75 miles) [AR] 180d02h40m Lance Jones
Big Devil's Fork Hill Cemetery to Richland Creek (2.75+2 miles) [AR] 180d02h44m Lance Jones
Barberry Creek Headwaters to ELFB (1.8 miles) [AR] 180d02h51m Lance Jones
Shop Creek, West Fork Alum Cove Creek to Parthenon (6.6 miles) [AR] 180d09h15m Lance Jones
Cadron Creek 1) Hartwick Mill Run: Highway 124 to Pinnacle Springs (11 miles) [AR] 1y88d06h34m John Svendsen Correct and Update
Possum Trot Hollow Nail to Walnut [AR] 1y91d15h39m Lance Jones
Long Branch Wayton to Murray (2+3.5 miles) [AR] 1y91d17h41m Lance Jones
Stepp Creek Gum Branch to ELFB (1.8 miles) [AR] 1y140d13h09m Lance Jones
Little Buffalo, East Fork Deer to Murray (7.3 miles) [AR] 1y140d13h14m Lance Jones
Sandy Springs Hollow Headwaters to EFLB (2 miles) [AR] 1y140d14h09m Lance Jones
Richland Creek 2) Richland Creek Campground to NFR 1201 (8.5 miles) [AR] 1y140d15h38m Lance Jones
Falling Water Creek Falling Water Falls to Richland Campground (7 miles) [AR] 1y140d16h35m Lance Jones
Richland Creek 1) Moore to Richland Creek Campground (6.2 miles) [AR] 1y140d16h46m Lance Jones
Opossum Creek Baker Road to Gillham Lake (6.2 miles) [AR] 1y209d09h22m Rob minor edit (remove excess spacing)
Little Red, Middle Fork 1) Peyton Creek to Arlberg (17.25 miles) [AR] 1y209d09h40m Rob chg river name to allow listing to fall in with existing reach on same river
Dave Millsaps Hollow Walker Mountain to Illinois Bayou (2.8 miles+2.2 miles) [AR] 1y209d15h06m Rob promote 'text abstract' into main description
Chickalah Creek Spring Lake Road to CR-691 (1.6 miles) [AR] 1y209d16h09m Rob enable directions mapping
Buffalo 1) NFR 1463 to Highway 21 at Boxley (13.6 miles) [AR] 1y209d16h28m Rob fix broken link
Saline (Howard County) 2) Dierks Lake to Hwy 70 (5.6 miles or 0.75 mile loop) [AR] 3y115d14h58m Lance Jones
Illinois Siloam Springs Whitewater Recreational Park [AR] 4y31d13h44m Lance Jones
Cadron Creek 2) Pinnacle Gap Run: Pinnacle Springs to Highway 65 (4.5 miles) [AR] 4y137d10h32m John Svendsen
Beech Creek Ryker to Hwy. 21 (7.5 miles) [AR] 4y137d11h03m Lance Jones
Ouachita 5) Rockport Ledge (PnP) [AR] 4y137d15h35m Lance Jones
Lake Norrell Spillway Lake Norrell Spillway (PnH) [AR] 4y137d15h38m Lance Jones
Crooked Creek (Montgomery Co.) NFR 43 to Little Missouri (3 miles) [AR] 4y137d15h39m Lance Jones
Cossatot 3) Ed Banks Road to Highway 278/4 (6.25 miles) [AR] 4y137d15h40m Lance Jones
Clark Creek Lost Valley (1 mile) [AR] 4y137d15h41m Lance Jones
Boen Gulf Branch Headwaters to Buffalo River (2.6+7.8 miles) [AR] 4y137d15h42m Lance Jones
Baker Creek Ed Banks Road to Weyerhauser Road 52200 (3 miles) [AR] 4y137d15h43m Lance Jones
Big Piney Creek 3) Helton's Farm (Treat) to Long Pool Campground (8.4 miles) [AR] 4y137d15h44m Lance Jones
Illinois 4) Hwy 16 to Arkansas 59 Near Siloam Springs (5.1 miles) [AR] 4y182d16h40m Lance Jones
Bear Creek (Big Piney trib) Headwaters to Big Piney Creek (4.1 miles) [AR] 5y135d13h26m Lance Jones
Adkins / Hailstone Creek Dixon Ridge Rd. to Hwy. 21 bridge (2 miles+11 miles) [AR] 5y135d13h27m Lance Jones
Little Missouri 3) Narrows Dam to CR 222 (5.2 miles) [AR] 5y204d02h11m Mike Coogan
Buffalo 8) Woolum to Tyler Bend (15.3 miles) [AR] 6y126d08h54m Paul Martzen linked photo to main page
Mikes Creek Ozone to Little Piney Creek (6 + 4 miles) [AR] 6y209d17h19m Lance Jones
Haags Hollow CR-434 to Chickalah Creek (4.2 miles) [AR] 6y303d12h34m Rob Add gradient&length values
Thomas Creek Headwaters to Murray (5.5 miles) [AR] 7y211d05h06m Rob Minor format fixes.
