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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Ferson Creek St.Charles: Burr Road to Leroy Oaks Forest Preserve (4.7-5.0 miles) [IL] 246d05h07m Rob minor edit
Bear Branch Bridge to Lusk Creek (2.25+1.5 miles) [IL] 246d10h43m Rob minor edit (abstract info)
Bear Creek CR900E to Hwy 96 in Marcelline (3.6 miles) *Access Issues* [IL] 249d10h04m Rob minor edit
Lusk Creek Lusk Creek Canyon (5.1 miles) [IL] 250d02h33m Rob minor edit
Kent Creek, S.Fk. Levings Lake to Rock River (2.37 miles) [IL] 252d03h15m Rob minor edit
Bay Creek Ozark Road to Redbud Parking area [IL] 253d01h44m Rob turn on shuttle routing
Bay Creek, Hill Branch Bell Smith Springs [IL] 253d01h58m Rob Add mention of (link to) adjacent Bay Ck run.
Fall Creek End of Gorge Trail to Parking Lot (0.7 miles) [IL] 257d11h57m Rob Edit length & minor typos
Little Vermilion N3179 Rd to I&M Canal (Canal St/Rockwell Rd, La Salle) (6.5 miles) [IL] 258d10h50m Rob change embeded video
Fox (Illinois R. trib.) D) Yorkville: Marge Cline Whitewater Course (PnP) [IL] 1y90d06h55m Rob delete dead link; change feature photo
Blackberry Creek Jaycee Pond Park (PnP) [IL] 1y194d05h15m Rob select featured photo
DuPage Shorewood: Hammel Woods to W.Shepley Rd. (5.7 miles) [IL] 2y131d12h28m Rob modify length/take-out (per comments)
Bailey Creek N2300 Rd to Vermilion River (0.5-1.5 miles) [IL] 2y166d02h47m David McGovern Fixed typo's, improved clarity
Des Plaines b) Lockport, Fishnet Rapids: Romeo Rd. to Division St. (0.75 mile or 4.25 mile) [IL] 2y168d07h33m David McGovern
Des Plaines a) Wheeling, Dam #1 (Removed) (PnP) [IL] 2y249d09h41m Rob edit for dam removals
Piney Branch Piney Creek Ravine (2 miles) [IL] 4y255d06h38m Kevin Colburn DNR requested update re closure
Carroll Creek Point Rock Park to Jacobstown Road (at Scenic Bluff Rd) (6.2 miles) [IL] 4y333d10h42m Rob Add gradient value
Mississippi Chain of Rocks (Riverview Drive, north St. Louis) (PnP) [IL] 4y342d13h05m Matt Muir Added warnings from defunct website.
Fox (Illinois R. trib.) C) Batavia Dam (PnP) [IL] 5y11d08h37m Rob Tweak put-in/take-out for directions mapping to work.
Hickory Creek Joliet: Corcoran Park to S.Joliet Street (3.75 miles) [IL] 5y11d10h02m Rob Fix typo and change feature photo
Vermilion Hwy 178 to Ed Hand Hwy. (7.7 miles) [IL] 5y237d08h55m Thomas O'Keefe copy edits
Tomahawk Creek Troy Grove Blacktop to Little Vermilion (2.8 +4.7 miles) [IL] 5y345d07h45m Rob Select (add) featured photo.
Waubonsee Creek Oswego: to Fox River [IL] 7y25d00h46m Matt Muir Added missing coord.
Pecatonica Sumner Park / Zen Wave (PnP) [IL] 7y61d02h11m Rob Remove info re; Rockton, since separate reach now online.
Rock Rockton Dam [IL] 7y94d13h06m Rob Fix html error
Cedar Creek (Adams Co.) 5th St to Bob Bangart Park on Bottom Road (1 mile) [IL] 7y327d08h37m Rob Change comment on directions tab.
Somonauk Creek Lake Holiday dam to Fox River (10.7 miles) [IL] 8y49d11h34m Rob
Spring Creek 1600N Rd to RR bridge above Illinois River confluence (6.2 miles) [IL] 8y49d13h04m Rob Add flow info and ref.gauge.
Lake Michigan Various (Illinois) locations [IL] 8y76d04h00m Rob Add beaches
Tyler Creek Elgin: Eagle Heights Park to Fox River (4 miles) *** Access Issues *** [IL] 8y91d12h27m Rob Add notice re: Access Issues; Add 'Abstract'
Waubonsie Creek Oswego: Stone Gate Park to Fox River (1.15-2.15 miles) [IL] 8y152d05h10m Rob
Covel Creek E1800 (E.18th Rd.) to Hwy.71 (6.5 miles) [IL] 8y174d12h58m Rob
Cedar Creek (La Salle Co.) Cedar Creek Rd to Peru Bottom Rd (5.9 miles) [IL] 8y174d13h05m Rob
Sangamon Petersburg: "Dead Carp Drop" (PnP) [IL] 9y32d07h08m Erik Johnson
Little Grassy Creek Downstream of dam at Little Grassy Lake (0.2 mile) [IL] > 10 years Steve Krake
Waubonsee Creek Oswego: Hwy.34 to Fox River [IL] > 10 years