Gauge Description:

Visual. Look for flows around 2000 cfs.

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-11509500 700 - 8000 cfs III 01h23m 793 cfs (running)
gauge class

gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
700 -8000 cfs barely runnable-high runnable III gauge is important or has warning

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
102d08h51m @Klamath 01. Keno Dam to Pioneer Park (Hwy 66) [OR] Keno Flow Study 800 cfs Thomas O'Keefe
1y336d10h51m @Klamath 01. Keno Dam to JC Boyle Reservoir [OR] Klamath Site Tour 0 cfs Thomas O'Keefe