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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Bear Evanston whitewater park [WY] 30d16h36m Bill Hunt added some surf waves and distances.
Greys 2) Little Greys River to Hwy bridge [WY] 71d12h49m Rob embed video
Greys 1) Murphy Creek Bridge to Little Greys River [WY] 71d13h37m Rob rename to conventions; select feature photo; remove odd/errant formatting; enable routing
Snake 8 - Sheep Gulch to Palisades Reservoir [WY] 305d06h14m Bill Hunt added August 2016 levels and notes
Snake 7 - West Table to Sheep Gulch (Alpine Canyon) [WY] 312d02h09m Bill Hunt Fixed broken links
Sand Creek Campground Section (2 miles) [WY] 1y227d06h51m Rob enable directions mapping
Wind 3 miles to 7 miles below Dubois (Fish Canyon) [WY] 3y61d04h56m wreeves
Box Elder Creek Box Elder Canyon [WY] 3y68d02h15m Paul Martzen Getting there info
Snake 5 - South Park Bridge to Astoria Bridge [WY] 3y306d16h13m Bill Hunt
Clear Creek 3- from 2 miles above to 1/2 mile below Buffalo [WY] 3y319d08h31m Aaron Ploog Gauge link added to description
Clear Creek 2- Moiser Picnic to Old Hydro Station [WY] 3y319d08h33m Aaron Ploog Gauge link added to description
Clear Creek 1- confluence of Nth. & Mid. Forks to Moiser Gulch Picnic area [WY] 3y319d08h37m Aaron Ploog Gauge link added to description
Lewis River Canyon [WY] 4y246d06h57m Kevin Colburn Added Photo
Laramie 4- Tunnel Road to Palmer Canyon Road (Lower Laramie Canyon) [WY] 5y257d01h06m Paul Martzen fixed gaugedata link
Bluegrass Creek Tunnel outlet to Highway 34 [WY] 5y285d03h38m Paul Martzen added historical gauge link
North Platte 1- State line to French Creek (Lower Northgate Canyon) [WY] 6y7d02h31m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Sweetwater 2- Rattle Snake Pass to Devils Gate [WY] 6y70d23h18m wreeves
Hellroaring Creek Headwaters to Yellowstone National Park [WY] 6y131d18h25m Bradford McArthur
Yellowstone 2) Tower Junction to Gardiner, MT (Black Canyon) [WY] 6y197d07h09m Thomas O'Keefe copy edits
Yellowstone 1) Yellowstone Falls to Tower Junction (Grand Canyon) [WY] 6y197d07h54m Thomas O'Keefe gauge added
Snake River Heart River to Lewis River [WY] 6y208d03h06m Kevin Colburn
Snake River Headwaters to Heart River [WY] 6y208d03h07m Kevin Colburn
Buffalo Fork Lower [WY] 6y208d03h42m Kevin Colburn
Gros Ventre Lower Slide Lake to Kelly [WY] 6y208d03h57m Kevin Colburn Changed the gauge to USGS 13014500 GROS VENTRE RIVER AT KELLY, WY, which is what Rendezvous river sports uses.
Pacific Creek Lower [WY] 6y208d04h07m Kevin Colburn
Bear Sulphur Campground to Chalk Creek,WY [WY] 6y210d01h55m Matt Muir put in the correct gauge
North Platte 4- Casper Whitewater Park [WY] 7y299d08h26m Rob Fix broken link.
