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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Crumb Creek Upper Forks to Hwy 144 (5 miles) [OK] 1y318d20h36m Rob minor edit (remove excess spacing)
Clear Creek Rocktown Crossing to Hwy 43 (5.5 miles) [OK] 3y8d19h37m Rob remove broken link
Illinois River Watts to Barren Fork Creek (62.5 miles) [OK] 8y67d01h40m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Flint Creek US 412 to Illinois River (1 mile + 6 on the Illinois) [OK] 8y120d19h42m Matt Muir Removed erroneous info about takeout; edited abstract and title, and changed takeout coords.
Poteau River Wister Wave (PnP) [OK] 8y363d22h51m Rob Fix typo.
Mountain Fork 1. Hwy 246/59 near Hatfield, AR to the Narrows (3 to 28 miles) [OK] 8y363d23h07m Rob Move/change comment to be an alt.access (in 'rapids' tab).
Eagle Fork Creek Low Water Bridge to D4710 near Smithville (12.5 miles) [OK] 8y364d01h54m Rob Reformat section name (for shorter display)
Washita Dougherty to nr Gene Autry (9 miles or less) [OK] 9y324d09h18m
Buck Creek Buck Creek Rd. to 7/10 MI N. of Hwy. 2 (3.4 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Glover Rd 56000 near Octavia to Hwy 3 near North Pole (25 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Pine Creek Logging road to Hwy 2 (6.5 miles) [OK] > 10 years Lance Jones
Spring Creek Teresita bridge to Low Water Bridge near Peggs (6 miles) [OK] > 10 years Jeff Simmons
Clear Boggy Creek SH 7 to Cheadle Falls (3.5 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Mountain Fork 2. Reregulation Dam to Hwy 70 (3 miles) [OK] > 10 years David McDonald Provide (approx.) Lat/lng for rapids
Jimmy Creek Near Meers Cafe to Lake Lawtonka (3 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Boktuklo Creek Weyerhaeuser Rd to Hwy.259 (9 miles) [OK] > 10 years David McDonald
Little Honobia to Cloudy Rd (40 miles) [OK] > 10 years David McDonald
Buffalo Creek Weyerhauser Rd 28000 to Broken Bow Lake (11 miles) [OK] > 10 years David McDonald
Outlaw Creek Broken Bow spillway to Mountain Fork River (1.25 miles) [OK] > 10 years Robert Hall
Pennington Creek Hwy 7 to Tishomingo (9 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Honey Creek Turner Falls State Park (2 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Big Creek Arkansas state line to Page, OK (6 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Kiamichi Above Hwy.63 to Hwy.259 at Big Cedar (7 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Salt Creek SH 18 to US Highway 60 (2 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Blue Hwy 7 to Cheadle Falls near Wapanucka (9.5 miles) [OK] > 10 years
Arkansas Tulsa Wave (PnP) [OK] > 10 years Jeff Simmons
Rocky Creek Timber Road 74000 to West Fork Glover River (3.5 miles) [OK] > 10 years Lance Jones
Stillwater Creek Carl Blackwell Spillway to Western Ave. (9.5 miles) [OK] > 10 years