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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Westfield River, Dead Branch South Street to Indian Hollow Rd. Chesterfield [MA] 54d05h26m Nathan Warren nw
Westfield, Middle Branch River Road to Littleville Dam [MA] 69d10h06m Alex Barham
Walker Brook 3.5 miles West of Chester on Rt. 20 to Chester [MA] 69d10h30m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Swift Along Rte. 9 to North Branch Westfield River [MA] 69d10h34m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Westfield, N. Branch 2) Cummington to Chesterfield Gorge [MA] 69d10h36m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Konkapot Brook Mill River to Ashley Falls [MA] 69d11h08m Alex Barham Info
Factory Brook Middlefield to Bancroft [MA] 69d11h19m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Chickley Route 8A to Deerfield River [MA] 69d11h50m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Lawrence Brook Doane Falls [MA] 70d05h51m Alex Barham
Millers 1) Upper [MA] 70d05h53m Alex Barham Info
Westfield, W. Branch 2. Chester to Huntington [MA] 70d06h40m Alex Barham
Westfield, W. Branch 1. Becket to Chester [MA] 70d06h41m Alex Barham
Hoosic 1. North Adams (MA) to North Pownal (VT) [MA] 70d07h06m Alex Barham
Green (Deerfield River Trib.) W. Leyden to covered bridge [MA] 70d08h40m Alex Barham Name Changed
Green (Hoosic River Trib.) Hopper Rd, Rt. 43 to Hoosic River [MA] 70d08h40m Alex Barham Name Changed
Connecticut 2. Wave-o-Saurus [MA] 71d07h59m Alex Barham
Connecticut 1. Turners Falls Dam Bypass Reach [MA] 71d08h00m Alex Barham
Charles 2. Waltham Wave [MA] 71d08h12m Alex Barham Name Changed
Charles 1. Needham Rapids [MA] 71d08h12m Alex Barham Name Changed
Deerfield 3) The Dryway [MA] 74d01h18m Jackson Ennis fixed rating
Quaboag Lucy Stone Park in Warren to Route 67 [MA] 90d05h48m Alex Barham
North River East Branch [MA] 90d06h07m Alex Barham Location Comments and Photo
Monatiquot Shaw's to Weymouth Landing [MA] 90d06h24m Alex Barham Location and Info
Millers 2) Lower [MA] 90d06h27m Alex Barham Name Changed
Little Dam below Cobble Mountain Reservoir to Northwest Rd. [MA] 90d06h30m Alex Barham Location and Info
Farmington, W. Branch 3. Bear's Den, Lower New Boston [MA] 90d09h28m Alex Barham
Farmington, W. Branch 2. New Boston [MA] 90d09h29m Alex Barham Name and Location
Farmington, W. Branch 1. Upper New Boston [MA] 90d09h30m Alex Barham
Deerfield 7) #2 Dam Section [MA] 90d09h34m Alex Barham Location and Info
Deerfield 6) Above Shelburne Falls [MA] 90d09h38m Alex Barham
Deerfield 4) Fife Brook Section [MA] 90d09h42m Alex Barham Name and Location
Assabet Route 117 to Route 62 [MA] 91d10h01m Alex Barham Location Comments and Photo
Dunbar Brook South Road to Deerfield River [MA] 127d09h43m Jackson Ennis added wood warning
Monatiquot [MA] 1y140d00h07m Skip Morris
Westfield, N. Branch 1) W. Cummington to Cummington [MA] 1y327d21h07m Steve McLuckie set put in an dtake out locations to obvious parking areas
Hubbard W Hartland Rd (Granville State Park) to Rt 20 [MA] 2y247d09h53m Sam Southgate
Cold Route 2 hairpin turn to Deerfield River [MA] 3y54d21h05m Glenn stewart
Locke Brook Pine Campground to Davis Road [MA] 3y278d09h17m clinton begley edited gauge and flow info
Concord City of Lowell to Merrimack River [MA] 4y60h23m Skip Morris
Potash Blandford Rd - Russel, MA to Westfield River [MA] 4y126d13h45m Nathan Warren nw
Fall Otis Reservoir to Farmington River [MA] 6y120d21h27m Jim Michaud
Pelham Brook Rowe Center to Deerfield River [MA] 7y294d09h46m Matt Muir added sig photo.
Quinapoxet Canada Mills to Wachusett Reservoir [MA] 7y330d01h37m Matt Muir fixed duplicate rapids
Westfield Huntington to Russell [MA] 7y349d11h01m Matt Muir Added sig photo, abstract, and link to race.
Deerfield 5) Zoar Picnic Area to East Charlemont [MA] 8y56d17h55m Skip Morris
Ware Gilbertville [MA] 8y254d09h57m Rob Fix a couple typos, make pdfs clickable links, enable shuttle directions/map
Westfield, N. Branch 4) Knightville Dam to Huntington [MA] > 10 years Jim Michaud
Westfield, N. Branch 3) Chesterfield Gorge to Knightsville Dam [MA] > 10 years Jim Michaud
Cohasset Tidal Rip Cohasset [MA] > 10 years
Hoosic First Adams Dam to MA-5 [MA] > 10 years