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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Rocky Branch Box canyon [OH] 35d05h07m Rob remove link to video, since it is embedded in Rapids description
Mantra Falls Fallview Ave to Taywood Road (PnH) [OH] 35d05h45m Rob fix typo, select featured photo, enable directions
Vermilion 3. Lower: Mill Hollow Park to Vermilion Boat Ramp [OH] 231d19h25m Rob reset coords (which were considerably off)
Vermilion 2. Middle: Edison Hwy/US20 (Schoepfle Gardens) to Mill Hollow Park [OH] 231d19h41m Rob reset coords (which were considerably off)
Vermilion 1. Upper: E.Main Street / US20 to Edison Hwy/Schoepfle Gardens [OH] 231d20h05m Rob Add abstract
Grand Harpersfield Dam (Route 534) to Hidden Valley (Route 528) [OH] 232d03h11m Rob reset coords (which were WAY off)
Licking 2. Ridgely Tract to Dillon Falls [OH] 232d09h34m Rob remove broken link
Eagle Creek, West Fork Rt 353 to Rt 763 [OH] 238d12h34m Rob reposition start/end points (which were out in fields)
Todd Fork Middleboro Road to Pike Street [OH] 240d07h52m Rob clean up some strange junk on gauge description
Four Mile Creek Bonham Rd to Darrtown Rd [OH] 240d16h58m Rob add HUC
Second Creek State Rte. 132 to Confluence with Todd's Fork [OH] 240d17h43m Rob remedy typos
Wakatomica Creek Frampton Road Covered Bridge to Frampton [OH] 245d12h34m Rob feature photo(s)
Rocky, W.Br. 2. Sprague Road to Cedar Point Road [OH] 245d15h34m Rob Select featured photo; incorporate others into features descriptions
Rocky, W. Br. 1. Abbyville Road to Valley City [OH] 245d19h28m Rob Add abstract; enable directions
Paine Creek Grand River Tributary *** Access Disputed *** [OH] 246d08h22m Rob reset coords (which were WAY off)
Little Miami 4. Kelley Nature Preserve to Milford (Jim Tarrell Park) [OH] 246d08h48m Rob enable directions
Great Miami Dayton Playpark [OH] 246d10h21m Rob minor edit
Cuyahoga F. OH 303 to Boston Mills Road [OH] 246d12h43m Rob fix multitudes of broken links
Buck Creek Springfield Play Park (PnP or 5.1 miles) [OH] 248d05h05m Rob fix broken links
Birch Creek St Route 343 to Little Miami at Jacoby Rd. **Access Restricted** [OH] 255d04h02m Rob fix numerous typos
Painter Creek Rangeline Rd to Sugar Grove Rd [OH] 255d04h36m Rob fix erroneous HUC
Little Miami River, East Fork Williamsburg Community Park to Launch Ramp (off Twin Bridges Road) [OH] 255d08h14m Rob Add HUC
Sycamore Creek Keller Rd to Camp Livingston Park [OH] 256d08h52m Rob add HUC, lat/lng, enable shuttle
Portage Woodville to Elmore [OH] 259d19h16m Rob remove demoted html
Maumee 1. Grand Rapids [OH] 261d13h28m Rob add 'length' info, change 'directions' default to home-zip.
Mad River Mad River Run [OH] 261d17h10m Rob (re-)position pins to agree with in/out/feature locations
Whitewater Metamora, IN to Elizabethtown, OH [OH] 263d19h09m Rob minor reformat
O'Bannon Creek Gibson Road to Little Miami confluence [OH] 282d04h33m Scott Puthoff Update reach with new raipds, etc.. - SP
Cuyahoga G. Fitzwater Rd. to Rockside Rd. [OH] 1y70d10h45m Rob enable directions mapping
Tinker's Creek Pleasant Valley (Town of Bedford) to Tinker's reservation [OH] 1y116d18h22m Matt Muir Fixed linque to Viaduct Park.
