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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Youghiogheny 3. Upper [MD] 114d06h06m Thomas O'Keefe updates
Potomac 3. Great Falls (Fish Ladder) [MD] 207d21h39m Matt Muir Numbered for sorting.
Potomac 3. Great Falls (VA Lines) [MD] 207d21h46m Matt Muir Fixed HUC.
Potomac 3. Great Falls (MD Lines) [MD] 207d21h47m Matt Muir Fixed HUC.
Potomac 3. Great Falls (Center Lines) [MD] 207d21h49m Matt Muir Fixed HUC.
Potomac, North Branch 2. Gormania, WV to Kitzmiller, MD [MD] 1y357d09h57m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Bear Creek U.S. 219 to Youghiogheny River at Friendsville [MD] 3y146d14h33m Jeff Paine
Seneca Creek Black Rock Mill to Riley's Lock Boat Ramp [MD] 3y162d12h45m Colin Abernethy Pictures added to rapid/feature descriptions
Little Seneca Creek Boyds to Darnestown [MD] 3y332d05h00m Colin Abernethy Put-in and take-out coordinates corrected on map. 06/01/2013
Youghiogheny 2. Top [MD] 4y300d21h14m Matt Muir Fixed directions; added coords to rapids; added warning about piton rock in Swallow Falls.
Potomac, North Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [MD] 4y355d07h13m Paul Martzen updated coordinates
Hunting Creek Catoctin Hollow Road to Frank Bentz Lake [MD] 5y362d17h51m Robert Miller added hyperlink for video
Patapsco, S. Branch Woodbine to Woodstock [MD] 6y20d17h08m Matt Muir Added clarification of multiple access points in the description and Rapids.
Patapsco Woodstock to Elkridge [MD] 6y20d20h39m Matt Muir Clarified info on alternate access points; added Union Dam rapid.
Savage Dam to North Branch Potomac River [MD] 6y100d07h48m Matt Muir Added abstract and 2011 release schedule.
Middle Creek (Toms Creek trib.) T318 to Harney Road [MD] 6y152d07h26m Matt Muir Added coords and 2nd state; fixed for Matt ing.
Olmsted Island Creek Clara Barton Parkway to C&O Canal [MD] 6y181d16h32m Matt Muir Added coords, abstract, and sig photo; copyedit.
Potomac, N. Branch 3.0 Kitzmiller to Jennings Randolph Lake (redundant reach--see below) [MD] 7y339d05h49m Matt Muir
Potomac, North Branch 5. Bloomington, MD to Keyser, WV [MD] 7y339d05h52m Matt Muir
Potomac, North Branch 3. Kitzmiller, MD to Jennings Randolph Lake [MD] 7y339d06h00m Matt Muir
Potomac, North Branch 1. Henry, WV to Gormania, WV [MD] 7y339d06h06m Matt Muir
Muddy Creek Cranesville Swamp Nature Preserve (Lake Ford Road) to Youghiogheny River [MD] 8y42d18h32m
Mill Run Pigs Ear Road to Yough River Lake [MD] 8y42d18h33m
Youghiogheny 0. US Route 50 to Millers Run [MD] 8y42d18h34m
Northeast Creek below covered bridge on Route 272 [MD] 8y42d18h41m
Savage Avilton Lonaconing Road to Head of Savage Reservoir [MD] 8y42d18h44m Mark Healey
Potomac 2. Violette's Lock/GW Canal Loop [MD] 8y42d18h45m
Little Gunpowder Falls U.S. Route to U.S. Route 40 [MD] 8y42d18h46m Stephen J. Ettinger
Conowingo Creek Oakwood to Susquehanna River [MD] 8y42d18h48m
Casselman, N. Branch Dung Hill Road to Maryland Route 495 [MD] 8y42d18h49m
Casselman MD Route 495 to Salisbury, Pennsylvania [MD] 8y42d18h49m john duke
Broad Creek MD Route 136 to MD Route 623 [MD] 8y42d18h51m
Anacostia, Northwest Branch US Rte 29 to Riggs Road [MD] 8y42d18h51m Stephen J. Ettinger Added photo
Potomac 3. Through Great Falls (several runs) [MD] 8y331d10h39m
Gunpowder Falls 3 - Falls Road to Phoenix [MD] 8y341d17h34m
