Gauge Description:

This is a dam release river that runs primarily on weekends, March through October. Normal summertime releases on the Lower Ocoee are 1250 cfs.

Very, very rarely does this level drop lower than 1000, even in times of severe drought. Occasionally, the flow will be higher, up to 1400-1500 cfs, especially when the Upper Ocoee is also running. This additional flow has little affect on the bigger rapids, though some of the famed (and finicky) playspots get better or worse with a few hundred cfs variation. The highest recommended flow for a safe run down the Ocoee is 4000 cfs, although the crazies have run the river up to at least 12,000 cfs.

Check the TVA release schedule for specific dates and times.

We also advise watching message boards, as numerous times there have been landslides and other events which sporadically have caused 24/7 releases.

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Ocoee River-- Middle [TN] Hell hole blunt n/a Charlie Simmons
Ocoee [TN] Bear Givhan entering Hell Hole Normal Release Frank Stansberry
Ocoee [TN] Ocoee 05 n/a Rob Beckman
Ocoee [TN] Loop n/a Rob Beckman
Ocoee [TN] MACHO MOVE....attempt normal Michael Brown
[ ] Thomas Loopin' n/a Rob Beckman
Ocoee [TN] Boof At Table Saw 1250 cfs Evan Westbrook
Ocoee [TN] Hell Hole n/a James Beckman
Ocoee [TN] Hell Hole Typical James Beckman
Ocoee [TN] Hell Hole n/a James Beckman
[NC] Holdin' It Down at the Ocoee n/a James Beckman
Ocoee [TN] Tablesaw Rapid 1200 cfs jacob vincent
Ocoee [TN] Hairy Ferry.. almost n/a Ryan Moore
Ocoee [TN] Tablesaw 1200 cfs Darien Fawkes
Ocoee [TN] coleman crazzy n/a Oliver Stubbs
Ocoee [TN] Tablesaw Pothole (Ocoee, TN) Low Ken and Fran Strickland
Ocoee [TN] Rev Roscoepwavetrain surfing at Double Trouble n/a James Locke
Ocoee [TN] (RM) Second Helping - Top Hole Summer Release Robert Maxwell
Ocoee [TN] Hell Hole ender always too low Paul Butler
Ocoee River [TN] Handpaddle Eddywheeling n/a Hill Harman