Cuyahoga B. Portage Trail to Front St [OH] 1y230d02h42m David Hill
Cuyahoga A1. Riverfront Park to Portage Trail Bridge [OH] 1y230d03h16m David Hill
Lake Erie Edgewater Park [OH] 3y71d08h39m Rob Replace dead link with embedded YouTube vid
Sagamore Creek Sonny Drive to Sagamore Road [OH] 3y74d18h07m Rob Enable shuttle map tab; clean up couple of typos.
Caesar Creek Caesar Creek Lake to Little Miami River [OH] 4y121d15h36m Rob Embed youtube video
White Oak Creek Bethel-New Hope Bridge to Georgetown Dam [OH] 4y122d14h38m Rob Add info about dam blowout at end of run
Cloverlick Creek OH-133 to East Fork Lake [OH] 4y131d18h50m Scott Puthoff
Morning Sun Morning Sun Rd. to Hueston Woods Park [OH] 4y187d14h40m Rob Typo corrections, abstract added, directions map enabled.
Rocky, N. Br. of the W. Br. Nichols Rd. to Granger Rd. [OH] 4y238d18h07m Matt Muir Corrected river name.
Caesar Creek, O'Neall Fork Spillway to Caesar Creek Trail [OH] 5y7d08h02m wreeves
Cedar Falls Creek 177 in Morning Sun to Hueston Woods Park (1.5 miles) [OH] 5y46d02h50m wreeves
Ashtabula Green Hill Road to Hadlock Ford [OH] 5y97d04h24m Randall McFarland
Little Miami 1. Clifton Gorge ** Access Restricted ** [OH] 5y173d09h21m Scott Puthoff Add number
Little Miami 3. Kelly Nature Preserve to St Rt 126 (PnP) [OH] 5y173d09h25m Scott Puthoff added number
Little Miami 2. Oregonia to Morrow [OH] 5y173d09h28m Scott Puthoff Added number
Great Miami a) Heritage Park (or Blue Rock Rd) to Obergiesing Soccer Complex (Formerly Dravo Park) [OH] 5y173d12h33m Scott Puthoff Updated with rapids and current description of run
Cuyahoga D. Ohio Edison Dam to Cascade Valley MetroPark [OH] 5y176d18h40m Matt Muir Updated lynx.
Indian Run Shawan Falls Dr. to Riverside Drive (Scioto River) Access Issues* [OH] 5y313d02h41m wreeves
Caesar Creek, Flat Fork Oregonia Road to Flat Fork Boat Ramp [OH] 5y313d18h35m Rob Embed YouTube video; add abstract; remedy a few typos.
Rocky Fork Creek McCoppin Mill Rd (below Rocky Fk Lake Dam) to Paint Creek [OH] 6y8d07h41m Paul Martzen added coordinates & Mileages
Stonelick Creek 2. Anstaett Rd to US 50 Bridge [OH] 6y33d19h01m chris west
Paint Creek Paint Creek Reservoir to old Rt. 50 rest area [OH] 6y39d06h03m wreeves
Wolf Creek S Wolf Creek Pike to Wolf Creek Pike [OH] 6y81d10h37m Rob Enable directions, add abstract.
Ludlow Creek SR55 to Horseshoe Road Bend (river right) [OH] 6y81d10h43m Rob Enable directions, add abstract.
Greenville Creek Greenville Falls to Stillwater River [OH] 6y81d12h17m Rob Enable driving directions, and pin placement for drops.
