Gauge Description:

NOTE: The online gauge above reads differently than the paddler's gauge on the US 76 Bridge. Most paddlers refer to the bridge gauge. The online gauge reads about .15 higher than the bridge gauge at 2 feet, about .25 higher below two feet and the same at about 2.8 feet.

It can be run down to .5 or even lower but is very scrapy.

Above 2.0' Five Falls starts to bump up to class 5.

It can certainly be run above 2.2', but only by experienced Section 4 paddlers. The Five Falls section gets much more difficult and dangerous at high water.

Highest known run was August 17, 1994 at something between 9 and 10 feet from below Woodall to the Lake. According to USGS the river peaked at 17,500 cfs. Participants included Russ Kulmar, John Lesan, "Snuffy" Hall, Kent Wiginton, and Richard Oldenquist.

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-02177000 0.90 - 2.50 ft II-IV+ 07h57m 1.74 ft (running)

gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
0.90 -2.50 ft barely runnable-high runnable II-IV+ gauge is important or has warning

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
[ ] Bull Sluice n/a Adam Weaver
Chattooga [GA] scott on the bull @1.9ft. jonathan kirby
Chattooga Section 4 [Ga] Cleaning the Crack 1.85ft mark bowman
Chattooga [GA] Paddle Snake n/a Jason Tarpley
Chattooga [GA] Swallowed By Rock Jumble 1.7 Jamie Burch
Chattooga [GA] Another Shot of the Dog 1.5/bridge Dallas Shaw
Chattooga [GA] bottom bonzai wave 3.3ft Zach Dean
Chattooga [GA] Greg Simpson on the sneek on Seven foot falls n/a G simpson
section-4 [ga] Seven foot falls 1.2 Jesse Sweat
Chattooga [GA] Sock Em Dog n/a Stu Thompson
Chattooga [GA] Corkscrew 1.7 ft (bridge) Stu Thompson
Chattooga [GA] (RM) Right Crack Sieve #1 .66 bridge .98 USGS Robert Maxwell
Chattooga [GA] (RM) Ultimate Open Boater at Raven Chute @ 0.66 .66 bridge .98 USGS Robert Maxwell
Chattooga [GA] Kevin running Corkscrew 2.1 Todd Hoffman
Chattooga [GA] n/a boof or die
Chattooga [GA] Open Boat Ender 1.5 wreeves
Chattooga [GA] Corkscrew in a Jetti n/a wreeves
Chattooga [GA] Corkscrew bottom holes n/a wreeves
Chattooga [SC] Section 4 on a cataraft 2.1ft Mark Hammock
[SC] Louie Wins! n/a Mark Hammock