North Platte 3- Pathfinder Dam to Alcova Reservoir [WY] 8y213d00h24m
Snake 2 - Jackson Lake to Moose (Teton National Park) [WY] 8y313d04h39m
Snake 6 - Astoria Bridge to West Table [WY] 8y313d04h58m
Snake 4 - Wilson Bridge to South Park Bridge [WY] 8y313d05h01m
Snake 3 - Moose to Wilson Bridge [WY] 8y313d05h02m
Snake 1- Yellowstone Natl Park Entrance to Flagg Ranch [WY] 8y313d05h34m
Middle Popo Agie Hwy 181 bridge to Sinks Cavern [WY] 8y315d10h01m
Douglas Creek Rob Roy Reservoir to Bobbie Thomson Campground below Keystone [WY] 8y361d23h28m
North French Creek Along Hwy 130 [WY] 8y362d22h14m
Laramie 1- Jelm Public Access to Woods Landing (Jelm Canyon) [WY] 9y27d01h01m
Crandall Creek Trailhead to Clarks Fork Yellowstone R. [WY] 9y31d10h06m David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 4. The Box [WY] 9y31d10h09m David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 5. Lower [WY] 9y31d10h11m David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 3. Honeymoon [WY] 9y31d10h13m David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 1. Styx and Stones [WY] 9y31d10h15m David Schroeder
Clarks Fork Yellowstone 2. Upper [WY] 9y31d10h16m David Schroeder
Wind Boysen Dam to canyon mouth (Wind River Canyon) [WY] 9y48d00h36m
South Brush Creek FS 200 to Hwy 130 [WY] 9y354d16h21m
South French Creek Hwy 130 to French Creek Campground [WY] 9y354d16h22m
Rock Creek Rock Creek Rock Creek Trail to Trailhead [WY] 9y354d16h24m
North Mullens Creek Along FS 500 [WY] 9y354d16h25m
Middle Fork Little Laramie FS 338 to Little Laramie (Hwy 130) [WY] 9y354d16h26m
North Fork Little Laramie Hwy 130 to Hwy 130 [WY] 9y354d16h40m
Libby Creek FS 351 to Hwy 130 [WY] 9y354d16h41m
Medicine Bow River FS 100 to FS 261 [WY] 9y354d16h42m
Sweetwater 1- Granite Creek to Sec. 34, T29N, R97W [WY] 9y355d16h12m
Shoshone, North Fork Pahaska Tepee to Buffalo Bill Reservoir [WY] 9y355d16h12m
Shoshone, South Fork East Fork Creek to Trailhead [WY] 9y355d16h13m
Shell Creek Cabin Creek to Forest Service boundary [WY] 9y355d16h15m
Deer Creek 1- Sec 4,T29N, R77W to Forest Service boundary (Upper Canyon) [WY] 9y355d16h26m
Deer Creek 2- Sec.11, T31N, R77W to Sec 26,T32N,R77W (Lower Canyon) [WY] 9y355d16h27m
Laramie 2- Laramie town run [WY] > 10 years
Laramie 3- Thunder River Rd. (Wheatland #2) to Tunnel Rd. (Laramie Canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Shoshone Buffalo Bill Dam to Hwy 120 bridge [WY] > 10 years
Encampment State Line to Encampment (canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Pole Creek Half Moon Lake to just off of Fayette Pole Creek Rd. [WY] > 10 years
Ditch Creek N.+S.Br.conf to US26 [WY] > 10 years
Teton Creek Treasure Mtn.Camp/Treasure Lake to ID-33 [WY] > 10 years
Boulder Creek Boulder Basin Rd to WY352 [WY] > 10 years
Boulder Creek Boulder Lake to unnamed butte/creek [WY] > 10 years
Powder, North Fork Hazelton Rd to Mayoworth Rd [WY] > 10 years
Paintrock Creek North Fork to the Valley floor [WY] > 10 years
Tongue 2- Tongue Canyon trailhead to Dayton [WY] > 10 years
Tongue 1- Sheep Creek to Tongue Canyon trailhead [WY] > 10 years
Tensleep Creek Highway 16 to Bottom of Switchbacks [WY] > 10 years
Bull Lake Creek North Fork to Bull Lake [WY] > 10 years
Greybull Venus Creek to Forest Service boundary [WY] > 10 years
Granite Creek Wooden Bridge to mouth [WY] > 10 years
Bitch Creek Headwaters to state line [WY] > 10 years
Hoback Bondurant to Snake River (Hoback Canyon) [WY] > 10 years
Green Green River Lakes to Tepee Creek [WY] > 10 years
Powder, Middle Fork Forest Service Road bridge near county line to Hwy 190 [WY] > 10 years
Wind, East Fork Wilderness boundary to Wiggins Fork [WY] > 10 years