Flintstone Creek Flintstone Creek Road to Town Creek [MD] 9y21d11h48m john duke
Town Creek I-68 to Potomac River [MD] 9y21d11h49m john duke
Cabin John Creek River Road to Potomac [MD] 9y21d11h52m Stephen J. Ettinger
Rock Creek 2. Military Road to Potomac River in D.C. [MD] 9y39d14h32m Stephen J. Ettinger
Rock Creek 1. Rockville to Military Road [MD] 9y39d21h14m
Winters Run Pleasantville Road to Maryland Route 7 [MD] 9y289d10h23m
Wills Creek Ellerslie to Eckhart Junction [MD] 9y289d10h25m
Potomac, N. Branch 1. Henry to Gormania [MD] 9y289d10h34m
Middle Patuxent Carroll Mill Road to Savage Mill [MD] 9y289d10h37m
Long Green Creek Glen Arm Rd. to Gunpowder Falls [MD] 9y289d10h44m
Bennett Creek MD Route 355 to Monocacy River [MD] 9y289d10h51m john duke
Crabtree Creek Swanton, MD to Savage Reservoir [MD] > 10 years Mark Anderson
Laurel Run Laurel Run [MD] > 10 years
Piney Run Arrington Road to Marriottsville [MD] > 10 years Stephen J. Ettinger
Beaver Creek Beaver Creek Park N Ride (I-70) to Alternate Rt. 40 [MD] > 10 years Robert Miller
Youghiogheny 1. Tippy-Top [MD] > 10 years
Herring Run Echodale Ave to US 40 [MD] > 10 years Stephen J. Ettinger
Gwynns Falls Gwynn Oak Ave. to Wilkens Ave (US 1) [MD] > 10 years Stephen J. Ettinger
Gwynns Falls Villa Nova to Woodlawn [MD] > 10 years Stephen J. Ettinger
Jennings Run Barrelville to Wills Creek [MD] > 10 years Stephen J. Ettinger
Gunpowder Falls 1 - Graves Run Rd to Prettyboy Reservoir (Gunpowder Road) [MD] > 10 years Stephen J. Ettinger
Owens Creek 1) Lantz to Roddy Covered Bridge [MD] > 10 years Stephen J. Ettinger
Big Elk Creek PA Route 341 to Elkton [MD] > 10 years
Evitts Creek Lake Gordon Dam (PA) to Maryland Route 51(MD) [MD] > 10 years john duke
Potomac 6. Little Falls [MD] > 10 years Mark Anderson
Antietam Creek 2) Hwy.68 to Potomac River [MD] > 10 years
Potomac, N. Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [MD] > 10 years
Antietam Creek 1) Upper: Oak Bridge to Hwy.68 [MD] > 10 years
Owens Creek 2) Rocky Ridge Road (Hwy.77) to Monocacy River [MD] > 10 years
Gunpowder Falls 4 - Lower Loch Raven Dam to Route 1 [MD] > 10 years
Owens Creek Pulloff along Rt. 550 to Rt. 550 bridge [MD] > 10 years Robert Miller
Owens Creek Pulloff along Rt. 550 to Rt. 550 bridge [MD] > 10 years Robert Miller
Potomac 4. Mather Gorge to Lock 10 [MD] > 10 years Mark Anderson
Potomac 5. Lock 10 to Little Falls [MD] > 10 years
Sideling Hill Creek Purcell Penn.(sr 2011)to the Potomac river [MD] > 10 years john duke
Potomac, N. Branch 2. Gormania, WV to Kitzmiller, MD [MD] > 10 years Mark Anderson
Gunpowder Falls 2 - Prettyboy Dam to Falls Road [MD] > 10 years
Gunpowder Falls 5 - Route 1 to U.S.40 [MD] > 10 years
Potomac 1. Sandy Hook to Point of Rocks [MD] > 10 years
Fifteen Mile Creek US Route 40 to Potomac River [MD] > 10 years john duke
Catoctin Creek US 40 to Potomac River [MD] > 10 years john duke
Middle creek Wolfsville to Myersville [MD] > 10 years john duke
Jones Falls Lake Roland to Round Falls [MD] > 10 years
Little Patuxent US Route 29 (Columbia) to US Route 1 [MD] > 10 years Stephen J. Ettinger
Little Falls Parkton (Maryland Route 45) to Gunpowder Falls [MD] > 10 years
Georges Creek Maryland Rte. 36 (Midland) to N. Branch Potomac River [MD] > 10 years
Deer Creek Bond Road to Susquehanna River [MD] > 10 years
Deep Creek Dam to Youghiogheny River [MD] > 10 years
Octoraro Creek New Bridge Road to Richardsmere [MD] > 10 years