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Chattooga Ellicott Rock - Bull Pen Bridge to Burrell's Ford [NC] 51h16m n/a updated image position
Chattooga Chattooga Cliffs - Grimshawes Bridge to Bull Pen Bridge [NC] 51h17m n/a updated image position
Cataloochee Creek Catalooche Campground to Waterville Lake [NC] 51h17m n/a updated image position
Cartoogechaye Mount Hope Church to Louisa Chapel Road [NC] 51h18m n/a updated image position
Cape Fear Wildlife Road access near Lillington to NC 217 bridge near Erwin [NC] 51h18m n/a updated image position
Big Hungry Creek Big Hungry Road to Green [NC] 51h20m n/a updated image position
Big Creek 1. Walnut Bottom to NPS Campground [NC] 51h20m n/a updated image position
Bear Creek (Rocky R. trib) May's Chapel Rd to confluence with Rocky River [NC] 51h21m n/a updated image position
Big Creek (Stokes Co.) Forrest Road to Lynchburg Road [NC] 51h21m n/a updated image position
Alarka Creek Route 1144 to below Route 1309 Bridge [NC] 51h22m n/a updated image position
Nolichucky Poplar N.C. to Nolichucky Gorge Campground (Erwin, TN) [NC] 8d12h01m n/a updated image position
Watauga 5. Guys Ford Bridge to AW Sherwood Horine Access [NC] 9d12h37m n/a updated image position
French Broad 9. Barnard to Hot Springs [NC] 9d12h40m n/a updated image position
Rocky Broad 2. Lower, Along Route 64/74 to Lake Lure at Chimney Rock [NC] 13d07h26m n/a updated image position
South Fork Mills River Pink Beds to Turkey Creek. [NC] 13d07h27m n/a updated image position
Spring Creek Route 1171 to NC Route 209 in Hot Springs [NC] 13d07h27m n/a updated image position
Wilson Creek C) The Gorge: National Forest sign to parking area above Brown Mtn. Beach [NC] 13d07h29m n/a updated image position
Hazel Creek Appalachian Trail to Fontana Lake. [NC] 13d07h29m n/a updated image position
Nantahala 2.Upper, Route 1310 Bridge to Hwy. 19 [NC] 13d07h34m n/a updated image position
Nantahala 3. Power Plant to Wesser [NC] 13d07h34m n/a updated image position
Green 1. Upper, Tuxedo Powerplant to trail above Hungry Creek [NC] 13d07h35m n/a updated image position
French Broad, North Fork Route 1326 Bridge to US Route 64 Bridge [NC] 13d07h36m n/a updated image position
Elk B) Twisting Falls Gorge: Big Falls (Route 1306) to bridge above Stone Mtn Church (TN) [NC] 13d07h36m n/a updated image position
Davidson 1. Forest Service Road 475-A @ Cove Creek to Low Head Dam [NC] 13d07h37m n/a updated image position
Brush Creek to French Broad River [NC] 13d07h50m n/a updated image position
Big Creek 2. NPS Campground to Confluence with Big Pigeon [NC] 13d07h51m n/a updated image position
Forney Creek Trailside [NC] 13d09h55m n/a updated stats
Cheoah Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake Boat Launch [NC] 13d10h02m n/a updated description
Nantahala 1. Cascades: FS Road 327 to 1310 Bridge [NC] 14d08h46m n/a updated image position
Tuckasegee, West Fork Thorpe Dam to Thorpe Powerhouse on Tuckasegee Reservoir [NC] 14d08h48m n/a updated image position
Deep Creek 1. Upper - Newfound Gap to Bryson City [NC] 15d07h51m n/a updated description
Big Laurel Creek Hurricane to Hot Springs [NC] 15d08h56m n/a updated image position
Oconaluftee 1. Kephart Trail Bridge to Smokemont Campground Bridge [NC] 29d05h51m n/a updated image position
Eno Lawrence Rd. (Route 1561) to Pleasant Green Access (Route 1567) [NC] 36d13h27m n/a updated name
Indian Creek to Toxaway [NC] 37d21h15m n/a updated stats
Linville Linville Falls to Lake James [NC] 76d06h12m n/a updated image position
Joe Branch White Rock Rd. to Buffalo Cove [NC] 109d08h26m n/a updated stats
Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] 115d08h37m n/a updated image position
Little (Fr.Broad trib) 2. Base of Triple Falls to Hooker Falls [NC] 115d08h39m n/a updated image position
Stone's Creek Small Dam to Pleasant Green Dam on Eno River [NC] 166d21h30m n/a fixed weird characters
Upper Creek Raven Cliffs Gorge [NC] 188d02h20m n/a
Pigeon, West Fork Along Hwy 215 (Middle) [NC] 246d11h42m n/a name.
Pigeon, West Fork 3. Along Hwy 215 (Upper) [NC] 246d11h57m n/a name
Dan 0.4 Claudville (Route 103) to Jessups Mill (Collinstown Rd/Rte. 1432) [NC] 251d14h04m n/a 9-10-2018 - adjusted order number
New 01. Stuart Dam (Route 58) to Fries (Route 94) [NC] 312d11h29m n/a 7-10-2018 - cleanup
Green 0. Dries, Summit Lake Dam to powerhouse [NC] 353d10h35m n/a
Pigeon Dries: Harmon Den to Big Creek [NC] 1y06h36m n/a spacing
Tuckasegee Section 3. Dillsboro to Rt. 1392 (Barkers Creek) [NC] 1y53d08h34m n/a video
Oconaluftee 2. Smokemont Campground to Oconaluftee Visitor's Center [NC] 1y76d09h44m n/a
Snowbird Creek Hooper Bald to Junction [NC] 1y85d07h36m n/a
North Harper Creek/Harper Creek Trail 266A to Brown Mountain Beach Road [CR1328] [NC] 1y124d04h21m n/a descriptioniption
Looking Glass Creek Along Highway 276 [NC] 1y208d11h32m n/a Road Name Fix
Tanasee Creek in Pisgah [NC] 1y210d08h34m n/a gage
Catawba 2. Bridgewater Dam to Route 1147 Bridge [NC] 1y336d08h48m n/a added release website.
