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River Name/Section Class Level running? Updated
Amina [DOM-SDM] 1. Arroyo Sierrasita to Arroyo El Dajao III-IV+(V) n/a

Amina [DOM-SDM] 2. Arroyo El Dajao to Diferencia II-III n/a

Amina [DOM-SDM] 3. Diferencia to Balneario Amina III-IV+ n/a

Amina [DOM-SDM] 4. Balneario Amina to Rio Inoa II n/a

Amina [DOM-SDM] 5. Rio Inoa to Vidal Pichardo III-IV+ n/a

Artibonito [DOM-SDM] 1. Las Rosas to Los Algodones II-III(IV) n/a

Artibonito [DOM-SDM] 2. Los Algodones to Pedro Santana I-II(III) n/a

Baiguaque [DOM-SDM] 1. paso de Janey to Henequén III-IV+ n/a

Baiguaque [DOM-SDM] 2. Henequén to hydroplant IV-V+ n/a

Baiguate [DOM-SDM] 1. La Pita to La Jagua II-IV(V) n/a

Baiguate [DOM-SDM] 2. Salto Baiguate to Rio Jimenoa II-III+ n/a

Bao [DOM-SDM] 1. Rio La Guacara to Mata Grande III-IV+ n/a

Bao [DOM-SDM] 2. Mata Grande to Aguas Calientes III-IV+ n/a

Bao [DOM-SDM] 3. Aguas Calientes to Balneario Bao II-IV(V) n/a

Blanco [DOM-SDM] 1. Presa de Blanco to hydroplant IV-V n/a

Blanco [DOM-SDM] 2. hydroplant to Boca de Blanco III-IV+ n/a

Cabirma Clara, Arroyo [DOM-SDM] Rio de Blanco to Rio Masipedro V n/a

Camu [DOM-SDM] 1. Loma La Meseta to Mata de Platanos V+ n/a

Camu [DOM-SDM] 2. Mata de Platanos to Gualgui III-V n/a

Camu [DOM-SDM] 3. Gualguí to Bayacanes III-IV+ n/a

Camu [DOM-SDM] 4. Bayacanes to La Vega I-III n/a

Cenovi [DOM-SDM] Sonador to Rio Mao III-IV(V) n/a

El Gallo [DOM-SDM] paso El Gallo to Rio Magua IV-V n/a

Grande, Arroyo [DOM-SDM] Arroyo Pajarito to Manabao IV-V n/a

Guanajuma [DOM-SDM] Guanajuma to Palero III-IV n/a

Guarey, Arroyo [DOM-SDM] paso de Guarey to Rio Camú IV n/a

Guayubin [DOM-SDM] Arroyo Blanco to Estancia Vieja II-III(V) n/a

Inoa [DOM-SDM] Arroyo Bajamillo to Rio Amina II-III(IV) n/a

Jagua [DOM-SDM] 1. Donaja to Higuero III-IV n/a

Jagua [DOM-SDM] 2. Higuero to Presa de Bao III n/a

Jayaco [DOM-SDM] Hoyo Redonda to Los Plantanitos IV-V n/a

Jima [DOM-SDM] Canal Masipedro to Presa de Rincon II-III n/a

Jimenoa [DOM-SDM] 1. Arroyo Frio to La Sal IV-V n/a

Jimenoa [DOM-SDM] 2. La Sal to Presa de Jimenoa IV-V+ n/a

Jimenoa [DOM-SDM] 3. Salto de Jimenoa hydroplant to La Confluencia II-III n/a

Joca [DOM-SDM] 1. La Sierresita to Los Chicharrones II-III+ n/a

Joca [DOM-SDM] 2. Los Chicharrones to Rio Artibonito II-III n/a

La Manacla, Arroyo [DOM-SDM] La Manacla to Rio Amina III-IV(V) n/a

Limon, Arroyo [DOM-SDM] 1. Piedra del Aguacate to Lamedero III-V n/a

Limon, Arroyo [DOM-SDM] 2. Lamedero to Presa de Sabaneta IV-V n/a

Los Baos [DOM-SDM] Cardon to El Paso de La Caña II-III(IV) n/a

Los Dajaos, Arroyo [DOM-SDM] paso Arroyo Dulce to end of road above Yaque confluence III-IV+ n/a

Magua [DOM-SDM] 1. Rio Cedro to Los Ramones III-IV(V) n/a

Magua [DOM-SDM] 2. Los Ramones to Corocito III-IV+ n/a

Magua [DOM-SDM] 3. Corocito to Mata de Tuna II-IV n/a

Mao [DOM-SDM] 1. Rio La Cidra to paso Cerro Vija II-III n/a

Mao [DOM-SDM] 2. paso Cerro Vija to La Meseta II-IV n/a

Mao [DOM-SDM] 3. La Meseta to El Cacao II-III n/a

Masacre [DOM-SDM] Las Lagunas to Loma de Cabrera III-IV+(V) n/a

Masipedro [DOM-SDM] 1. Arroyo Bonito to Arroyo Cabirma Clara IV-V(V+) n/a

Masipedro [DOM-SDM] 2. Arroyo Cabirma Clara to Balneario Masipedro IV-V n/a

Masipedro [DOM-SDM] 3. Balneario Masipedro to Rio Yuna II-III n/a

Mijo [DOM-SDM] 1. La Iglesia to El Cacheo III-IV+(V) n/a

Mijo [DOM-SDM] 2. El Cacheo to puente Mijo II-III(IV) n/a

San Juan [DOM-SDM] 1. Hondo Valle to Jaquime III-IV(V) n/a

San Juan [DOM-SDM] 2. Jaquime to Presa de Sabaneta II-III n/a

Sonador, Arroyo [DOM-SDM] Sonador to Rio Tireo IV-V n/a

Tireito [DOM-SDM] Presa de Tireito to Rio Yuna IV-V+ n/a

Tireo [DOM-SDM] El Naranjo to Presa de Blanco IV-V+ n/a

Vallesito [DOM-SDM] Colonia Rio Limpio to Rio Artibonito III-IV(V) n/a

Yami [DOM-SDM] Buena Vista to Bayacanes IV-V+ n/a

Yaque del Norte [DOM-SDM] 1. La Cienaga to Rancho Faisar III-IV n/a

Yaque del Norte [DOM-SDM] 2. Rancho Faisar to La Guazara III-IV+ n/a

Yaque del Norte [DOM-SDM] 3. Las Guazaras to Puente Amarillo III-IV+ n/a

Yaque del Norte [DOM-SDM] 4. Puente Amarillo to La Pena II(IV) n/a

Yaque del Norte [DOM-SDM] 5. La Pena to Presa de Tavera II-III+ n/a

Yujo [DOM-SDM] Puente Yujo to La Peña II-V n/a

Yuna [DOM-SDM] 1. Arroyo Blanco to Boca de Blanco III-IV n/a

Yuna [DOM-SDM] 2. Boca de Blanco to Los Quemados II n/a

Yuna [DOM-SDM] 3. Los Quemados to Los Arroces I-II n/a