Stonelick Creek 1. St. Rt. 131 to St. Rt. 132 [OH] 6y88d02h34m Scott Puthoff
Holes Creek Grant Park Red trail to Grant Peak or playgorund [OH] 6y126d02h11m wreeves
Boomershine Branch Germantown Nature Center to Twin Creek [OH] 6y142d16h34m wreeves
Hershel Run Belfast Road to Stonelick Creek [OH] 6y146d03h24m troy fultz description
Brushy Fork Brushy Fork Road to Stonelick Creek [OH] 6y150d05h42m troy fultz description
Mad a) Huffman Dam [OH] 6y362d04h43m wreeves
Maumee 2. Boat launch to I-475 bridge [OH] 7y11d05h40m wreeves
Massie's Creek Wilberforce [OH] 7y11d05h40m wreeves
Little Beaver Creek 3. Fredricktown to Ohio River [OH] 7y11d05h41m wreeves
Kokosing Gambier to Walhonding River [OH] 7y11d05h43m wreeves
Chippewa Creek Rt. 82 to Brecksville Reservation [OH] 7y11d05h47m wreeves
Big Three Mile Creek Evertonville to Ellis Run Road [OH] 7y11d05h50m wreeves
First Creek Gheils Road to Todds Fork [OH] 7y11d05h51m wreeves
Hiles Run Myers Hollow Rd. to Straight Creek Rd [OH] 7y27d22h55m Mark Branch
Chagrin, E.Br. Mitchell Mills Rd. to Daniels Park (11.25 miles) [OH] 7y92d14h54m Rob Fix broken link.
Cuyahoga A. Brady's Leap to wooden landing below Stow Street [OH] 7y115d16h06m Rob Minor formatting tweaks.
Washburn Run Hockman Rd. to Straight creek/ US 68 [OH] 7y142d03h59m troy fultz description
Ellis Run Roadside section along Ellis Run Rd. [OH] 7y142d05h25m troy fultz description
Rattlesnake Creek Fishback Road to St. Rt. 28 [OH] 7y319d18h53m Matt Muir
Big Creek Girdled Rd. to Helen Hazen Wyman Park, Painesville [OH] 8y269d07h50m Randall McFarland
Scioto O'Shaughnessy Dam [OH] 9y12d06h54m Rob
Sandusky 1. Milldam in Tiffin to CR 38 [OH] 9y12d07h04m Rob
Kellogg Creek to Hwy.86 [OH] 9y12d11h12m Rob
Horner Run Cook Road to I-275 [OH] 9y12d11h22m Rob
Conneaut Creek State Road Bridge to Creek Road Bridge [OH] 9y43d15h21m Jonathan Janicki
Cuyahoga E. Ira Rd. to Rte. 303 [OH] 9y339d23h47m
Cuyahoga C. Front St. to Abandoned Ohio Edison Dam [OH] 9y339d23h48m
Backbone Creek Elmwood Road to East Fork of the Little Miami River [OH] > 10 years Mark Branch
Cuyahoga C. Front St. to Ohio Edision Dam [OH] > 10 years
Cuyahoga C. Middle Gorge [OH] > 10 years
Cuyahoga Middle Gorge [OH] > 10 years
Olentangy Just South of Delaware to Chapman Rd. pull-off [OH] > 10 years Mark Steinmetz
Little Beaver Creek 2. State Park to Fredericktown [OH] > 10 years Stephen Zerefos
Hall's Creek Shawhan Road to Hall's Creek Road [OH] > 10 years Mark Branch
Great Miami b) 50 Hole (Cleves) [OH] > 10 years Bryan Tudor
Hocking 1/4 mile above covered bridge on Rock Mill Rd to Mt Zion Rd [OH] > 10 years
Lee's Creek Rt. 28 (South Fork) to Rattlesnake Creek [OH] > 10 years
Chagrin, Aurora Branch Chagrin Reservation [OH] > 10 years
Little Beaver Creek 1. Lusk Lock to Beaver Creek State Park [OH] > 10 years Stephen Zerefos
Sandusky 2. Ballville Dam to golf course [OH] > 10 years Jay Koontz
Straight Creek St Rt 125 to Straight Creek Road [OH] > 10 years Mark Branch
Yellow Creek Ghent to Cuyahoga River [OH] > 10 years Matt Muir
Licking 1. Newark to Rock Haven Park [OH] > 10 years
Big Indian Creek Canter Rd. to County Road 743 [OH] > 10 years