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State Partl. Name

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River Name/Section Class Level running? Updated
Allagash Stream [ME] Allagash Lake to Chamberlain Lake I-II n/a

Allagash [ME] Chamberlain Lake to Allagash I-II n/a

Androscoggin [ME] Dresser Rips II(III) 5030 cfs
-110 cfs/hr
Below Recom.
Aroostook [ME] Fort Fairfield to Saint John River II-V 4.89 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Austin Stream [ME] South Branch to Bingham III-V(V+) n/a

B Stream [ME] Hammond (6th Bridge) to Houlton I-II n/a

Baker Branch [ME] 1) Fourth St. John Pond to Baker Lake I-II n/a

Baker Branch [ME] 2) Baker Lake to SW Branch St. John River I-II n/a

Baskahegan Str. [ME] Lindsey Brook to Baskahegan Lake I-II n/a

Baskahegan Str. [ME] South Bancroft to Mattawamkeag River II-IV n/a

Bear [ME] Devils Horseshoe II-III n/a

Big Black [ME] Depot Stream to Saint John River I-II 4.42 ft
+0.01 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Big Brook [ME] Dead Horse Gulch to Allagash R. II-III n/a

Big Wilson Stream [ME] 1) Lower Wilson Pond to Bodfish Crossing IV-V n/a

Big Wilson Stream [ME] 2) Bodfish Crossing to Willimantic II-III n/a

Big Wilson Stream [ME] 3) Willimantic to Earley Landing I-V(V+) n/a

Black Brook [ME] Devils Den to Ellis R., Rte 120 IV-V+ n/a

Blue Hill Falls [ME] Rt 175 to Rt 175 (Tidal Reversing Falls) III n/a

Bowley Brook [ME] between Weld and Dryden V n/a

Branch Lake Stream [ME] Branch Lake to Infant Street in Ellsworth III-V n/a

Carrabasset [ME] 1. Carrabasset to Kingfield I-IV 4.78 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Carrabasset [ME] 2. Kingfield to US201A I-IV n/a

Carrying Place Stream [ME] 2 miles up to Wyman Lake V n/a

Cathance (Sagadahoc Co.) [ME] U.S. 201 to Cathance Rd III-IV(V) n/a

Cathance Stream (Washington Co.) [ME] Lake Cathance to Dennysville I-V n/a

Caucomgomoc Stream [ME] Caucomgomoc Lake to Black Pond I-II n/a

Chandler Brook [ME] Runaround Pond to Royal River I-II n/a

Chase Mills Stream [ME] Gardner Lake to East Machias II n/a

Chemquasabamticook Stream [ME] Ross Lake to Long Lake I-II n/a

Cobbosseecontee Stream [ME] 1. Cobbosseecontee Lake to Pleasant Pond II 217 cfs
+ 2 cfs/hr
Lower Runnable
Cobbosseecontee Stream [ME] 2. Gardiner to Kennebec River III n/a

Cobscook Falls [ME] Dennys Bay to Cobscook Bay II-III n/a

Cold Stream [ME] Tomhegan Stream to Kennebec R. V n/a

Crooked [ME] 1) Albany to North Waterford I-II n/a

Crooked [ME] 2) North Waterford to East Waterford II-III n/a

Crooked [ME] 3) East Waterford to Scribners Mill II-III n/a

Crooked [ME] Scribners Mill to US 302 II-III n/a

Cupsuptic [ME] Big Canyon to Big Falls V+ n/a

Damariscotta [ME] Reversing Falls II n/a

Dead, N. Branch [ME] Chain Lakes to Eustis I-III n/a

Dead, S. Branch [ME] 1. Dallas School (Rte, 16) to Langston Mill II-III n/a

Dead, S. Branch [ME] 2. Green Farm Br. to Flagstaff II-III n/a

Dead [ME] Spencer Falls to West Forks II-III(IV) n/a

Dennys [ME] 1. Gilman Dam to Rte. 86 I-II n/a

Dennys [ME] Rte. 86 to 2.5 mi downstream I-III n/a

Depot Stream [ME] Depot Lake to Big Black River II n/a

Ducktrap [ME] Black Brook to Ducktrap Harbor II-V n/a

East Machias [ME] Crawford to East Machias I-III n/a

Ellis Brook [ME] Ellis Bog to Chamberlain Lake II n/a

Enchanted Stream [ME] to Dead River V n/a

Falls Brook [ME] Falls Pond to St. Francis R. II-IV n/a

Fish [ME] Round Pond to Ferguson Brook I-III n/a

Fish [ME] Soldier Pond to Saint John River I-V n/a

Goose Eye Brook [ME] Bull Branch Rd - Hike up IV-V(V+) n/a

Goose Falls [ME] Goose Falls Fd to same II n/a

Goose [ME] Rte 141 to US 1 at Belfast V n/a

Grand Lake Stream [ME] West Grand Lake to Big Lake II-III 819 cfs
0 cfs/hr
Lower Runnable
Great Works [ME] Brattle Street to Leighs Mill Pond IV-V n/a

