Gauge Description:

Visual. Look for flows of about 600 cfs. There was a USGS gauge on this river (stn. 12054500, 1951-1979, 51.3 sq. mi.) but it is no longer active. If you take a look at the staff gauge (river left just below Watson Creek), Korb notes that 1.2' is about the minimum for this run. Flows around 1200 cfs on the South Fork Skokomish are about right for good intermediate levels on this run.

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When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
[WA] Account of 07/17/09 n/a GREG WALL
8y158d22h33m @Hamma Hamma 2. Hamma Hamma Campground to gorge (Lower) [WA] Hamma Hamma River Trip 0 cfs Thomas O'Keefe