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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Dolores 01. Rico to Big Rock (West Fork) [CO] 93h29m Nathan Fey
Dolores 02. West Fork to McPhee Reservoir [CO] 93h36m Nathan Fey
Dolores 07. Gateway to Colorado River (UT) [CO] 93h48m Nathan Fey
Dolores 06. Bedrock to Gateway [CO] 93h49m Nathan Fey
Dolores 05. Slickrock to Bedrock [CO] 93h50m Nathan Fey
Dolores 04. Dove Creek Pump Station to Slickrock [CO] 93h50m Nathan Fey
Dolores 03. Bradfield Launch (McPhee Reservoir) to Dove Creek Pump Station [CO] 93h51m Nathan Fey
San Juan 02. Pagosa Springs to Trujillo Rd [CO] 94h18m Nathan Fey
San Juan 01. Riverside Campground to Yamaguchi Park [CO] 94h34m Nathan Fey
East 02. CB South to Almont [CO] 10d13h01m Kestrel Kunz
East 01. Gothic Bridge to above Stupid Falls [CO] 11d18h45m Kestrel Kunz
Taylor River Canyon 01. Taylor Park Reservoir to Almont [CO] 41d11h14m Craig Irwin 20180513
Colorado 02. Gore Canyon [CO] 100d13h38m Craig Irwin 20180315
Saint Vrain Creek, North 02. Buttonrock Preserve to CR 80 [CO] 149d16h31m Spencer Huff photo
Roaring Fork 03. Upper Woody Creek Bridge to Lower Woody Creek Bridge [CO] 171d20h34m Nathan Fey
Yampa 05. Deerlodge Park to Echo Park [CO] 177d13h13m Thomas O'Keefe permit edit
Animas 02. Howardsville to Silverton [CO] 184d16h38m Spencer Huff Description added
Animas 01. Eureka to Howardsville [CO] 184d17h04m Spencer Huff Description added
Fish Creek 01. Fish Creek Falls to Diversion Dam [CO] 191d19h06m wreeves
Big Thompson 02. Drake to Canyon Mouth [CO] 191d19h10m wreeves
Animas 05. Bakers Box [CO] 240d17h02m Spencer Huff rapids tagged to photos
Gunnison 03. Crystal Dam to Chukar Trail [CO] 240d17h55m Spencer Huff photos added
Trout Creek Dunkley - Flat Tops Wilderness [CO] 246d22h05m Nathan Fey
White 02. Rangely to Bonanza Bridge [CO] 252d15h48m Craig Irwin 22
Arkansas 02. The Numbers [CO] 252d18h19m Craig Irwin 20171014
Saint Vrain Creek, South 02. Narrows to 1in5 Rapid [CO] 290d14h30m Kestrel Kunz
Saint Vrain Creek, North 01. Peak to Peak Hwy to Buttonrock Preserve [CO] 290d14h37m Kestrel Kunz
Saint Vrain Creek, North 03. CR 80 to Lyons [CO] 321d07h25m Craig Irwin 20170806
Willow Creek 01. Steamboat Lake to Elk River [CO] 347d13h04m Kestrel Kunz
Animas 09. Purple Cliffs to State Line [CO] 347d20h12m Kestrel Kunz
Animas 08. 32nd St. Park to Purple Cliffs [CO] 347d20h13m Kestrel Kunz
Animas 07. Trimble Lane to 32nd Street Park [CO] 347d20h14m Kestrel Kunz
Animas 06. Bakers Bridge to Trimble Lane [CO] 347d20h14m Kestrel Kunz
Animas 04. Tacoma to Rockwood Rail Yard (Rockwood Box) [CO] 347d20h15m Kestrel Kunz
Animas 03. Silverton to Tacoma [CO] 347d20h15m Kestrel Kunz
North Platte 01. State line to French Creek (Lower Northgate Canyon) [CO] 349d13h41m Kestrel Kunz
San Juan, West Fork 01. Footbridge to road near WF Campground [CO] 349d13h41m Kestrel Kunz
Joe Wright Creek 01. CR 103 bridge to Big South Campground [CO] 349d13h41m Kestrel Kunz
Left Hand Creek 01. James Canyon Drive to Buckingham Park [CO] 349d13h45m Kestrel Kunz
Homestake Creek 01. 1/4 mi above confluence with Eagle River [CO] 349d13h45m Kestrel Kunz
Green 03. Echo Park (CO) to Split Mountain [CO] 349d14h54m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Green 02. Lodore to Echo Park [CO] 349d14h55m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Green 01. Flaming Gorge to Lodore (CO) [CO] 349d14h56m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Mineral Creek 01. Mineral Creek [CO] 349d15h24m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Elk Creek (Animas trib.) 01. Elk Creek (Animas trib.) [CO] 349d15h25m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Yampa 04. 85 Rd to Deer Lodge Park Rd [CO] 349d15h28m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Yampa 03. Little Yampa Canyon [CO] 349d15h29m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Gunnison 04. Chukar to N. Fork [CO] 349d15h35m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Gunnison 02. Gunnison Whitewater Park [CO] 349d15h36m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 11. Pueblo Whitewater Park [CO] 349d15h40m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 10. Parkdale Launch to Canon City [CO] 349d15h41m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 09. Pinnacle Rock Launch to Parkdale Launch [CO] 