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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Contoocook 2. Hillsborough to Henniker [NH] 19d04h49m Craig Irwin 1
Piscataquog, South Branch 1) Upper—Francestown to New Boston [NH] 71d16h55m Skip Morris
Piscataquog, South Branch 2) New Boston to Goffstown [NH] 71d17h10m Skip Morris
Merrimack 6) Amoskeag Falls to Goffs Falls (Crack Pipe, 293 Wave) [NH] 120d20h42m Skip Morris
Merrimack 1) Franklin to Penacook [NH] 120d20h43m Skip Morris
Wild Ammonoosuc 1. Picnic Area to Wildwood to Water Supply Dam [NH] 130d04h12m Skip Morris
Wild Ammonoosuc 2. Wildwood Water Supply Dam to Route 302 [NH] 130d04h13m Skip Morris
Winnipesaukee 2. Cross Mill bridge road to Franklin (Lower Winni) [NH] 160d00h54m Adam Attarian
Peabody, W. Br. Chandler Brook (Great Gulf Wilderness) to Peabody R. [NH] 172d05h37m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Peabody Route 16 to Gorham [NH] 172d05h40m Alex Barham
Ossipee Lake Ossipee to Kezar Falls, Maine [NH] 172d05h47m Alex Barham
Mascoma 1. Mascoma Lake to Route 4, Lebanon [NH] 172d06h16m Alex Barham
Mascoma 2. Lebanon [NH] 172d06h17m Alex Barham
Kimpton Brook Gile State Forest to Patterson Road [NH] 172d06h27m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Walker Brook Danbury [NH] 172d06h29m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Rocky Branch Jericho Road and Rt. 302 [NH] 172d06h37m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Ellis Route 16 to Jackson Golf Course [NH] 172d06h41m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Saco - East Branch Route 302 at Lower Bartlett [NH] 172d06h55m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Cold 3. Alstead to Drewsville [NH] 172d07h09m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Cold 2. Vilas Pool to Alstead [NH] 172d07h11m Alex Barham
Cold 1. South Acworth to Vilas Pool [NH] 172d07h12m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Blackwater Route 127 to Snyder's Mill [NH] 172d08h21m Alex Barham
Bloods Brook The Ledges [NH] 172d08h27m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Ashuelot, S. Branch Troy to Webb [NH] 173d01h27m Alex Barham
Beebe Sandwich Notch to Campton Hollow [NH] 173d01h35m Alex Barham
Smarts Brook Thornton [NH] 173d01h37m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Mad River 2. Gorge [NH] 173d01h41m Alex Barham
Pemigewasset 1) Upper Pemi [NH] 173d02h12m Alex Barham
Glover Brook Elbow Pond (Mt. Cilley) to Pemigewasset R. [NH] 173d02h14m Alex Barham
Ammonoosuc, (Upper) W. Branch West Branch of the Upper [NH] 173d04h05m Alex Barham Flow and Description
Saco River 2.) Conway Rips [NH] 173d07h19m Alex Barham
Saco River 1.) Crawford Notch to Bartlett (along Hwy 302) [NH] 173d07h20m Alex Barham
Ammonoosuc (Upper) [NH] 174d07h49m Alex Barham
Winnipesaukee 1. Tilton Road to Riverfront Park [NH] 174d08h01m Alex Barham Location
Swift 3. Lower Falls to Darby Field sign [NH] 174d08h09m Alex Barham Location
Swift 1. Bear Notch Road to Rocky Gorge [NH] 174d08h16m Alex Barham Location
Suncook 2. Pittsfield to North Chichester [NH] 174d08h31m Alex Barham Location
Suncook 1. Suncook dam to Center Barnstead [NH] 174d08h35m Alex Barham Location
Sugar North Newport to Rt 103 [NH] 174d08h36m Alex Barham Location
Stony Brook 2) Route 31 to Wilton [NH] 174d08h41m Alex Barham Location
Souhegan 2) NH Rte. 101 Bridge to Wilton [NH] 174d08h42m Alex Barham Location
Souhegan 1) Greenville to NH Rt. 101 Bridge [NH] 174d08h46m Alex Barham Location
Soucook River Near Concord, NH [NH] 174d08h49m Alex Barham Location and Info
Sawyer River Livermore [NH] 174d09h09m Alex Barham Location
Piscataquog Goffstown [NH] 174d09h22m Alex Barham Location
Phillips Brook Milan [NH] 174d09h30m Alex Barham Location and Info
Pemigewasset 5) Ayers Island Dam (Bristol) to Coolidge [NH] 174d09h35m Alex Barham Location and Info
Pemigewasset 4) Woodstock–Campton [NH] 174d22h18m Alex Barham Location and Info
Pemigewasset 3) North Woodstock–Woodstock [NH] 174d22h20m Alex Barham Location and Info
