Gauge Description:

Take a look at the drops upstream from Rt. 89. If they look like there at a good level everything else should be.

For an online gauge, look at Six Mile Creek in Brooktondale.  It should be running pretty good at least 200 cfs, but since the gauge is on a different stream 20 miles away, it should be viewed as an educated guess. 

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04234000 200 - 1000 cfs IV-V(V+) 02h12m 12.2 cfs (too low)

gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
200 -1000 cfs barely runnable-high runnable IV-V(V+) gauge is important or has warning Estimated.

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
> 10 years Trumansburg Creek [NY] Trumansburg Creek 200 cfs. Andy Cook