Gauge Description:

This is a dam release river that primarily runs on weekends March through October. Check the TVA release schedule for specific dates and times.

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Ocoee [TN] Yell, Showing up the young punks! Kinda Low James Beckman
Upper Ocoee [TN] Blue Hole skylight - Upper Ocoee No release Ken and Fran Strickland
Ocoee [TN] (RM) Edge-Of-The-World Summer Release Robert Maxwell
Oh No E [TN] Upper Rio Chia Chia (Ocoee) boof n/a Paul Butler
Upper Ocoee [TN] Alien Boof at Mikey's n/a Chad Spangler
Ocoee River [TN] Alien Boof n/a Hill Harman
Upper Ocoee [KY] Bad line normal Dale Perry
Upper Ocoee [TN] Snake n/a Dale Perry
Ocoee [TN] 1999 Ocoee Rodeo at Smileys n/a Sutton Bacon
Upper Ocoee [TN] Alien Boof at Mikey's n/a BradR
Upper Ocoee [TN] American Whitewater Teva Championships 2002 n/a Barry Grimes
6y186d07h28m @Ocoee Upper Ocoee - Ocoee #3 to Ocoee #2 Dam [TN] Upper Ocoee - Alien Boof 1600 cfs Dennis Huntley
9y58h34m @Ocoee Upper Ocoee - Ocoee #3 to Ocoee #2 Dam [TN] Olympic Section of Ocoee n/a bob heckler
> 10 years [TN] TVA releases sludge into Ocoee n/a Barry Grimes
> 10 years Ocoee [TN] The Costa Rican All Star n/a James Beckman
> 10 years Ocoee [TN] Reach for the sky Good James Beckman
> 10 years upper ocoee [tn] upper ocoee with water normal christopher neglia
> 10 years Ocoee [TN] Loop High James Beckman
> 10 years Ocoee [TN] Puma Punch normal Brian Morris
> 10 years Upper Ocoee [TN] The Alternate Line at Alien Standard release Karl Whipp