Pemigewasset 2) Indian Head–East Branch confluence [NH] 174d22h23m Alex Barham Location and Info
Pemigewasset, North Fork. Ethan Pond–Franconia Falls [NH] 174d22h31m Alex Barham Location and Info
Pemigewasset, Hancock Branch Cheney Trail–East Branch Confluence [NH] 174d22h37m Alex Barham Location and Info
Otter Brook Roxbury to Keene [NH] 174d22h46m Alex Barham Location and Info
Otter Brook East Sullivan to Otterbrook Park [NH] 174d22h53m Alex Barham Location and Info
Nashua C-Hole Park & Play [NH] 174d23h00m Alex Barham Location and Info
Mohawk Colebrook [NH] 174d23h02m Alex Barham Location
Minnewawa Marlborough recycling center to Otter Brook [NH] 174d23h06m Alex Barham Location
Mad River 1. Highway 49 Bridge (Waterville Valley) to Campton [NH] 174d23h20m Alex Barham Location and Info
Isinglass Isinglass Falls [NH] 174d23h57m Alex Barham Location
Gale River Franconia to Ammonoosuc [NH] 175d00h06m Alex Barham Location and Info
Fowler River Alexandria [NH] 175d00h10m Alex Barham Location
Diamond River Swift Diamond to Wentworth Location [NH] 175d00h23m Alex Barham Location
Croyden Brook Newport [NH] 175d00h24m Alex Barham Location
Contoocook 3. Henniker (class II section) [NH] 175d00h27m Alex Barham Location
Contoocook 1. Jaffrey to Peterborough [NH] 175d00h30m Alex Barham Location and Info
Contoocook, N. Branch Route 9 & 123 to Hillsboro Fire Sta [NH] 175d00h40m Alex Barham Location
Connecticut Sumner Falls [NH] 175d00h42m Alex Barham Location
Connecticut Pittsburg [NH] 175d00h49m Alex Barham Location
Cold Brook Rte. 25 to Bearcamp River [NH] 175d01h01m Alex Barham Location
Broad Brook Above Powerlines to Lower Ashuelot [NH] 175d01h11m Alex Barham Info
Branch Brook Ellsworth to Branch Brook campground [NH] 175d01h13m Alex Barham Location
Baker, S. Branch Rocky Branch to Rowentown Rd. [NH] 175d01h45m Alex Barham
Ashuelot 3. Lower Ash [NH] 175d01h49m Alex Barham Info
Ashuelot 2. Middle Ash [NH] 175d01h52m Alex Barham
Ashuelot 1. Upper Ash [NH] 175d01h54m Alex Barham Info
Atlantic Ocean Jenness Beach [NH] 175d02h05m Alex Barham Updated
Ammonoosuc 1. Top-of-The [NH] 175d02h21m Alex Barham Gauge and Info
Cascade Brook Lincoln [NH] 188d00h24m Alex Barham Location
Bearcamp Bennett Corner to Whittier [NH] 188d00h34m Alex Barham Location
Baker 2. Rte. 118 to Wentworth [NH] 188d00h38m Alex Barham Info
Baker 1. Warren (Upper Baker) [NH] 188d00h58m Alex Barham Location
Androscoggin 1. Errol Rapids [NH] 188d01h03m Alex Barham Location
Warner Melvin Mills to Warner [NH] 2y196d00h04m Skip Morris
Androscoggin 3. Pontook [NH] 3y146d11h23m Mark Lacroix Update release info
Swift 2. Rocky Gorge to Lower Falls [NH] 3y178d09h51m Skip Morris
Stony Brook 1) Upper—Old Temple Road to Forest Road [NH] 3y185d10h30m Nathan Warren nw
Wild Hastings to Gilead [NH] 3y325d21h24m clinton begley added to NH rivers as well
Piscataquog, North Branch Lake Horace to Everett Reservoir [NH] 4y7d20h33m Skip Morris
Lamprey Packers Falls [NH] 4y8d03h22m clinton begley updated directions
Little Suncook Northwood to Gossville [NH] 4y22d04h53m clinton begley changed difficulty now that final IV rapid is not there after hurricane
Cocheco Watson Rd to Whittier St [NH] 4y110d18h41m clinton begley updated flow info and description
Souhegan 3) Indian Ledges [NH] 4y151d11h55m Matt Muir Tightened up formatting.
Pemigewasset, East Branch Franconia Falls to Woodstock. [NH] 4y155d04h15m Skip Morris Updated Correlation Gauge
Ammonoosuc 4. Twin Mountain to Pierce bridge [NH] 5y110d11h31m Mark Lacroix Added more info/picture
Wonalancet Route 113A to Tamworth [NH] 6y157d07h49m Skip Morris
Dry Dry River Trail to Dry River Campground [NH] 6y168d11h29m Bill Hildreth
Smith 1) Route 104 to Cass Mill Road [NH] 6y334d05h20m Rob Clean up typos; conform names.
Smith 2) Cass Mill Road to Berry Road [NH] 6y334d10h06m Rob Minor edits for consistency of river/section naming.
Ammonoosuc 3. Bretton Woods to Twin Mountain [NH] 7y168d02h27m Matt Muir Added text from comment.