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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Potomac, North Branch 4. Barnum, WV to Bloomington, MD [WV] 42d17h47m Tony Allred Jr 5-31-2017 River Description edited to correct rapid names and to be more complete.
Blackwater below Blackwater Falls to North Fork Confluence [WV] 105d05h00m n/a GC '17
Cheat, Shavers Fork 2. US Route 250 (Cheat Bridge) to McGee Run [WV] 304d16h18m Steve McLuckie relocated put in and take out
Lost 2. WV 55/259 Bridge to WV 259 Bridge below Wardensville [WV] 306d03h01m Steve McLuckie added note about put in parking
Gandy Creek Sinks outlet to Cheat River, Dry Fork [WV] 306d03h34m Steve McLuckie relocated put in to match river reach
Gauley 4. Donaldson to Camden-on-Gauley [WV] 306d05h32m Steve McLuckie relocated put in to bridge
Gauley 3. Bolair to Donaldson [WV] 306d05h43m Steve McLuckie relocated take out to bridge
Elk River 2. Elk Springs(fish hatchery) to Bergoo [WV] 314d04h40m Steve McLuckie corrected put in location
Elk River 1. Slatyfork to Elk Springs (fish hatchery) [WV] 314d04h58m Steve McLuckie corrected take out location, added notes to comment
Cranberry AB (Middle): Cranberry Recreation Area to Big Rock [WV] 314d06h10m Steve McLuckie another typo
Cranberry AA (Upper): Above Cranberry Rec. Area to Cranberry Rec. Area [WV] 314d07h03m Steve McLuckie Minor change to text, relocated put in to minor confluence close to FR102
Cherry, S. Fork Beech Lick Run to Richwood [WV] 332d18h44m Steve McLuckie Deleted ancient strainer info
Big Sandy Creek 3. Rockville to Jenkinsburg Bridge (Cheat River) [WV] 1y61d15h02m John Kobak
Tygart Valley 4. Belington to Buckhannon River [WV] 1y61d15h05m John Kobak Shuttle Added
Middle Fork 3. Audra State Park to Tygart River Confluence [WV] 1y61d15h07m John Kobak Shuttle Available
Cheat 2. (Canyon) Albright to Jenkinsburg Bridge [WV] 1y61d15h27m John Kobak Glen Miller shuttle gone
Gauley 7 (Upper). Summersville Dam to Mason Branch [WV] 1y203d16h56m Thomas O'Keefe gage link update
Jordan Run Jordan Run Road to Rt. 28/55 [WV] 1y319d23h16m Rob change video from link to embed
Laurel Run To Cheat River [WV] 2y68d19h08m Robert Miller
Potomac, North Branch 2. Gormania, WV to Kitzmiller, MD [WV] 2y75d13h11m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Cherry Richwood Inn to Gauley River [WV] 2y253d12h58m Charles and Nancy Brabec updated flow ranges
Gauley 6. Curtin Bridge to confluence with Persinger Creek [WV] 2y253d13h03m Charles and Nancy Brabec corrected previous edit.
Bluestone 2. Eads Mill to Bluestone State Park [WV] 2y338d18h04m Philip Young added photos
Anthony Creek 2. Blue Bend Recreation Area to the confluence of the Greenbrier River at Anthony [WV] 3y59d17h06m Philip Young corrected takeout
Camp Creek Camp Creek State Forest to Bluestone River [WV] 3y61d21h53m Philip Young updated takeout location
Bluestone 1. Spanishburg to Eads Mill [WV] 3y61d22h05m Philip Young updated takeout location
Greenbrier River 8. Fort Spring to Alderson [WV] 3y101d22h11m Philip Young updated shuttle
Potomac, Brushy Fork of the S. Fk. of the S. Br. Base of Dam to confluence of the South Fork [WV] 3y109d14h01m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Potomac, S. Fk. of the S. Br. 2. Confluence of Brushy Fork to Brandywine [WV] 3y109d14h11m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Potomac, S. Fk. of the S. Br. 1. VA/WV state line to confluence of Brushy Fork [WV] 3y109d14h14m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
New 14. New River Gorge: Cunard to Fayette Station [WV] 3y130d21h54m Rob Fix many misspells of Keeney (as 'Kenny')
Peters Creek County 22 bridge to mouth [WV] 3y271d17h20m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
New 12. McCreery to Thurmond [WV] 3y302d08h47m Thomas O'Keefe map edits
New 13. Thurmond to Cunard [WV] 3y302d08h49m Thomas O'Keefe map edits
Cheat, Glady Fork 2. US 33 Bridge to CR 12 bridge near Sully [WV] 4y63d12h51m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Elk River, Back Fork 2. Confluence of Sugar Creek(Skelt) to Big Sycamore(Breece) [WV] 4y63d13h47m Thomas O'Keefe photo changed
Red Creek 1. Red Creek Recreation Area to North Branch Bridge [WV] 4y66d14h20m Geoff Calhoun
Blackwater North Fork Confluence to Hendricks [WV] 4y88d21h02m Matt Muir Edited gradient and mileage; added abstract.
