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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Passage Creek 1. Kings Crossing Road (Route 769) to Elizabeth Furnace [VA] 06h44m Tony Allred Jr 3-23-3018 - cleanup
Passage Creek 2. Elizabeth Furnace to Waterlick (Route 55) [VA] 06h45m Tony Allred Jr 3-23-3018 - cleanup
Shaws Fork Headwaters (Route 250) to Liberty (Route 616) [VA] 31d21h23m john duke
Crab Run Along Route 250 to McDowell [VA] 31d21h32m john duke
North Creek Campground to Jennings Creek [VA] 32d00h58m john duke
Craig Creek Roaring Run to James River confluence [VA] 276d06h27m Philip Young Corrected name from "Craigs" to "Craig"
Barbours Creek Route 611 to Route 609 [VA] 302d04h24m Philip Young Removed empty space in description
Rose Rte 648 to Robinson River [VA] 302d04h52m Kevin Colburn landownder note
Big Reed Island Creek Route 58 to US Route 221 [VA] 311d23h13m Philip Young Added photos & text
Big Reed Island Creek U.S. Route 221 to New River (Route 693) [VA] 312d08h57m Philip Young added photo; removed broken links
Bottom Creek Bottom Creek Road Bridge To Route 637 [VA] 329d10h02m Gordon Dalton
Roanoke Little Niagra to Rutrough Road [VA] 346d11h13m Philip Young Added photos
New 01. Stuart Dam (Route 58) to Fries (Route 94) [VA] 1y57d06h09m Tim Glosup
New 02.1 Byllesby Dam to Ivanhoe [VA] 1y57d06h12m Tim Glosup
Johns Creek 2 - Route 311 bridge to AW Take Out [VA] 1y77d22h44m Thomas O'Keefe abstract edits
New 02.3 Austinville to Foster Falls [VA] 1y171d00h22m Tim Glosup
Potomac 3. Great Falls (VA Lines) [VA] 1y171d14h31m Matt Muir Fixed HUC.
Potomac 3. Great Falls (Center Lines) [VA] 1y171d14h34m Matt Muir Fixed HUC.
Walker Creek White Gate (Route 713) to New R. (Route 636) [VA] 1y219d08h14m Philip Young updated takeout
New 06. Ripplemead to Pearisburg [VA] 1y234d06h32m Philip Young updated map link
Dan c) Kibler Valley Power Plant to Claudeville [VA] 1y270d05h13m Brandon L Price BLP: updated description, added Cabin rapid
New 05. Eggleston to Ripplemead [VA] 1y283d05h06m Philip Young added photo to main page
Jackson Vinegar Run to McClintic Bridge (Route 603) [VA] 1y283d07h36m Philip Young added photo to main page
Jackson Gathright Dam to James River [VA] 1y287d06h23m Philip Young
Piney River Rose Mill Rd. to Tye River (S. Powell Island Rd.) [VA] 1y318d04h58m Gordon Dalton
North Anna Butler Ford Bridge (Route 601) to Carmel Church (Route 1) [VA] 1y345d02h19m Paul Martzen displayed front page photo.
