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Set up ranges of flows. For example, you can say low is between -9 ft and -1 ft, and medium is -1 to 5 ft. If you set up the middle range, then the low and high flows will be obvious to the system, so specify at least a middle range. You can set up correlations of different source gauges. You can also add a comment for each range. Range comments will appear only if the flow is in range. Put general gauge comments in the table above, and level-specfic comments in the comment below description.

Gauges for Reach #10267

Cedar River at Charles City, IA (2322)

Metric :cfs Time Adjustment : Estimated :yes Excluded :yes Comment :Gauge (1054 sq.mi. drainage) is in Charles City, so should accurately reflect water available at this location.
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Min. Max. Range Rated Comment
200 400 Low Runnable (R0-R4) Flat spins only delete edit
400 800 Low Runnable (R0-R4) Mostly flatspins. Some elevated moves possible at the upper end of this range. delete edit
800 1800 Medium Runnable (R4-R6) Generally too shallow for loops, but getting more powerful for dynamic spins and low-angle moves. delete edit
1800 3500 Medium Runnable (R4-R6) Moderate (perhaps 'optimum') flows. Excellent play. Vertical moves in Doc's Drop and Exit Exam. delete edit
3500 5000 High Runnable (R6-R9) High (but playable) flows. Starting to get large logs flushing through. delete edit
5000 7000 Dangerously High (not fun) (H1,H2) High, fast, no eddies! (Mostly 'catch-on-the-fly' surfs.) delete edit
7000 20000 Dangerously High (not fun) (H1,H2) Bank full to flooding. Play features washed out. Very fast current. No easy exit from the water. delete edit

total: 7