Hobart Stream [ME] Hobart Bog to Dennys Bay I-IV n/a

Kenduskeag Stream [ME] 1) Garland to French Stream I-II n/a

Kenduskeag Stream [ME] 2) French Stream to Kenduskeag I-III n/a

Kenduskeag Stream [ME] 3) Kenduskeag to Rte. 15 (Six Mile Falls) II-III n/a

Kenduskeag Stream [ME] 4) Rt. 15 (Six Mile Falls) to Bangor I-II(III) 3.94 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Kennebago [ME] Kennebago Lake to Bridge III-IV n/a

Kennebec, West Outlet [ME] Moosehead Lake to Indian Pond I-II n/a

Kennebec., East Outlet [ME] Moosehead Lake Rte. 15 Bridge to Indian Pond II-IV n/a

Kennebec [ME] 1) Kennebec Gorge: Harris Station Dam to Carry Brook III-IV n/a

Kennebec [ME] 2) Lower Kennebec: Carry Brook to the Forks II-III n/a

Kennebec [ME] The Forks to Caratunk I n/a

Kennebunk [ME] Route 1 Ledge III 3.58 ft
+0.00 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Kingsbury Stream [ME] Kingsbury Pond to Coles Corner Rd II-III 6.19 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Little Androscoggin [ME] Bryant Pond to Tubbs School I 2.65 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Little Androscoggin [ME] West Paris to South Paris I-II n/a

Little Ossipee [ME] Balch Pond to Saco R. I n/a

Little Spencer Stream [ME] Spencer Lake to Spencer Stream I-II n/a

Little [ME] Stackpole Bridge to Hubbard Road I-II n/a

Little [ME] US202 to Lord Road I-II n/a

Machias (Washington County) [ME] Fifth Machias Lake to Maine 9 I-III n/a

Machias (Washington County) [ME] Maine Rte. 9 to Machias I-IV n/a

Machias, W. Branch [ME] Lower Sabao Lake to Machias R. I-III n/a

Machias [ME] Big Machias Lake to Aroostook River I-III 1.47 ft
-0.01 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Macwahoc Stream [ME] Macwahoc Lake to Macwahoc I-II n/a

Magalloway [ME] Aziscohos Dam to Wilsons Mills II-III(V) n/a

Magalloway [ME] Parmachenee Lake to Aziscohos Lake V+ n/a

Magalloway [ME] Third East Branch to First E. Branch I-IV n/a

Marsh Stream [ME] Monroe Center to W. Winterport I-II n/a

Marsh Stream [ME] W. Winterport to Frankfort I-III n/a

Martin Stream [ME] Dixmont to Newport I-II n/a

Mattawamkeag, E. Branch [ME] Smyrna Mills to Haynesville I-II n/a

Mattawamkeag, W. Branch [ME] Route 11 15 mi to Island Falls, 24 mi to Haynesville I-II n/a

Mattawamkeag [ME] Haynesville to Kingman I-II n/a

Mattawamkeag [ME] Kingman to Mattawamkeag II-IV n/a

Meduxnekeag, S. Branch [ME] Hodgdon to Meduxnekeag River I-II n/a

Millinocket Stream (Aroostook trib) [ME] Millinocket Lake 9 mi to Libby Camp I-III n/a

Millinocket Stream (E.Br.Penobscot trib) [ME] Millinocket Lake to Shad Pond I-II n/a

Moose, S. Branch [ME] Peaked Mtn to Skinner IV-V n/a

Moose [ME] Long Pond to Brassua Lake II-III n/a

Mopang Stream [ME] Maine 9 to Machias Eddy I-II n/a

Mopang Stream [ME] Mopang Lake to Maine 9 I-II n/a

Mousam [ME] Rte. 1 to Water St. II-III 71 cfs
0 cfs/hr
Below Recom.
Moxie Stream [ME] Snowmobile bridge to Moxie Falls V n/a

