Gauge Description:

The maximum level for running Ohiopyle Falls is 1.8'. The Corps of Engineers does what it can to keep the river at a sane level for Race Day.
The above gage is the virtual Ohiopyle Gage, based on some old data butt probably quite reliable. It's based on the Confluence gage (minimum: 1.8'; max: 2.1'). You can get the official Ohiopyle level from the USACE gage.

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Youghiogheny River at Ohiopyle, PA
usgs-03081500 1.20 - 1.80 ft IV 00h52m 1.87 ft (too high)

gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
1.20 -1.80 ft barely runnable-high runnable IV gauge is important or has warning It's illegal to run the Falls above 1.8 feet.

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Youghiogheny River [PA] 42015.jpeg n/a Chris Emery
Youghiogheny [PA] Ohiopyle Falls n/a Erik Barbara
Youghiogheny [PA] n/a boof or die
Youghiogheny [PA] Strider Snyder 1.5 ft (Ohiopyle) Matt Muir
Youghiogheny [PA] Ohiopyle Falls by Karl Gesslein n/a Matt Muir
5y59d23h46m /Youghiogheny-5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Approaching the Lip 1.60 ft Matt Jackson
7y342d16h30m /Youghiogheny-5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Annelies Layton at the Falls n/a Hugh Barrow
7y342d16h33m /Youghiogheny-5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Hugh, Ohiopyle Falls n/a Hugh Barrow
9y58d02h40m /Youghiogheny-5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Look Ma' No Hands...Dan LeDonne's Run 2010 Access Granted n/a Eli Loiben
9y74d22h53m /Youghiogheny-5. Ohiopyle Falls Ohiopyle Falls 0 cfs Stu McLean
9y74d22h53m /Youghiogheny-5. Ohiopyle Falls h2owheel 0 cfs Stu McLean
9y129d15h45m /Youghiogheny-5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Account of 07/07/10 0 cfs Scott Weems
9y134d13h30m @Youghiogheny 5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Garrett going Backwards n/a Garrett Scott
9y134d13h32m @Youghiogheny 5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Garrett Boofing the Falls n/a Garrett Scott
9y134d13h35m @Youghiogheny 5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Garrett Water Boofing n/a Garrett Scott
> 10 years Youghiogheny, PA [WV] 1.7 ft ? Brian McConnell
> 10 years Yough [PA] Ohiopyle Falls. Aug. 5. 06 1.7ft Ross McIlwaine
> 10 years Youghiogheny [PA] Clay Wright at Ohiopyle Falls 1.6 ft. Jeff Macklin
> 10 years Youghiogheny [PA] Ohiopyle Falls n/a Nick Dolman
> 10 years /Youghiogheny-5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] Ohiopyle Falls a good level Brett Mayer