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Gauge Information

Gauge Description:

Low: 200 - 900 cfs
Med: 900 - 1,500 cfs
High: 1,500 cfs and up

Pine Creek goes at very low flows, about as low as the Ark ever gets. At most flows below about 1200cfs the run is class IV without any severe consequneces for missing a move. From about 1200cfs through about 2000cfs the s-bend hole aka the moon pie gets sticky. Above 2000cfs the hole starts to wash and the run is a straight shot but the consequences for swiming are severe! The run is very continuous and cold.

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-07087050 200 - 5000 cfs IV-V 50d01h36m 83.4 cfs (too low)
Gauge (546 sq.mi.drainage) lies very near the take-out of this run, so should quite reliably reflect actual flow in run.
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
200 - 900 cfs barely runnable-med runnable IV-V Low to low-moderate flows.
900 -1200 cfs med runnable-a bit pushy runnable III-IV(V) Low-moderate to high-moderate flows.
1200 -2000 cfs a bit pushy runnable-high runnable IV-V Perhaps the most challenging flows for this run.
2000 -5000 cfs a bit pushy runnable-high runnable IV-V High-moderate to high flows.

Report - Reports of Arkansas 01. Granite to Numbers Launch Site and related gauges

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.


When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Arkansas [CO] Pine Creek Canyon 800 cfs Matt Muir
2y102d09h46m @Arkansas 02. Granite to Numbers Launch Site [CO] Pine Creek Rapid 700 cfs Kaelan Hendrickson
> 10 years Arkanasa [CO] Boater X Beatdown 4 mediumish Dale Perry
> 10 years Arkansas [CO] pine creek 1200 i think Kit Davidson
> 10 years Arkansas [CO] Pine Creek Rapid 640 cfs (bl Granite) Thomas O'Keefe
> 10 years Arkansas River [CO] Summer Play - just below Pine Creek Rapid n/a Craig Irwin