Add New Gauge
Set up ranges of flows. For example, you can say low is between -9 ft and -1 ft, and medium is -1 to 5 ft. If you set up the middle range, then the low and high flows will be obvious to the system, so specify at least a middle range. You can set up correlations of different source gauges. You can also add a comment for each range. Range comments will appear only if the flow is in range. Put general gauge comments in the table above, and level-specfic comments in the comment below description.

Gauges for Reach #448


Metric :cfs Time Adjustment : Estimated :yes Excluded :yes Comment :
edit gauge remove gauge new range
Min. Max. Range Rated Comment
800 10000 Range of Boatable Flows (R0-R9) When the Hydro Plant is offline (as it is through the winter of 2015/16) the whole run is easily navigable down to around 650 cfs (~1ft on the boater's gauge) delete edit

total: 1