Munsungan Stream [ME] Chase Lake to Libby Camp I-II n/a

Musquacook Stream [ME] 2nd Lake to Allagash R. I-III n/a

Musquacook Stream [ME] 5th Lake to 2nd Lake I-II n/a

Nahmakanta Stream [ME] Nahmakanta Lake to Pemadumcook Lake I-II n/a

Narraguagus, W. Branch [ME] Denbow Peat Mine to Sprague Falls ... II-III n/a

Narraguagus [ME] Deblois to Cherryfield I-V n/a

Narraguagus [ME] Deer Lake to Deblois I-II 8.64 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Narramissic [ME] Denham to Alamoosook Lake II n/a

Nesowadnehunk Stream [ME] Little Niagara to Penobscot R. V n/a

Nesowadnehunk Stream [ME] Nesowadnehunk to Daicey Pond Brook I-III n/a

Nezinscot, W. Branch [ME] Headwaters to Buckfield I n/a

Nezinscot [ME] Headwaters to Androscoggin R. I n/a

Nicatous Stream [ME] Nicatous Lake to Pistol Green I-III n/a

Northern Inlet [ME] Rt. 191 to Mud Landing I-II n/a

Old Stream [ME] Second Lake to Machias River I-II n/a

Orange [ME] Halls Mills to Whiting I-III n/a

Orbeton Stream [ME] Barnjum Stream to Sandy R. IV-V n/a

Ossipee [ME] N.H. border to Saco R. I-II n/a

Oyster [ME] Beechwood St to Rt 131 II-III+(V+) n/a

Parlin Pond Stream [ME] Parlin Gorge V+ n/a

Passadumkeag [ME] Saponac to Upper Lord Brook V n/a

Pemaquid [ME] Bristol to Pemaquid I-II n/a

Penobscot, E. Branch [ME] Grand Lake Matagamon to Whetstone Falls III-V n/a

Penobscot, E. Branch [ME] Whetstone Falls to Medway I-III n/a

Penobscot, N. Branch [ME] Big Bog Dam to Pittston Farm I-II n/a

Penobscot, S. Branch [ME] Bridge to Canada Falls Dam I-II n/a

Penobscot, S. Branch [ME] Canada Falls Lake to Pittston Farm III-IV+ n/a

Penobscot, S. Branch [ME] US Rt. 201 Bridge to Canada Falls Lake I-II n/a

Penobscot, W. Branch [ME] Quackish Dam (ME 11) to Shad Pond III-IV n/a

Penobscot, W. Branch [ME] Ripogenus Gorge to Debsconeag III-V n/a

Penobscot, W. Branch [ME] Seboomook Dam to Roll Dam Campsite III+ n/a

Penobscot [ME] Mattawamkeag to Winn I-II n/a

Penobscot [ME] Old Town, 2nd Dam to Veazie Dam I-III n/a

Penobscot [ME] South Orrington to Sandy Point I-III n/a

Pierce Pond Stream [ME] Pierce Pond to Kennebec River V+ n/a

Piscataquis River [ME] Blanchard to Upper Abbott I-II(III) n/a

Piscataquis, E. Branch [ME] Shirley Mills to Blanchard V n/a

Piscataquis, W. Branch [ME] Oakes Bog to Blanchard IV-V n/a

Piscataquis [ME] Dover-Foxcroft 18.5 mi to Derby, 9 mi to Medford I-III n/a

Piscataquis [ME] Medford to Maxfield II-III n/a

Pleasant (Pleasant Bay trib) [ME] Pleasant River Lake to Columbia Falls I-III n/a

Pleasant (Presumpscot trib) [ME] U.S. 302 to River Rd. I(III) n/a

Pleasant, E. Branch [ME] Guernsey Brook to Upper Ebeemee Lake III-V n/a

Pleasant, E. Branch [ME] Lower Ebeemee to Brownville Junction I-II n/a

Pleasant, W. Branch [ME] Bear Brook to Long Pond Road (Gulf Hagas) V n/a

Pleasant, W. Branch [ME] Katahdin Iron Works to Brownville Junction II-III n/a

Presumpscot [ME] Sebago Lake to Pleasant Hill I-IV 3.33 ft
-0.05 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Ragged Stream [ME] Ragged Lake dam to bridge III+ n/a