Meyer Branch Headwaters to Middle Fork Illinois Bayou (2.8 + 8.4 miles) [AR] 7y211d05h24m Rob Calculated length.
Buffalo 7) Carver to Woolum (15.3 miles) [AR] 7y279d15h57m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Osage Creek Compton to Carroll County Road 11 (6 miles) [AR] 8y17d13h46m Lance Jones
Left Hand Prong Headwaters to Victor Road (8.5 miles) [AR] 8y17d13h48m Lance Jones
Falls Branch Tarlton Flats to NFS Road 1200 near Bass (9 miles) [AR] 8y17d13h49m Lance Jones
[AR] 8y38d13h46m Lance Jones
Little Red, Archey's Fork Morris Road Bridge to US 65 (20 miles) [AR] 8y172d15h53m Lance Jones
Cove Creek (Faulkner Co.) Martinville to Mallet Town (4.9 miles) [AR] 8y172d15h59m Lance Jones
Cadron Creek, Middle Fork Highway 356 to Highway 124 (6.4 miles) [AR] 8y172d16h00m Lance Jones
Cadron Creek, East Fork 2) Highway 36 to White Oak Bridge/Highway 107 (9 miles) [AR] 8y172d16h04m Lance Jones
Cadron Creek, East Fork 1) Rose Bud to Highway 36 (5.5 miles) [AR] 8y172d16h07m Lance Jones
Cadron Creek 3) Cove Creek Run: Highway 65 to Highway 285 (10 miles) [AR] 8y172d16h09m Lance Jones
Buffalo 2) Boxley to Ponca (6.1 miles) [AR] 8y173d15h14m Lance Jones
Buffalo 13) Rush Landing to Buffalo City (24.4 miles) [AR] 8y173d15h15m Lance Jones
Buffalo 12) Buffalo Point to Rush Landing (7.5 miles) [AR] 8y173d15h18m Lance Jones
Buffalo 11) Maumee to Buffalo Point (10.9 miles) [AR] 8y173d15h19m Lance Jones
Buffalo 10) Gilbert to Maumee (11.8 miles) [AR] 8y173d15h25m Lance Jones
Buffalo 9) Tyler Bend to Gilbert (5.6 miles) [AR] 8y173d15h28m Lance Jones
Buffalo 3) Ponca to Kyles (10.6 miles) [AR] 8y173d15h49m Lance Jones
Buffalo 4) Kyles to Pruitt (13.2 miles) [AR] 8y173d15h50m Lance Jones
Galla Creek Crow Mtn. Rd. to Galla Creek Lake (3.1 miles) [AR] 8y182d14h18m Lance Jones
Salado Creek Camp Tahkotah to US 167 (10 miles) [AR] 8y182d14h39m Lance Jones
Clear Creek A) Schaberg to Chester (5.1 miles) [AR] 8y258d16h31m Lance Jones
Mulberry 1) Wolf Pen Recreation Area to Redding Campground (12 miles) [AR] 8y334d17h33m Roman Ryder
Mulberry 4) Campbell's Cemetery to Highway 215 N of I-40 (16 miles) [AR] 9y37d12h45m Paul Martzen
Rock Creek Chenal Parkway to Boyle Park (7.2 miles) [AR] 9y178d15h45m Lance Jones
Illinois Bayou, E. Fork FS Road 1301 to Bayou Bluff (11 miles) [AR] 9y187d15h17m John Svendsen
Illinois Bayou, Middle Fork Smyrna to Bayou Bluff (12.2 miles) [AR] 9y187d15h18m John Svendsen
