Gauge Description:

Gauge is located under the GA53 bridge on river left.
The absolute minimum is .8 on the bridge and .08 on the online gauge although it would be a long abusive day to your boat.
A realistic minimum is 1.1 on the bridge and1.1 from the online gauge.

Online Gauge Information
 I have found that the online gauge and the bridge gauge correlate quite well.



Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02390000 1.00 - 3.50 ft II-III(IV) 00h51m 1.24 ft (running)

gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
1.00 -1.40 ft barely runnable-perfect runnable II-III(IV) gauge is important or has warning
1.40 -1.90 ft med runnable-a bit pushy runnable II-III+(IV) gauge is important or has warning
2.00 -3.50 ft perfect runnable-high runnable III-IV+ gauge is important or has warning
3.50 -5.50 ft barely High-extremely High IV-V gauge is important or has warning

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
@Amicalola Creek Lower [GA] Account of 06/26/10 low runnable level jack orr
Amicalola Creek [GA] GREG SIMPSON ON EDGE OF THE WORLD n/a G simpson
Amicalola [ga] Bottom of Edge of the World 0.9 Jim Osborne
Lower Amicalola Creek [GA] [0013] Edge of the World3 at 2.56 (bridge) 2.56ft (bridge) Chad Spangler
2y311d00h04m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] 3rd ledge. low runnable low runnable level jeramiah key
6y34h32m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Sunset in Dawson Forest n/a Seth Scott
6y34h47m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Punch hard young Padawan n/a Seth Scott
6y34h50m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] The scenery for most of Ami n/a Seth Scott
6y35h03m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] This is the sneek right?? n/a Seth Scott
6y35h04m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Rick all smiles and brown claws here / left line at split decision n/a Seth Scott
6y35h15m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Thy Holiness n/a Seth Scott
6y35h29m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Off the WALLLLLLL n/a Seth Scott
6y35h33m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Boof hard! 1.80 ft Seth Scott
6y130d10h26m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Bottom of 3rd ledge n/a jack orr
6y324d12h38m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Sneaking by 0 cfs jack orr
6y324d12h44m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Andrew hitting the center line n/a jack orr
7y62d19h31m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] RIVER WIDE STRAINER n/a Mikey Willerson
7y70d10h48m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Account of 01/30/13 0.95 ft jack orr
7y241d13h22m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Account of 08/12/12 0.57 ft jack orr
7y322d00h06m /Amicalola Creek-Lower [GA] Construction at 53 putin/takeout 0.83 ft Doug Fantz