Gauge Description:

Optimum Flows: 500-2000 CFS.
120 is the bare minumum required just to get down the stream. Expect some bottom-dragging at lower levels. Not near as scrapy at levels of 300+.

River becomes pushy, big waves and hydraulics form at levels above 2000. Strong whitewater skills are required at higher levels, with experienced whitewater kayakers sometimes running it at 3000+.

Regular hydropower releases (look in the BROK column) from Broken Bow Lake keep this section of the Mountain Fork at runnable levels most of the year, especially during the hot summer months. Generation slows down considerably during periods of mild weather, usually around mid-October. The Reregulation Dam just above the putin smooths out discharge fluctuations from the power plant which is located about 5.3 miles upstream at Broken Bow Lake dam and Beaver's Bend. River levels in the section between the lake and the Rereg dam determine length of time it takes for release water to start showing up below the Rereg dam. The river behind the rereg dam has to rise enough to start flowing through the sluice windows and spilling over the flume to start bringing the levels up substantially. Usually somewhere in the neighborhood of about two hours (rough estimate) for a one generator release when the power plant has been running three hour - one generator releases on a regular basis. A two generator release will bring it up much quicker.
Also, the USGS gage is located downstream 3 miles from the Rereg dam (at the Hwy 70 Bridge - the takeout)so it takes a while to show up down there as well. Sometimes as much as 5 hours after the beginning of the scheduled release (one generator). An alternative "gauge" is the boat ramp at the putin. If the river level is below the concrete slab at the end of the ramp the run will be scrapy. When the level is at or a little bit over the crack (you will see it) in the slab the levels will be ideal class II. Note- When the water first crests at the top of the Rereg Dam the level is 4600 CFS, and can go up from there.

Southwestern Power Administration automated voice system for scheduled power generation releases: 918-595-6779. The system is set up to provide release information for the current day, the next day and the day after. However, sometimes they only post for the current day, so if you plan on spending multiple days be sure to take your cellphone.

Release Schedule Update:
The SWPA has been, at times, running half-power one generator releases. These half-power releases are shown as 25 in the BBD column of THIS schedule. Full power one-generator releases are shown as 50, with two-turbine releases shown as 100.
Unfortunately, the SWPA phone number does not reflect these half-power releases.
Afternoon and evening half-power releases generally will not bring the levels up quickly enough for a good whitewater run, with peaking flows of 500 +/- not showing up on the USGS gage until midnight.

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Mountain Fork near Eagletown, OK
usgs-07339000 300 - 2000 cfs I-II+(IV) 01h06m 234 cfs (too low)
gauge class Low; a scrape, but do-able.
Gauge (800 square miles) is at end of reach. Flow is regulated by dams upstream.
gauge graph
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
0 - 120 cfs extremely Low-somewhat Low I-II+(IV) gauge is important or has warning Too low.
120 - 300 cfs somewhat Low-barely Low I-II+(IV) gauge is important or has warning Low; a scrape, but do-able.
300 -2000 cfs barely runnable-high runnable I-II+(IV) gauge is important or has warning Good Flow.
2000 -5000 cfs somewhat High-somewhat High I-II+(IV) gauge is important or has warning Skilled, experienced boaters only!
5000 - unknown cfs somewhat High-extremely High I-II+(IV) gauge is important or has warning Extremely high!

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Lower Mtn. Fork [OK] Spin Hole n/a john burt
Mountain Fork [OK] n/a David McDonald
Mountain Fork [OK] Rereg @ 4800 4800 David McDonald
Mountain Fork [OK] Matt @ LMF 2800-3200cfs Robert Hall
Mountain Fork [OK] Ben @ LMF 2800-3200 cfs Robert Hall
Mountain Fork [OK] n/a boof or die
Lower Mountain Fork [OK] 6800 Neal Staton
8y321d22h02m /Mountain Fork-2. Broken Bow dam to Hwy 70 [OK] Lower Mt. Fork River Rapid 0 cfs Thomas Jones
8y321d22h02m /Mountain Fork-2. Broken Bow dam to Hwy 70 [OK] Lower Mt. Fork River Cypress 0 cfs Thomas Jones
9y34d04h05m /Mountain Fork-2. Broken Bow dam to Hwy 70 [OK] Lower Mt. Fork River Rock Garden 400 cfs Thomas Jones
9y322d18h04m Presby Falls [OK] Presby Falls n/a n/a
> 10 years Broken Bow [OK] Presbyterian Falls n/a Danny Gray
> 10 years Broken Bow [OK] Lower Mountain Fork n/a Danny Gray
> 10 years Mountain Fork [OK] Presbyterian Falls ~400cfs and dropping Bill Saling
> 10 years Mountain Fork [OK] Hydroelectric Power Plant n/a Bill Saling
> 10 years Lower Mtn. Fork [OK] Spin Hole above Bubba n/a john burt
> 10 years Mountain Fork [OK] n/a David McDonald
> 10 years Mountain Fork [OK] Big Ender n/a David McDonald
> 10 years Mountain Fork [OK] SWRT 4 n/a David McDonald
> 10 years Mountain Fork [OK] Arthur Sidesurfing Unavailable David McDonald