349d15h42m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 08. Rincon to Pinnacle Rock [CO] 349d15h43m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 07. Salida to Rincon [CO] 349d15h43m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 06. Stone Bridge to Salida [CO] 349d15h45m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 05. Fisherman's Bridge access to Stone Bridge access [CO] 349d15h45m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 04. Buena Vista to Fisherman's Bridge [CO] 349d15h46m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 03. Railroad Bridge Launch to Buena Vista [CO] 349d15h46m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Arkansas 01. Granite to Numbers Launch Site [CO] 349d15h49m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Daisy Creek 01. 40' Waterfall to confluence with Slate River [CO] 360d08h47m Kestrel Kunz
Eagle 02. Redcliff to Tigiwan Rd (FR 707) [CO] 1y4d19h32m Scott McCorvey
Colorado 12. Big Sur [CO] 1y15d07h22m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Park Creek 01. CR 80 to Park Creek Res. [CO] 1y93d22h36m wreeves
Colorado 14. Loma launch to Westwater launch (Ruby - Horsethief) [CO] 1y201d09h54m Thomas O'Keefe permit update
Clear Creek (Arkansas Tributary) 01. Missouri Creek TH to Dirt Road [CO] 1y229d21h33m John Gross
Uncompahgre River 03. Rollans park to Ridgway Reservoir [CO] 2y13d17h11m Carla Miner
Blue 02. Blue River Campground to Columbine Landing [CO] 2y14d21h57m Nathan Fey
Gore Creek 01. Upper Gore Creek (Upstream of the golf course) [CO] 2y14d22h20m Nathan Fey
San Miguel 07. Naturita to Dolores Confluence [CO] 2y94d00h00m Rob select featured photo, remove formatting which caused small type
San Miguel 06. Pinon Bridge to Naturita [CO] 2y94d00h08m Rob select featured photo, remove formatting which caused small type
San Miguel 05.Beaver Creek to Pinon Bridge [CO] 2y127d15h51m Evan Stafford
San Miguel 04. Specie Creek to Beaver Creek [CO] 2y129d14h40m Evan Stafford
San Miguel 03. Down Valley Park to Specie Creek [CO] 2y129d14h43m Evan Stafford
San Miguel 02. Bilk Creek to Down Valley Park [CO] 2y129d14h50m Evan Stafford
Blue 01. Breckenridge Town Run [CO] 2y260d08h53m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Vallecito Creek 01. 1 mile above Vallecito CG [CO] 2y260d08h57m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Blue 03. Green Mountain Reservoir to Spring Creek Road [CO] 2y260d09h01m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Plateau Creek 01. Hwy 65 to I-70 [CO] 2y351d22h00m Nathan Fey
Bear Creek 01. Idledale to Morrison [CO] 2y353d11h42m Craig Irwin 201507
Boulder Creek, South 02. Pinecliffe to Gross Mountain Reservoir [CO] 3y46d20h55m Craig Irwin cc
Saint Vrain Creek, South 01. Ceran St. Vrain TH to Confluence [CO] 3y49d20h29m Craig Irwin 2015
Cache La Poudre 03. Home Moraine to Indian Meadows Bridge [CO] 3y53d08h13m Craig Irwin 2015
Boulder Creek, North 01. Switzerland Park to Boulder Falls [CO] 3y54d05h39m Craig Irwin 2015
Boulder Creek 03. Blue Bridge to Eben G Fine Park [CO] 3y56d19h02m Craig Irwin 2015
Boulder Creek, South 01. Rollinsville to Pinecliffe [CO] 3y68d09h09m Craig Irwin 2015
Boulder Creek, South 04. Eldorado Canyon [CO] 3y69d16h11m Craig Irwin 2015
Cache La Poudre 09. Pineview Falls to Bridges Take-out [CO] 3y69d16h23m Craig Irwin 201504
Big Thompson 01. Lake Estes to Drake [CO] 3y82d15h29m Craig Irwin 201504
Boulder Creek 04. Eben G Fine Park to CU Greenhouse [CO] 3y86d19h12m Craig Irwin 2015cd
Colorado 05. Burns to Dotsero [CO] 3y107d20h22m Craig Irwin
Boulder Creek 02. MM 32 to Blue Bridge [CO] 3y109d23h12m Craig Irwin 2015cd
Boulder Creek, South 03. Gross Mountain Res to Eldorado State Park [CO] 3y111d19h20m Craig Irwin 201502
South Platte 02. Lake George to Cheesman Reservoir [CO] 3y123d16h55m Craig Irwin 20150220
South Platte, North Fork 01. Bailey to Pine [CO] 3y129d15h14m Craig Irwin 201502
Colorado 13. Grand Junction Town [CO] 3y135d13h30m Craig Irwin 2015
Hermosa Creek 01. Hermosa Park 16 mi to Dutch Creek, 8 mi to US 550 [CO] 3y202d20h43m Nathan Fey
Cache La Poudre, North Fork 01. Cherokee Park Rd (near Trails End) to Halligan Res. (upper) [CO] 3y319d07h41m John Gross
Cache La Poudre, South Fork 01. Fish Creek TH to Main fork [CO] 3y319d08h47m John Gross
Uncompahgre River 02. Ouray to KOA campground [CO] 3y352d16h21m Thomas O'Keefe photo added