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Devil's Tea Table Devil's Tea Table [NJ] 8d11h55m n/a updated stats
Hollow Brook Teetertown Ravine [NJ] 9d15h31m n/a updated name
Spruce Run Upper Spruce Run [NJ] 16d11h18m n/a updated image position
Pequannock Newfoundland (Rte 513) to Alt Rt 511, Pompton Lakes [NJ] 52d17h38m n/a updated description
Musconetcong Bloomsbury to Delaware River [NJ] 112d06h44m n/a updated description
Wanaque Hikers Bridge to Monksville Reservoir [NJ] 114d12h03m n/a updated stats
Raritan, S. Branch 00. Upper Upper- (Above Drakestown Rd.) [NJ] 114d12h55m n/a updated image position
West Brook Snake Den Rd. to Magee Rd. [NJ] 114d13h29m n/a updated description
Raritan, S. Branch 2. Hoffman's Bridge to unnamed bridge at Readingsburg [NJ] 139d01h46m n/a updated difficulty rating to be more realistic.
Delaware Delaware Water Gap - Smithfield Beach to Kittatinny Point Visitors Center [NJ] 198d14h36m n/a 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Delaware Lambertville Wing Dam [NJ] 198d14h37m n/a 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Delaware Scudders Falls Recreation Area [NJ] 198d14h38m n/a 11-1-2018 - cleanup
Rockaway Below Falls to weir at Morris Avenue [NJ] 5y304d17h03m n/a
Raritan, S. Branch 3. Town of High Bridge to confluence with North Branch of the Raritan [NJ] 8y191d10h10m n/a Changed title for ordering; added sig photo.
Raritan, S. Branch 1. Naughright Rd to Hoffman's Crossing Rd [NJ] 8y191d10h14m n/a Added coords and abstract.
Posts Creek Trailhead parking on Glenwild Ave. to Wanaque Res. Property line [NJ] 9y17d03h18m n/a
Pequest US Rt 46, Great Meadows to Delaware River [NJ] 9y17d03h21m n/a
Lamington Chester to Pottersville [NJ] 9y32d04h27m n/a
Doublekill Iron Mountain Road (NJ) to Rt 94(NY) [NJ] 9y39d04h33m n/a
Warford Creek Kingwood Station-Barbertown Rd to Rt. 29 [NJ] 9y96d14h00m n/a
Raritan, N. Branch West of Mendham to North of Far Hills [NJ] 9y168d08h24m n/a
Clove Brook Colesville to Rte. 651 [NJ] > 10 years n/a
India Brook Upstream to Mountainside Rd. [NJ] > 10 years n/a
Rockaway Creek Mountainville to McCrea Mills [NJ] > 10 years n/a
Wickecheoke Creek Upper Creek Rd in Delaware Twp to The Covered Bridge [NJ] > 10 years n/a
Lockatong Creek Just upstream of Idell to Raven Rock Rd. [NJ] > 10 years n/a
Paulins Kill Stillwater (Main St.) to Delaware River [NJ] > 10 years n/a
Lamington Rt 512 at Pottersville to confluence w/ No. Branch of Raritan [NJ] > 10 years n/a