Lick Run CR 59 to Cheat River [WV] 4y106d12h48m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Williams 2. Tea Creek to Three Forks of Williams [WV] 4y298d19h10m Matt Muir Added photo and abstract.
Tygart Valley 3. Aggregates to the confluence with Beaver Creek [WV] 5y63d11h05m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Cheat, Black Fork Confluence of Blackwater River and the Dry Fork at Hendricks to the confluence of Shavers Fork at Parsons [WV] 5y82d19h20m Matt Muir Added photo
Cheat, Laurel Fork US 33 Bridge to Cheat, Dry Fork (Jenningston) [WV] 5y82d19h31m Matt Muir Added photo and abstract.
Cheat, Glady Fork 3. CR 12 bridge near Sully to confluence of the Dry Fork near Gladwin [WV] 5y82d19h35m Matt Muir Added photo
Gauley 8 (Middle). Mason Branch to Bucklick Branch [WV] 5y113d08h52m Charles and Nancy Brabec New directions
Greenbrier River 9A. Talcott to Willowood Bridge (WV 3&12) [WV] 5y113d22h33m Philip Young added rapids
Second Creek 2. US 219 bridge to the confluence with the Greenbrier River [WV] 5y114d21h54m Philip Young added photo
Laurel Creek (Cherry trib) Jetsville (CR 39/14) to Fenwick (Cherry confluence) [WV] 5y180d17h44m Charles and Nancy Brabec Updated for new USGS gauge
Moore Run Moore Run Trail to Otter Creek [WV] 5y344d13h50m Matt Muir Added lynx.
Blackwater, North Fork Rt. 219 to confluence with Blackwater River [WV] 6y59d18h10m Robert Miller un-delisting river by making changes public
Big Coal River, Marsh Fork 3: Dry Creek to Sundial (Pettry Bottom) [WV] 6y69d13h35m troy fultz guage
Big Coal River Whitesville to JM Protan community center access [WV] 6y69d15h01m troy fultz description
Deckers Creek 1. Masontown to Preston Co. line [WV] 6y80d21h13m Robert Miller Added a helmet-cam video on 3/1/11. - Bobby Miller
Wolf Creek Reservoir to New River [WV] 6y83d07h44m wreeves
Deckers Creek Pioneer Rocks [WV] 6y100d20h59m Robert Miller added hyperlink for video
Bull Run Bull Run to Cheat River [WV] 6y100d21h01m Robert Miller added hyperlink for video
Seneca Creek 1. (Upper) Judy Springs to Forest Service Campground [WV] 6y100d21h16m Robert Miller added hyperlink for video
Big Clear Creek 1. CR 1 bridge to Anjean [WV] 6y241d10h15m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Holly River, Laurel Fork of Left Fork Holly River State Park to confluence with Left Fork [WV] 6y242d10h21m Matt Muir Added coords.
Holly River, Right Fork 2. Confluence of Grassy Creek near Diana to confluence of Left Fork [WV] 6y243d18h29m Matt Muir Added coords.
Holly River, Right Fork 1. Jumbo to confluence of Grassy Creek near Diana [WV] 6y243d18h29m Matt Muir Added coords.
Elk Creek CR 20/19 bridge to Stonewood Exit of I-79 [WV] 6y243d18h46m Matt Muir Added text from comment and coords.
Potomac, North Fork of South Branch 5. Head of Hopeville Canyon to Hopeville [WV] 6y247d11h06m Matt Muir Added coords and text from comments.
Potomac, North Fork of South Branch 6. Hopeville to South Branch Confluence [WV] 6y247d11h16m Matt Muir Added coords and sig photo.
Potomac, S. Fk. of the S. Br. 3. Brandywine to Fort Seybert ( CR 3 bridge) [WV] 6y248d13h03m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Meadow Creek 1. Meadow Bridge to Claypool [WV] 6y249d18h56m Matt Muir copyedit.