Illinois Bayou Hector to Scottsville (7.7 miles) [AR] 9y187d15h22m John Svendsen
Illinois Bayou, N. Fork Victor Road (CR1000) to Granny Gap Road (FS1818) (15.6 miles) [AR] 9y187d15h24m John Svendsen
Camp/Flat Creek Polk County Road 33 to Cossatot River (4.5 miles) [AR] 9y195d14h59m Lance Jones
Little Red, Middle Fork Lydalusk to Shirley (10.2 miles) [AR] 9y201d22h44m John Svendsen
White, West Fork Woolsey to Greenland (Ark 156) (11 miles) [AR] 9y209d14h14m
White, Middle Fork Arnett to Hicks (5.5 miles) [AR] 9y209d14h18m
White Pettigrew to Elkins (37 miles) [AR] 9y209d14h42m
War Eagle Creek Hwy 23 to War Eagle Mill (38 miles) [AR] 9y209d14h51m
Trace Creek NFR 780 to Hwy 7 (3.5 miles) [AR] 9y209d14h57m Robert Gregory
Sulphur Creek Southern Fork to Richland Creek (1.5+4.5 miles) [AR] 9y209d15h02m Lance Jones
Sugar Creek NFR 19 to Jack Creek Rec Area (6.2 miles) [AR] 9y209d15h10m david brauer
Spring, South Fork Saddle to Hardy (19.6 miles) [AR] 9y209d19h21m
Spirits Creek County Road 76 to County Road 2434 (4 miles) [AR] 9y209d20h11m
South Fourche LaFave Hwy 7 to Deberrie low-water bridge (11.3 miles) [AR] 9y209d20h13m Lance Jones
North Sylamore Creek Barkshed to Allison (4 - 14.5 miles) [AR] 9y209d20h18m John Svendsen
Saline, North Fork Steel Bridge Road to Lyle Park (6.36 miles) [AR] 9y209d21h09m
Saline, Middle Fork Iron Springs to Buffalo Gap Road (1 mile) [AR] 9y209d21h53m Robert Gregory
Saline, Alum Fork Hwy 5 to Benton City Park (21 miles) [AR] 9y209d22h13m
Saline (Howard County) 1) Shady Lake to Hwy 84 (4.5 miles) [AR] 9y209d23h28m
Robinson Creek Weyerhauser rd 86000 to 85300 (9 miles) [AR] 9y210d00h02m
Possum Walk Creek Five Mile Road to Highway 263 (8.7 miles) [AR] 9y210d07h36m Lance Jones
Ouachita 2) Little Hope Road to USFS Dragover Campground (29.4 miles) [AR] 9y210d07h38m
Ouachita 1) Acorn to Little Hope Road (35.4 miles) [AR] 9y210d07h40m
Mulberry 3) HWY 23 (Turner's Bend) to Campbell's Cemetery (10 miles) [AR] 9y210d08h05m
Mulberry 2) Redding Campground to HWY 23/Turner's Bend (3.6 miles) [AR] 9y210d08h08m
Mormon Creek Headwaters to Mill Creek (Franklin Co.) (1.5+2.5 miles) [AR] 9y210d08h18m
Moore Creek Hwy 246 to Hwy 278/4 (6.5 miles) [AR] 9y210d08h21m
Mill Creek (Scott County) Hwy 270 to Fourche LaFave River (3 miles) [AR] 9y210d08h24m
Mill Creek (Franklin Co.) Devil's Canyon to Hwy 215 (5.2 miles) [AR] 9y210d08h27m