New 02.4 Foster Falls [VA] 2y81d20h39m Tim Glosup
Russell Fork Gorge Section:Garden Hole Road (Breaks Park) to KY takeout (4 miles) [VA] 2y84d06h29m Thomas O'Keefe gage link update
Elk Creek Mt. Carmel Church (Route 650) to New River [VA] 2y149d23h19m Tim Glosup
New 04. McCoy Falls to Eggleston [VA] 2y150d00h23m Tim Glosup
Chestnut Creek Galax (Route 721) to Byllesby Dam on New River [VA] 2y151d19h06m Tim Glosup
New 02.2 Ivanhoe to Austinville [VA] 2y151d20h35m Tim Glosup
New 02.5 Foster Falls to Barren Springs [VA] 2y153d22h13m Tim Glosup
New 02.6 Barren Springs to Allisonia [VA] 2y154d21h49m Tim Glosup
Pedlar 1. US 60 to Lynchburg Reservoir [VA] 2y167d20h47m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Guest USFS recreation area (Rt. 72) to Clinch River -- Guest River Gorge [VA] 2y217d05h49m Daniel Helbert Shuttle Directions
Dan d) Claudville (Route 103) to Jessups Mill (Collinstown Rd/Rte. 1432) [VA] 2y239d03h55m Brandon L Price BLP
Dan a) Sawteeh Gorge [VA] 2y310d00h25m Brandon L Price Initial Write-up
Buffalo Creek Effinger (Route 251) to Buffalo Forge (Route 70) [VA] 3y13d07h09m Steve Kvech 3-11-15
Roanoke Rt 419 bridge to Wasena Park [VA] 3y341d11h24m Philip Young Corrected spelling of takeout
Wolf Creek Chapel to Narrows [VA] 3y343d08h47m Philip Young Added photos
Potomac, S. Fk. of the S. Br. 0. Palo Alto to VA/WV state line [VA] 3y354d12h09m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Jasper Creek Narrows [VA] 3y355d05h16m Matt Muir Added lat/lon for putin, takeout.
Tye, North Fork Above Nash to Confluence with Tye R. [VA] 3y355d06h39m Matt Muir Added lat/lon for putin, takeout.
Piney The "Big Piney" (Alhambra to Woodson) [VA] 3y355d06h47m Matt Muir Added coords & mileage.
Appomattox Chesdin Dam To Petersburg (Route 36) [VA] 4y8d11h07m Christopher Moczydlowski Added all rapids
Rappahannock 4. Motts Run to Fredericksburg [VA] 4y13d21h53m Christopher Moczydlowski Edited BFR, added photo
Powell 2. Appalachia to Big Stone Gap (Route 23) [VA] 4y36d17h30m Paul Martzen Added Railroad Bridge rapid & changed put in
South Anna Route 33 to Route 54 [VA] 4y120d21h01m Christopher Moczydlowski Basic info
Marl Creek #2 roadside Rt. 706 [VA] 4y212d11h16m Gordon Dalton
Hay's Creek (Park-n-Huck) [VA] 4y212d11h20m Gordon Dalton
Roaring Run County line to Recreation Area [VA] 4y212d11h24m Gordon Dalton
Moormans, South Fork Above Sugar Hollow Reservoir [VA] 4y212d11h28m Gordon Dalton
Tye 2. US 29 to James River [VA] 4y212d11h42m Gordon Dalton
Tye, Upper South Fork Upper: Montebello to first Rt. 56 bridge [VA] 4y212d11h46m Gordon Dalton
Tye, Upper North Fork Upper: Adrenaline Alley [VA] 4y212d11h51m Gordon Dalton
Stoney Creek Upper [VA] 4y212d11h55m Gordon Dalton
Shoe Creek North Fork to the Piney [VA] 4y212d11h58m Gordon Dalton
Rockfish, South Fork Wintergreen to Beech Grove [VA] 4y212d12h02m Gordon Dalton
Piney, North Fork forest road to forest boundary [VA] 4y212d12h05m Gordon Dalton
Paul's Creek Waterslides [VA] 4y212d12h09m Gordon Dalton
Laurel Run Game road to Maury River [VA] 4y212d12h12m Gordon Dalton
Piney, South Fork First bridge to National Forest boundary. [VA] 4y212d12h24m Gordon Dalton
Staton's Creek Staton's Falls to Pedlar River [VA] 4y212d12h57m Gordon Dalton
Tye, South Fork Rte. 56 to Nash [VA] 4y212d13h02m Gordon Dalton
North Below Staunton Dam to Spring Creek (Route 727) [VA] 4y309d02h53m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
James 4. Upper James into Richmond [VA] 5y17d20h31m Brandon Nutter g
Back Creek (Jackson trib) Bath County Pumped Storage Facility (Route 600) to Jackson R. (Route 603) [VA] 5y48d13h33m Matt Muir Added photo, text from comments, gauge, and alternate takeout.
