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StreamTeam members can access the StreamTeam Interface by logging in and following the “Internal Link” on their start pages.
Instructions for StreamTeam members.
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What is the National Whitewater Inventory?

The National Whitewater Inventory (NWI) is a crowdsourced and dynamic online database and guide to over 5,500 whitewater runs across the US and beyond. The NWI is infused with the local knowledge of volunteer paddlers who share river descriptions, flow preferences, access tips, hazard alerts, photos, and more. The database serves as a resource for paddlers but also provides information for river managers and partners. American Whitewater staff utilize the information from this database in our advocacy work to protect whitewater rivers and enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely. American Whitewater provides the platform of the NWI, but it is up to paddlers like you to make it a living, accurate, safe, and beautiful tool for exploring rivers. If you are new to the project and seek guidance in how to proceed with editing a reach, a volunteer group of individuals known as the Stream Team can assist. The Stream Team and American Whitewater staff can provide guidance on how to develop content and answer technical questions that may come up.

Who is the Stream Team?

The Stream Team members is a group of trusted American Whitewater members and trusted “information volunteers” who are and will be responsible for helping generate and review the volumes of river data that are contributed to the National Whitewater Inventory. They come from all over the US (and eventually the W. Hemisphere) and act as featured authors and trusted verification sources for their chosen whitewater watersheds and/or streams.

The AmericanWhitewater.org website receives, includes in its database and displays all manner of whitewater river information. Along with everything from the usual location, length and class of a river, we are inviting all whitewater paddlers and the general public to share their information and help build the rivers database. First-hand descriptions, rapid ratings, flow recommendations, hydro info, gage information, permit info, safety notices, history, pictures, maps, member links, estimated numbers of paddlers per season, archived American Whitewater Journal articles, nearby motels, campgrounds, outfitters, gas stations, etc…basically, ANYTHING paddlers might find useful to know about a particular whitewater river.

In order to help American Whitewater identify, maintain, and verify the river information entered by website users, we will be relying upon our Stream Team to monitor their chosen watershed or region to ensure that information is correct and up-to-date. An email-driven alert system will facilitate this. Whenever edits are made concerning the rivers within a Stream Team member's chosen jurisdiction, an automatically-generated email will be sent to the Stream Team member with the new information for verification.


Note: all Stream Team members, Stream Team Leaders, and the StreaMaster must be current American Whitewater members.

StreamTeam member:

* Choose a group of Streams to oversee.

  • Monitor data and information entered on each Stream under his/her authority.
  • Receive user comments on the streams via email, and make appropriate updates if website users need assistance.
  • Suggest other potential Stream Team members.

> Regional Stream Team Leader:

  • Recruit local Stream Team members.
  • Answer questions and assist StreamTeam members in getting started.
  • Receive user comments from streams without a Stream Team member.
  • Do what is necessary to ensure that all streams in the region are covered.

> StreaMaster:

  • Recruit Regional StreamTeam Leaders and local StreamTeam members.
  • Answer questions and assist Stream Team members in getting started.
  • Receive user comments from streams without a Stream Team member or Regional Stream Team Leader.

How to Join the StreamTeam

Note: all StreamTeam members must be current American Whitewater members.
To become a StreamTeam member, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Register with the americanwhitewater.org site.
  2. Contact one of the Regional Stream Team Leaders for your region. See the list below.
  3. Be sure to tell the Regional Stream Team Leader or StreaMaster the Username under which you registered. Also tell them the State(s) containing the Stream(s) you wish to oversee.
  4. Or you may contact American Whitewater (info@americanwhitewater.org), giving the information listed above.