Gauge Description:

Visual. Look for flows of 250-400 cfs when the Wenatchee at Peshastin is around 10,000-12,000 cfs. Lower technical boating can be found when the Wenatchee is around 7000 cfs.

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Peshastin Cr. @ Green Bridge Rd.
wadoe-45F070 500 - 1500 cfs IV 13h44m 6.8 cfs (too low)

gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
500 -1500 cfs barely runnable-high runnable IV gauge is important or has warning

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Ingalls Creek [WA] Ingalls Creek n/a Keith A. Robinson
Ingalls Creek [WA] Last drop of defining drop n/a Keith A. Robinson
6y60d07h14m /CARBON RIVER NEAR FAIRFAX, WA [WA] Stuck in the eddy at Rick's Slide 465 cfs Adam Johnson
8y58d08h14m @Ingalls Creek Ingalls Creek Rd. to Peshastin Creek [WA] Ingalls Creek trip 0 cfs Thomas O'Keefe