Rapid [ME] Pond in the River to Lake Umbagog IV n/a

Roach [ME] Kokadjo to Moosehead lake II-III n/a

Royal [ME] Yarmouth Waterworks to Town Landing II-IV n/a

Saco [ME] Limington Rips II+(IV) n/a

Saco [ME] Steep Falls I-II+(V+) n/a

Salmon Brook [ME] New Dunn Town Road to Aroostook River II n/a

Sandy Stream [ME] Freedom Pond to Unity Pond II-III n/a

Sandy Stream [ME] Lower Togue Pond to Millicocket Lake I-II n/a

Sandy Stream [ME] Stony Brook to Michael Stream (Lexington Township) IV-V n/a

Sandy, S. Branch [ME] Number Six Rd to ME 4 II n/a

Sandy [ME] 1) Smalls Falls V n/a

Sandy [ME] 2) Smalls Falls to S. Branch II-III 3.91 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Sandy [ME] 3) S. Branch to Phillips II-III 3.91 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Sandy [ME] 4) Phillips through town V n/a

Sandy [ME] 5) Phillips to Fairbanks Bridge I-II 3.91 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Sandy [ME] 6) Farmington Falls to New Sharon II-III 3.91 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Schoodic Stream [ME] Schoodic Lake (Adams) to Miol-Howland Rd II-IV n/a

Sebasticook [ME] Burnham to Benton I-III n/a

Sebasticook [ME] Mainstream to Castle Harmony II n/a

Seboeis [ME] Hay Brook to Grand Lake Rd (5 mi, III-IV), to East Branch Pe... I-IV 5.24 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Sheepscot, W. Branch [ME] Weeks Mills to Sheepscot River I-II n/a

Sheepscot [ME] Coopers Mills to West Branch II-III n/a

Sheepscot [ME] Reversing Falls I n/a

Sheepscot [ME] Sheepscot Pond to Somerville II n/a

Shin Brook [ME] Lower Shin Pond to Seboeis R. III-V+ n/a

Ship Pond Stream [ME] Cow yard Falls to Bucks Cove I-III n/a

Smith Brook [ME] Haymock Lake to Eagle lake I-III n/a

Souadabscook Stream [ME] Manning Mill Bridge to Rt.1A in Hampden III+(IV) n/a

Spencer Stream [ME] Logging Br to Dead River II-IV 3.39 ft
-0.02 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Squa Pan Stream [ME] Squa Pan Lake to Aroostook River I-II n/a

St. Croix Stream [ME] Howe Brook to Aroostook River I-II n/a

St. Croix [ME] 1) Vanceboro to Kelleyland I-III 1140 cfs
0 cfs/hr
Lower Runnable
St. Croix [ME] 2) Kelleyland to Milltown I-II 1140 cfs
0 cfs/hr
Lower Runnable
St. Croix [ME] 3) Milltown to Calais II-V 1140 cfs
0 cfs/hr
Lower Runnable
St. Francis [ME] Beau Lake to Saint John River I-III 162 cfs
0 cfs/hr
Lower Runnable
St. George [ME] Payson Park II(IV) n/a

St. John, SW Branch [ME] Fourth St John Pond to Baker Lake Outlet I-II n/a

St. John [ME] American Realty Road 71.8 mi to Allagash, 28 mi to Fort Kent I-III 6.29 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Stillwater River [ME] Gilman Falls to Penobscot River I-III(IV) n/a

Stillwater [ME] Gilman Falls I n/a

Stillwater [ME] Stillwater Playspots I-III(IV) n/a

Sunday [ME] Above Pool to Androscoggin II-III n/a

Sunkhaze Stream [ME] headwater to Penobscot R. I n/a

Swift Cambridge [ME] Cedar Brook, Rte 26 to Dead Cambridge R. II-V n/a

Swift [ME] Rt 17 Bridge to Mexico II-III 1.53 ft
0.00 ft/hr
Lower Runnable
Tannery Brook [ME] Rte 180 to Graham Lake I-III n/a

Temple Stream [ME] Drury Pond to Sandy River II-III n/a

Union, E. Branch [ME] Steep Landing 14.4 mi to Route 179 and 5.0 mi to West Branch I-II n/a

Union, W. Branch [ME] Great Pond 11 mi to Amherst and then 6 mi to Goodwin Bridge I-II n/a

Union [ME] Ellsworth Falls to Ellsworth I-II n/a

Wassataquoik Stream [ME] Deasy Pond Outlet to E. Br. Penobscot R. III-V n/a

Webb River [ME] Webb Lake to Carthage III n/a

Webster Brook [ME] Telos Landing to Grand Lake Matagamon I-V n/a

Wesserunsett Stream [ME] Athens to Kennebec R. I n/a

Whiting Bay [ME] Whiting to Cobscook Reversing Falls III n/a

Wild [ME] Hastings to Gilead III-IV 2.91 ft
+0.00 ft/hr
Below Recom.
Wilson Stream [ME] Wilton to E. Wilton II n/a

Wytopitlock Stream [ME] Wytopitlock Lake to Mattawamkeag River I-II n/a