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Gauge Information

Gauge Description:

As of December, 2008, based upon negotiations with AW and FERC, Kaukauna Utilities is providing online gauging for this reach. Unfortunately, this is not a USGS gauge which we can access and report here. However, you can

click this link to go to Kaukauna Utilities

to see their report and table of flows to determine actual reported flow in this reach. Please note that this will be substantially different from the information reported within this portion of the description.

*The USGS gauge (which is cited on this reach, and used for 'color coding' for runnability) is about 8 miles upstream in Appleton. River flow is highly regulated by a series of locks and dams. The riverbed through this stretch is primarily wide, flat bedrock. A significant part of flow is diverted, both into the locks and into a powerplant channel. Thus, the "gauge flow" does not reflect actual flow in any boatable channel. Further, even the boatable channel for this run is broken up by islands (particularly in the lower portion of this reach, where one encounters braided channels), so it is nearly impossible to quantify (from this gauge) the amount of the flow you are boating in any particular channel.

The online gauge serves only as a preliminary indicator of likely runnability. The best gauging is the previously cited Kaukauna Utilities page, or visual inspection, looking at the dam upstream of the put-in. There are eight 'releasable' gates in the dam. One releasing is low boatable, two is good/medium, and three is high.

The detail description of this run includes numerous mentions of 'one-gate', 'two-gates', or 'three-gates' levels. Flows below are based on the Appleton gauge upstream of the diversion (see disclaimer above).

CFS Relative
Recommended for Description
4,000 - 6,000 Low Beginner to Intermediate
whitewater boaters

Play is possible in '1000 Islands' (below the diagonal dam). (See Part III in the description.)

The early parts of the reach (Part I & II in the description) will generally be too grungy to bother with.

6,000 - 10,000 Optimal Intermediate to stronger
whitewater boaters
Whole reach should be runnable/playable.
10,000+ High Experienced
whitewater boaters
Some features will be great, while other areas may just become too pushy for good play or may 'wash out'.
"Ten Boat Wave" is reported to be great!


Gauge/flow analysis
(based on USGS data, 1986-2006)
Drainage area at gauge 5,950 sq.mi.
All time minimum daily mean flow 783 cfs
90% of time flow exceeds 1,640 cfs
10% of time flow exceeds 8,100 cfs
All time maximum daily mean flow 18,000 cfs
10/90 ratio ('flashy-ness')
(under 3 is quite steady, over 10 is quite 'flashy')
Average runnable days per year 47


Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-04084445 6260 - 15260 cfs II-III(IV) 01h40m ~ 4910 cfs (too low)
Entirely within powerplant capacity (reportedly 5260 cfs), thus minimal flow in river (no meaningful whitewater).
Cited gauge is 8 miles upstream with locks and dams regulating flow. **ALWAYS CHECK KU WEBSITE (link in description) FOR TAINTER GATE SETTING AND FLOW INFO.**
RangeWater LevelDifficultyComment
0 -5260 cfs extremely Low-somewhat Low II-III(IV) Entirely within powerplant capacity (reportedly 5260 cfs), thus minimal flow in river (no meaningful whitewater).
5260 -6260 cfs somewhat Low-barely Low I-II(III) Minimal flow in river (likely less than 1000 cfs)-- marginally boatable (if even that).
6260 -7260 cfs barely runnable-med runnable I-II(III) Possibly low-to-low-moderate. (Likely 1000-2000 cfs.) Beginner/low-intermediate whitewater. Some features/sections are 'in', but most are not.
7260 -8260 cfs barely runnable-med runnable II-III Possibly low-moderate to moderate (likely 2000-3000 cfs), strong-beginner/intermediate whitewater. Most features/sections should be 'in', but some may not be.
8260 -9260 cfs med runnable-a bit pushy runnable II-III(IV) Moderate flows (perhaps 3000-4000 cfs). Intermediate whitewater. Most features should be playable. Similar to the target flows for the four scheduled releases.
9260 -10260 cfs med runnable-a bit pushy runnable II-III(IV) Possibly optimal flows for strong intermediate and better whitewater boaters (perhaps 4000-5000 cfs). All features should be runnable/playable.
10260 -15260 cfs a bit pushy runnable-high runnable II-III+(IV) Highly experienced whitewater boaters. (Possibly 5,000-10,000 cfs) Some features will be great, others wash out or too big/pushy for good play.
15260 -99999 cfs barely High-extremely High III-IV(V) Outrageously high, strong, pushy. ***CHECK RAILROAD BRIDGE BEFORE PUTTING ON! IT MAY BE IN WATER AND NOT BE PASSABLE!!!***

Report - Reports of Fox C) Kaukauna/1000 Islands: Hwy.55/Main Ave. to CTH.ZZ (1.5 miles) and related gauges

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.


When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
Fox [WI] "Dave the Wave" enjoying a medium level surt - left channel below the dam n/a Carla Miner
Fox [WI] Hidden Channel Wave n/a Thomas O'Keefe
2y123d10h59m /Fox (Outagamie Co.)-1000 Islands (Kaukauna) [WI] 37' gate opening, 10,020cfs in channel = BIG WATER!!! 10020 cfs Rob
2y132d13h08m /Fox (Outagamie Co.)-1000 Islands (Kaukauna) [WI] FRumpy Troll low runnable level Rob
2y132d13h08m /Fox (Outagamie Co.)-1000 Islands (Kaukauna) [WI] Walled-in river low runnable level Rob
2y132d13h08m /Fox (Outagamie Co.)-1000 Islands (Kaukauna) [WI] Launch Site n/a Rob
2y132d13h08m /Fox (Outagamie Co.)-1000 Islands (Kaukauna) [WI] Put-in Access Gate n/a Rob
3y19d09h53m /Fox (Outagamie Co.)-1000 Islands (Kaukauna) [WI] UGH! (at low-moderate flow) 3630 cfs Rob
5y309d14h23m @Fox B) Kaukauna/1000 Islands: Hwy.55/Main Ave. to CTH.ZZ (1.5 miles) [WI] Fox River site visit too low to run Thomas O'Keefe
9y76d03h23m Fox [WI] Kaukauna Dam n/a Thomas O'Keefe
9y241d02h23m Fox [WI] Fox River n/a Thomas O'Keefe