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White Breast Creek Stickle Bridge (PnP or ~2.5 miles) [IA] 49d09h19m n/a promote comment to description
Cedar Charles City Water Park [IA] 346d02h30m n/a fix broken YouTube link
Maquoketa Manchester Waterpark [IA] 1y24d02h50m n/a minor edit (gauge info)
Boone near Webster City (PnP, 0.5 mile access/egress) [IA] 1y24d03h06m n/a minor edit
Cedar Palisades-Kepler State Park (PnP) [IA] 1y24d03h14m n/a remove duplicate info
Turkey Elkader Whitewater Park (PnP) [IA] 2y327d10h39m n/a embed webcam
Turkey Elkader Park N Play [IA] 4y158d21h52m n/a
Turkey Vernon Springs Park (rock-arch rapids) [IA] 6y305d11h35m n/a Embed feature photo and YouTube video.
Onion Creek North Dakota Avenue to Veenker Golf Course (2.6 miles) [IA] 9y112d12h22m n/a
South Skunk Story City to Ames (PnP, 8 miles or 19 miles) [IA] 9y115d11h05m n/a Revise rapids descriptions.
Raccoon B) Commerce Ledges (Walnut Woods SP), near Des Moines (PnP) [IA] 9y266d08h36m n/a
Walnut Creek Hwy 6 in Urbandale to Raccoon River (7 miles) [IA] 9y266d09h30m n/a
Winnebago East Park (Mason City) to Wren Ave. (10 miles) [IA] 9y266d09h50m n/a
No Name Nowhere [IA] 9y279d00h35m n/a
Lizard Creek, S.Br. D22 to mouth (up to 8 miles) [IA] 9y292d13h06m n/a
Soldiers Creek Fort Dodge - park to mouth (1 mile) [IA] 9y292d13h08m n/a
Des Moines Breens (PnP) [IA] 9y292d14h13m n/a
Cedar Clay Hole, Cedar Falls (PnP) [IA] 9y292d14h48m n/a
Briggs Woods Spillway/Ditch 166 near Webster City (0.3 mile) [IA] 9y292d16h36m n/a
Raccoon A) Henderson Park, Jefferson, IA (PnP) [IA] > 10 years n/a