Pigeon Gorge: Big Creek to Hartford [NC] 1y336d09h07m n/a release web address
Santeetlah 3. Forest Service road 81 to Santeetlah Lake [NC] 2y95d10h10m n/a dam removal described
Tuckasegee Section 5. Whittier to Bryson City [NC] 2y272d08h12m n/a New Description
Toe River, South Upper [NC] 2y352d04h27m n/a
Rock Creek Mount Mitchell Hike Up [NC] 2y356d05h04m n/a Better Description
Watauga 1. SR 1557 to NC 105 - Red Roof [NC] 3y26d07h25m n/a
Jonathans Creek Joe Carver Rd to Liberty Church Rd [NC] 3y97d17h13m n/a link to old USGS gauge
Deep 1. Route 1987 (Randleman) to Route 2221 (Cedar Falls) [NC] 3y136d18h06m n/a
Rocky (Cape Fear trib) 1: Upper- Route 2170 to NC Route 902 [NC] 3y199d20h09m n/a Fix gauge on summary page
Rocky (Cape Fear Trib) 2: Lower- Chatham Church Rd to Deep River confluence [NC] 3y199d21h21m n/a
Little (New trib) Near Sparta [NC] 3y210d06h10m n/a
Gragg Prong Roseboro to Lost Cove Creek [NC] 3y290d04h33m n/a map accuracy
Catawba, South Fork McAdenville [NC] 3y290d04h36m n/a map accuracy
Wilson Creek B) Route 1328 Bridge to National Forest sign [NC] 3y290d04h39m n/a map accuracy
Rocky Broad 1. Upper, Bridge at Flat Creek Rd to Bridge at U.S. Route 64 [NC] 3y290d04h43m n/a map accuracy
Green 4. NC Route 9 below Lake Adger Dam to NC Route 1005 [NC] 3y290d04h47m n/a map accuracy
Catawba, North Fork Route 1559 to Route 1552 Bridge [NC] 3y290d04h49m n/a Map accuracy
Catawba 1. Route 1234 Bridge to US Route 221 Bridge [NC] 3y290d04h51m n/a map accuracy
Clear Creek Off Hwy 28 Into Overflow Creek [NC] 3y290d04h53m n/a map accuracy
Toxaway River Highway 64 to Augerhole Road [NC] 3y290d04h55m n/a map accuracy
Cold Springs Creek to Harmon Den [NC] 3y290d04h58m n/a map accuracy
Yellow Creek SR 1242 to Cheoah/ US 129 [NC] 3y290d05h01m n/a map accuracy
Nantahala 0.5- Hwy 64 to Nantahala Lake [NC] 3y290d05h02m n/a Temp TO move
Tuckasegee, East Fork Bonas Defeat Gorge [NC] 3y290d05h04m n/a map accuracy
Santeetlah 1. FR 81c Bridge to Forest Service Gate [NC] 3y290d09h18m n/a map accuracy
Toe, North Route 1123 to Stroup Road to Route 1321 [NC] 3y290d09h36m n/a map accuracy
Pigeon, Big East Fork 2. Skinny Dip to US 276 Bridge [NC] 3y291d07h03m n/a Map accuracy
French Broad 6. NC Route 251 to Route 1634 [NC] 3y291d07h18m n/a map accuracy
Elk A) Route 1326 to Route 1305 (above Big Falls) [NC] 3y291d07h26m n/a map accuracy
Cullasaja 3. Lower - Base of Cullasaja Falls to Peeks Creek Bridge [NC] 3y291d07h32m n/a map accuracy
Hominy Creek Sand Hill Road to French Broad River [NC] 4y100d00h17m n/a Add section name
Buffalo Creek (Guilford Co.) 2: Harvest Rd to McLeansville Rd [NC] 4y148d01h37m n/a Updated description and verified ranges.
Deep 2. Route 2221 to Route 2615 [NC] 4y218d13h22m n/a
Fisher US Route 601 Bridge to Rockford [NC] 4y272d23h15m n/a FPM & rapid added
Toe Toecane to RedHill [NC] 4y306d22h07m n/a added 2nd gauge info & limits
Neuse Falls Dam [NC] 4y361d05h32m n/a Add link to video.
Watauga 4. US Route 321 Bridge to Guy's Ford [NC] 5y73d09h07m n/a Updated per request by Edgar Peck
Upper Creek Raven Cliff Gorge to FR 982 [NC] 5y118d08h56m n/a Update takeout location
Slickrock Creek Big Fat Gap to Calderwood Lake [NC] 5y178d23h37m n/a take-out correction
Raven Fork 1. Right Fork to Enloe Creek Trail [NC] 5y199d02h55m n/a Proper longitudes
Hitchcock Creek Roberdell to Steele's Mill [NC] 5y202d15h20m n/a
Roanoke NC Route 48 to 0.5 mi. downstream of US 301 (Weldon) [NC] 5y270d07h39m n/a Added webcam link
Pigeon, East Fork US276 to Burnette Cove Road [NC] 5y318d22h29m n/a Update with more information
Blank [NC] 6y03h41m n/a data removed
Tuckasegee Section 1. Cedar Cliff Reservior to Cullowhee [NC] 6y16d04h21m n/a