James 5. Lower James through Richmond [VA] 5y104d20h23m Brandon Nutter
Maury Goshen Pass (Route 39) to Rockbridge Baths [VA] 5y186d08h54m Gordon Dalton
James 2. Balcony Falls Run [VA] 5y257d12h56m Rob Removed two dead links.
Powell 1. Kent Junction to Appalachia [VA] 6y15d07h36m MtnFork1
Powell, South Fork South Fork Gorge [VA] 6y21d19h41m MtnFork1
Big Stony, Mountain Fork Mountain Fork to Chimney Rock Fork [VA] 6y21d19h44m MtnFork1
Big Stony Creek Chimney Rock Fork to Rt. 653 Bridge [VA] 6y21d19h46m MtnFork1
Stock Creek Upper Gorge [VA] 6y23d19h00m MtnFork1
Craig Creek Oriskany to Silent Dell [VA] 6y328d10h07m David Shelton
Craig Creek Silent Dell to Roaring Run [VA] 6y358d22h53m David Shelton
Craig Creek Camp Easter Seal to Camp on Craig [VA] 6y358d22h55m David Shelton
Goose Creek Fairfax Dam to The Potomac River [VA] 6y359d10h03m Colin Abernethy Map edit for directions.
Green Cove Creek AT/Virginia Creeper Trail [VA] 7y22d02h25m Jason Bordwine
Scott Run Old Dominion Drive to Potomac River [VA] 7y124d11h04m Matt Muir edited gauges
Crab Orchard Branch Crab Orchard Falls [VA] 7y124d12h16m Matt Muir Added coords and abstract.
White Oak Run White Oak Fire Road to Lower White Oak Canyon Parking Lot [VA] 7y129d03h31m Robert Miller Added a video on 11/16/10
Dismal Creek Half a mile above falls to a mile below falls [VA] 7y131d09h24m Matt Muir Added coords and abstract.
Lick Fork Rte. 644 to Twin Falls [VA] 7y131d10h19m Matt Muir Added coords; fixed class. Fixed spelling and grammar from proud Virginia Tech grad, LOL.
Powell 3. Big Stone Gap to Dryden [VA] 7y136d23h51m Matt Muir Changed title for ordering.
Pond Ridge Branch Above Sugar Hollow Reservoir [VA] 7y138d09h56m Matt Muir Copyedit; added abstract and link.
Potomac, Laurel Fork of North Fork of South Branch Route 642 to confluence with Straight Fork [VA] 7y138d10h10m Matt Muir Added state (WV) and abstract; corrected stream name.
Rich Creek US 219 bridge upsteam of Peterstown, WV to Town of Rich Creek, VA [VA] 7y139d03h10m Matt Muir Added WV; changed putin coords.
New 02. Fries (Route 94) to Byllesby Reservoir [VA] 7y143d08h35m Matt Muir Changed putin (Rte. 648-->94)
New 03. Claytor Dam to above McCoy Falls [VA] 7y143d09h46m Matt Muir Added coords, abstract, text from comments, and sig photo.
New 07. Pearisburg to Glen Lyn [VA] 7y143d13h37m Matt Muir Added coords.
New 08. Glen Lyn to Bull Falls Camping Area, WV [VA] 7y143d14h15m Matt Muir Added coords, text from comments, and abstract; added second state.
Manassas Run Dismal Hollow Road to Morgan Ford Road (SR 624) [VA] 7y144d00h54m Matt Muir Added coords.
Valley Creek McQueen Gap to second bridge on Chestnut Mountain Road [VA] 7y144d01h10m Matt Muir Added coords, abstract, and lynx.
Donaldson Run Military Road to Potomac River [VA] 7y145d08h57m Matt Muir Added coords, sig photo, & abstract.
Powell, North Fork Purcell to Stone Face [VA] 7y183d09h53m Matt Muir Changed putin: St. Charles --> Purcell
Staunton Long Island To Brookneal [VA] 7y193d10h36m Matt Muir Added coords, sig photo, abstract, alternate access, and text from comment.