Gauge Description:

Some say it's not worth it below 3.5', but some say it's runnable down to 2.3'.

Chris Koll explains the Moose River releases in the fall (taken from

"...a scheduled Bottom Moose release has absolutely no bearing on levels in either the Middle or Lower Moose.

"Now, this entire scenario is complicated by the presence of a small dam located way upstream on the Middle Branch of the Moose adjacent to the parking lot of Slickers Tavern in Old Forge. This dam controls levels of the Fulton Chain of Lakes--an impoundment stretching for nearly 20 miles. The lake is annually drawn down for flood control and to avoid ice damage. The Black River Regulatory District has worked with me to schedule the start of this drawdown to correspond with the Moose Fest weekend (this year Oct. 18-19). The maximum amount of water that can be spilled from the small dam is around 400 cfs which isn't enough by itself to make the Moose runnable--but when combined with natural flows in the North Branch Moose and South Branch Moose, it generally equates to a minimum reading at McKeever of 3'. Obviously, McKeever can read much higher if the South and North Branches have normal or above fall flows.

"Therefore--the drawdown from the Fulton Chain does guarantee adequate or better water levels for all three sections of the Moose. But that drawdown doesn't start until October 17."

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04254500 2.30 - 10.00 ft III 02h11m 2 ft (too low)

gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
2.30 -10.00 ft barely runnable-high runnable III gauge is important or has warning

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