Gauge Description:

As part of the reclicensing of the hydroprojects on this river, Confluence Research conducted a series of studies on the impacts of different flows on recreational boating. The studies showed that low flow boating was marginal at about 550 cfs. At this lower end of the range even small increases of 50 cfs make a difference in the quality of the run. Optimal flows for a low-flow technical boating experience are from 700 to 1200 cfs. Standard boating opportunities are optimal from 1,500 to about 3,000 cfs with Bob's Hole in the optimal range of 1700 to 2500 cfs. High challenge trips are optimal from 4,000 cfs to 10,000 cfs, depending upon boater craft and skill levels.

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-14209500 700 - 10000 cfs III-IV 00h30m 604 cfs (too low)

gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
700 -10000 cfs barely runnable-high runnable III-IV gauge is important or has warning Big features at the highest recommended flows but still solid Class 4
2000 -2500 cfs med runnable-a bit pushy runnable III-IV gauge is important or has warning

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