Gauge Description:

Releases from Isabella reservoir are totally controlled by the Kern River Water Master and the Army Corp of Engineers.  Flows are used for irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley through out the spring, summer and sometimes into fall.   Because irrigation needs change by season and somewhat day to day, flows tend to be relatively stable each day. The KR1 powerhouse removes up to 420 cfs from the river, so flows in this section will be that much less than release from Isabella.

Since 2006 CDEC gauge info, is available in realtime for this reach.  The readings are in feet/stage rather than cfs.   The gauge is USGS  #111925, located on the left bank about .4 miles below Democrat Dam.
See Dreamflows for an estimate of flow in cfs.

If the gauges are down, you can estimate flows by subtracting 420 cfs from the total outflow from Isabella reservoir, provided by the Army Corp of Engineers, at Isabella info

Gauge Information

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