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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Gros Ventre Lower Slide Lake to Kelly [WY] 117d13h10m Bill Hunt minor edits
Little Greys Little Greys [WY] 123d06h53m Bill Hunt
Snake 8 - Sheep Gulch to Palisades Reservoir [WY] 123d07h14m Bill Hunt Deleting the ranges so that this does not show as runnable right now, because the reservoir level is high and this section is completely underwater.
Greys 1) Murphy Creek Bridge to Little Greys River [WY] 124d10h35m Bill Hunt Grays river road is open
Greys 2) Little Greys River to Hwy bridge [WY] 124d10h36m Bill Hunt Grays river road is open
Buffalo Fork Upper (Hike-In) [WY] 266d15h29m Kevin Colburn name
Buffalo Fork, South Fork Hike-In [WY] 266d15h30m Kevin Colburn Trailhead info
Snake 7 - West Table to Sheep Gulch (Alpine Canyon) [WY] 267d04h11m Thomas O'Keefe minor grammer edits
Snake 6 - Astoria Bridge to West Table [WY] 1y103d07h05m Bill Hunt This is not class 1, especially at 15000. Calling it I-III for now.
North Platte 01. State line to French Creek (Lower Northgate Canyon) [WY] 1y105d06h49m Kestrel Kunz
Bear 01. Sulphur Campground to Chalk Creek,WY [WY] 1y105d08h28m Kestrel Kunz Reach # fixed
Bear Evanston whitewater park [WY] 1y150d22h07m Bill Hunt added some surf waves and distances.
Sand Creek Campground Section (2 miles) [WY] 2y347d12h22m Rob enable directions mapping
Wind 3 miles to 7 miles below Dubois (Fish Canyon) [WY] 4y181d10h27m wreeves
Box Elder Creek Box Elder Canyon [WY] 4y188d07h46m Paul Martzen Getting there info
Snake 5 - South Park Bridge to Astoria Bridge [WY] 5y61d21h44m Bill Hunt
Clear Creek 3- from 2 miles above to 1/2 mile below Buffalo [WY] 5y74d14h03m Aaron Ploog Gauge link added to description
Clear Creek 2- Moiser Picnic to Old Hydro Station [WY] 5y74d14h04m Aaron Ploog Gauge link added to description
Clear Creek 1- confluence of Nth. & Mid. Forks to Moiser Gulch Picnic area [WY] 5y74d14h08m Aaron Ploog Gauge link added to description
Lewis River Canyon [WY] 6y36h28m Kevin Colburn Added Photo
Laramie 4- Tunnel Road to Palmer Canyon Road (Lower Laramie Canyon) [WY] 7y12d06h37m Paul Martzen fixed gaugedata link
Bluegrass Creek Tunnel outlet to Highway 34 [WY] 7y40d09h09m Paul Martzen added historical gauge link
Sweetwater 2- Rattle Snake Pass to Devils Gate [WY] 7y191d04h50m wreeves
Hellroaring Creek Headwaters to Yellowstone National Park [WY] 7y251d23h56m Bradford McArthur
Yellowstone 2) Tower Junction to Gardiner, MT (Black Canyon) [WY] 7y317d12h40m Thomas O'Keefe copy edits
Yellowstone 1) Yellowstone Falls to Tower Junction (Grand Canyon) [WY] 7y317d13h25m Thomas O'Keefe gauge added
Snake River Heart River to Lewis River [WY] 7y328d08h37m Kevin Colburn
Snake River Headwaters to Heart River [WY] 7y328d08h38m Kevin Colburn
Buffalo Fork Lower [WY] 7y328d09h13m Kevin Colburn
Pacific Creek Lower [WY] 7y328d09h38m Kevin Colburn
North Platte 4- Casper Whitewater Park [WY] 9y54d13h58m Rob Fix broken link.
