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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Christopher Creek 01. Box Canyon [AZ] 5d13h40m Craig Irwin 1
Oak Creek 03. Lower Oak Creek/ Red Rock Crossing [AZ] 9d04h10m Craig Irwin 1
Oak Creek 01. Upper Oak Creek [AZ] 10d09h01m Craig Irwin 2
Little Colorado 01. Below Grand Falls to above Black Falls [AZ] 10d09h07m Craig Irwin 1
Verde 06. Childs to Horseshoe Reservoir [AZ] 28d06h50m Craig Irwin 1
Tonto Creek 02 (Rye Creek to Gun Creek) [AZ] 57d01h07m Craig Irwin 99
Colorado 18. Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead [AZ] 92d11h24m Thomas O'Keefe copy edits of rapid descriptions
Salt 01.5. US 60 to Mescal Rapid (Day Run) [AZ] 265d01h38m Dannie Keil AW Streamteam Update
Oak Creek 02. Oak Creek Indian Gardens [AZ] 265d02h10m Dannie Keil
Tapeats Creek 01. Thunder River to Colorado River [AZ] 312d09h03m wreeves
Wet Beaver Creek 01. FR 618 to Camp Verde Bridge [AZ] 1y13d07h23m Craig Irwin 22
Salt 02.5. Gleason Flats 19 mi. to Horseshoe Bend [AZ] 1y100d00h31m Kestrel Kunz
Little Colorado 02. Dirt Road to Highway 4162 [AZ] 1y100d00h32m Kestrel Kunz
Gila 04. Kelvin to Ashurst-Hayden Dam [AZ] 1y100d01h15m Kestrel Kunz
Gila 03. Virden (NM) 30 miles to US Route 666, 23 miiles to Bonita Creek [AZ] 1y100d01h16m Kestrel Kunz
White River, East Fork 01. Roadside Route Y55 [AZ] 1y100d01h25m Kestrel Kunz
Virgin 05. Lower Gorge: I-15 at Cedar Pockets Rest Area to Littlefield [AZ] 1y100d01h26m Kestrel Kunz
Virgin 04. Upper Gorge: I-15 at mile 23 to Cedar Pockets Rest Area [AZ] 1y100d01h26m Kestrel Kunz
Verde 08. Bartlett Reservoir to confluence with Salt River [AZ] 1y100d01h27m Kestrel Kunz
Verde 07. Horseshoe Reservoir to Bartlett Reservoir [AZ] 1y100d01h27m Kestrel Kunz
Verde 05. Beasley Flat to Gap Creek [AZ] 1y100d01h28m Kestrel Kunz
Verde 04. Camp Verde to Beasley Flat [AZ] 1y100d01h28m Kestrel Kunz
Verde 03. Clarkdale to Camp Verde [AZ] 1y100d01h30m Kestrel Kunz
Verde 02. Clarkdale Town Run [AZ] 1y100d01h30m Kestrel Kunz
Verde 01. Perkinsville to Clarkdale [AZ] 1y100d01h31m Kestrel Kunz
Sycamore Creek 01. Headwaters to Verde River Confluence [AZ] 1y100d01h33m Kestrel Kunz
San Francisco 01. Alma (NM) 30 mi to Clifton, 10 mi to Gila River [AZ] 1y100d01h33m Kestrel Kunz
Salt 03. Stewart Mountain Dam to Granite Reef Dam [AZ] 1y100d01h34m Kestrel Kunz
Salt 02. US 60 to Hwy 288 above Roosevelt Reservoir [AZ] 1y100d01h35m Kestrel Kunz
Salt 01. Fort Apache to US 60 [AZ] 1y100d01h36m Kestrel Kunz
Salome Creek 01. The Jug [AZ] 1y100d01h42m Kestrel Kunz
Paria 01. Highway bridge to Lee's Ferry [AZ] 1y100d01h42m Kestrel Kunz
Little Colorado 03. Cameron to Colorado River [AZ] 1y100d01h44m Kestrel Kunz
Havasu Creek 01. Falls to Colorado River [AZ] 1y100d01h45m Kestrel Kunz
Fossil Creek 02. Classic Section [AZ] 1y100d01h47m Kestrel Kunz
Fossil Creek 01. Upper [AZ] 1y100d01h47m Kestrel Kunz
Ellison Creek 01. CDOG [AZ] 1y100d01h48m Kestrel Kunz
East Verde 01. US Route 87 to Verde River confluence [AZ] 1y100d01h49m Kestrel Kunz
Eagle Creek 01. Forest Service Road 217: Four Drag Ranch to Double Circle Ranch [AZ] 1y100d01h49m Kestrel Kunz
Chevelon Creek 01. Woods Canyon Lake to Little Colorado River [AZ] 1y100d01h50m Kestrel Kunz
Bill Williams 01. Alamo Dam to US-95 [AZ] 1y100d01h51m Kestrel Kunz
Blue 01. Blue Crossing to Forest Service Road 475 [AZ] 1y100d01h54m Kestrel Kunz
Black, E. Fork 02. Below Wildcat Point [AZ] 1y100d01h54m Kestrel Kunz
Black, E. Fork 01. Diamond Rock 6.0 mi to Buffalo Xing, 12 mi to Wildcat Point [AZ] 1y100d01h55m Kestrel Kunz
Colorado 19. Black Canyon [AZ] 4y341d01h02m Thomas O'Keefe description update
Colorado 12. Black Canyon [AZ] > 10 years