Laurel Run CR 2 bridge to confluence with Big Sandy Creek [WV] 6y257d12h29m Matt Muir Added coords.
Little Birch River US 19 to confluence of Birch River [WV] 6y257d13h51m Matt Muir Added coords.
Big Clear Creek 2. Anjean to Kessler [WV] 6y257d13h57m Matt Muir Added coords.
Greenbrier River 6. Spring Creek to Anthony [WV] 6y257d17h03m Matt Muir Added coords.
Greenbrier River 7. Ronceverte to Fort Spring [WV] 6y257d17h12m Matt Muir Added coords.
Indian Creek Raines Corner to Greenville [WV] 6y257d20h17m Matt Muir Added coords.
Potomac, Laurel Fork of North Fork of South Branch Route 642 to confluence with Straight Fork [WV] 6y257d20h39m Matt Muir Added state (WV) and abstract; corrected stream name.
Leatherwood Creek (Clay County) Confluence of Right Fork to Elk River near Hartland [WV] 6y257d21h09m Matt Muir Added coords and link to the other Leatherwood. Changed name to differentiate from the other Leatherwood.
Leatherwood Creek (Webster County) Forks of creek to Elk River at Bergoo [WV] 6y257d21h13m Matt Muir Changed name to differentiate from the other Leatherwood Creek.
Howard Creek Hart Run to Confluence of the Greenbrier River [WV] 6y258d13h32m Matt Muir Added coords.
Rich Creek US 219 bridge upsteam of Peterstown, WV to Town of Rich Creek, VA [WV] 6y258d13h38m Matt Muir Added WV; changed putin coords.
Fields Creek West of Browns Mill to confluence of Three Fork Creek [WV] 6y258d23h42m Matt Muir Added coords and abstract.
Brushy Meadow Creek Falls at Leivasy to confluence with Hominy Creek [WV] 6y259d11h18m Matt Muir Added coords.
Beaver Creek Headwaters along Rte. 93 to Blackwater River [WV] 6y259d23h49m Matt Muir Added coords and abstract.
New 08. Glen Lyn to Bull Falls Camping Area, WV [WV] 6y263d00h43m Matt Muir Added coords, text from comments, and abstract; added second state.
Laurel Creek (New River tributary) WV 41 bridge to New River at Quinnimont [WV] 6y263d10h47m Matt Muir Added coords.
Buffalo Creek (Elk trib) 2. Cressmont to Clay [WV] 6y265d00h08m Matt Muir Added coords.
Tygart Valley 6. Valley Falls to Hammond [WV] 6y339d00h42m Matt Muir Added abstract and directed paddlers to hike on river right.
Stony River 1. Vepco Dam to Route 50 [WV] 7y245d15h26m Richard Grape
Shenandoah 3. Millville to Harpers Ferry [WV] 8y27d09h52m Matt Muir Small change in wording of Directions
Potomac, North Branch 5. Bloomington, MD to Keyser, WV [WV] 8y57d09h06m Matt Muir
Potomac, North Branch 3. Kitzmiller, MD to Jennings Randolph Lake [WV] 8y57d09h13m Matt Muir
Potomac, North Branch 1. Henry, WV to Gormania, WV [WV] 8y57d09h19m Matt Muir
Elk River 4. Webster Springs to CR7 bridge and gauging station [WV] 8y58d10h28m Ryan Groth Added a photo of the reach.
Glade Creek (New River tributary) Beckley Water Supply Reservoir to the confluence with Pinch Creek [WV] 8y59d21h11m Ryan Groth Added Abstract
Elsey Run from county road to Cheat River [WV] 8y163d04h40m Robert Miller
Potomac, S. Branch 4. US 220 Bridge North of Upper Tract to Big Bend Campground [WV] 8y294d11h26m zeth zajac
Greenbrier River, West Fork 2. Burner to the confluence of the East Fork at Durbin [WV] 8y294d11h57m john duke
Greenbrier River, West Fork 1. Wildell to Burner [WV] 8y294d11h59m john duke
Greenbrier River, East Fork 2. Island Campground to confluence with the West Fork at Durbin [WV] 8y294d12h00m john duke
Greenbrier River, East Fork 1. Bridge on FS 51 to Island Campground [WV] 8y294d12h01m john duke
Buffalo Creek (Cheat trib) WV72 to Macomber [WV] 8y295d11h24m
Buffalo Creek (Guyandotte trib) Accoville to Man [WV] 8y295d11h38m