North Platte 3- Pathfinder Dam to Alcova Reservoir [WY] 9y333d05h56m
Snake 2 - Jackson Lake to Moose (Teton National Park) [WY] > 10 years
Snake 4 - Wilson Bridge to South Park Bridge [WY] > 10 years
Snake 3 - Moose to Wilson Bridge [WY] > 10 years
Snake 1- Yellowstone Natl Park Entrance to Flagg Ranch [WY] > 10 years
Middle Popo Agie Hwy 181 bridge to Sinks Cavern [WY] > 10 years
Douglas Creek Rob Roy Reservoir to Bobbie Thomson Campground below Keystone [WY] > 10 years
North French Creek Along Hwy 130 [WY] > 10 years
Laramie 1- Jelm Public Access to Woods Landing (Jelm Canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Crandall Creek Trailhead to Clarks Fork Yellowstone R. [WY] > 10 years David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 4. The Box [WY] > 10 years David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 5. Lower [WY] > 10 years David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 3. Honeymoon [WY] > 10 years David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 1. Styx and Stones [WY] > 10 years David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 2. Upper [WY] > 10 years David Schroeder
Wind Boysen Dam to canyon mouth (Wind River Canyon) [WY] > 10 years
South Brush Creek FS 200 to Hwy 130 [WY] > 10 years
South French Creek Hwy 130 to French Creek Campground [WY] > 10 years
Rock Creek Rock Creek Rock Creek Trail to Trailhead [WY] > 10 years
North Mullens Creek Along FS 500 [WY] > 10 years
Middle Fork Little Laramie FS 338 to Little Laramie (Hwy 130) [WY] > 10 years
North Fork Little Laramie Hwy 130 to Hwy 130 [WY] > 10 years
Libby Creek FS 351 to Hwy 130 [WY] > 10 years
Medicine Bow River FS 100 to FS 261 [WY] > 10 years
Sweetwater 1- Granite Creek to Sec. 34, T29N, R97W [WY] > 10 years
Shoshone, North Fork Pahaska Tepee to Buffalo Bill Reservoir [WY] > 10 years
Shoshone, South Fork East Fork Creek to Trailhead [WY] > 10 years
Shell Creek Cabin Creek to Forest Service boundary [WY] > 10 years
Deer Creek 1- Sec 4,T29N, R77W to Forest Service boundary (Upper Canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Deer Creek 2- Sec.11, T31N, R77W to Sec 26,T32N,R77W (Lower Canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Laramie 2- Laramie town run [WY] > 10 years
Laramie 3- Thunder River Rd. (Wheatland #2) to Tunnel Rd. (Laramie Canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Shoshone Buffalo Bill Dam to Hwy 120 bridge [WY] > 10 years
Encampment State Line to Encampment (canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Pole Creek Half Moon Lake to just off of Fayette Pole Creek Rd. [WY] > 10 years
Ditch Creek N.+S.Br.conf to US26 [WY] > 10 years
Teton Creek Treasure Mtn.Camp/Treasure Lake to ID-33 [WY] > 10 years
Boulder Creek Boulder Basin Rd to WY352 [WY] > 10 years
Boulder Creek Boulder Lake to unnamed butte/creek [WY] > 10 years
Powder, North Fork Hazelton Rd to Mayoworth Rd [WY] > 10 years
Paintrock Creek North Fork to the Valley floor [WY] > 10 years
Tongue 2- Tongue Canyon trailhead to Dayton [WY] > 10 years
Tongue 1- Sheep Creek to Tongue Canyon trailhead [WY] > 10 years
Tensleep Creek Highway 16 to Bottom of Switchbacks [WY] > 10 years
Bull Lake Creek North Fork to Bull Lake [WY] > 10 years
Greybull Venus Creek to Forest Service boundary [WY] > 10 years
Granite Creek Wooden Bridge to mouth [WY] > 10 years
Bitch Creek Headwaters to state line [WY] > 10 years
Hoback Bondurant to Snake River (Hoback Canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Green Green River Lakes to Tepee Creek [WY] > 10 years
Powder, Middle Fork Forest Service Road bridge near county line to Hwy 190 [WY] > 10 years
Wind, East Fork Wilderness boundary to Wiggins Fork [WY] > 10 years