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The StreamTeam Project

StreamTeam members can access the StreamTeam Interface by logging in and following the “Internal Link” on their start pages.
Instructions for StreamTeam members.
StreamTeam Forum at Google Groups

What is the StreamTeam Project?

The StreamTeam Project is the way that American Whitewater lets its members share their knowledge about rivers with the paddling public. It's a grass-roots online database of river info, continually updated and improved.

Here is the concept behind the StreamTeam Project:

The StreamTeam members (STs) are a group of trusted AW member “info volunteers” who are and will be responsible for helping generate and review the volumes of river data that are available via the new web-based AW river database. They come from all over the US (and eventually the W. Hemisphere) and will essentially be acting as featured authors and trusted verification sources for their chosen whitewater watersheds and/or streams.

The AmericanWhitewater.org website receives, includes in its database and displays all manner of wwriver information. Along with everything from the usual location, length and class of a river, we are inviting all wwpaddlers and the general public to share their information and help build the rivers database. First-hand descriptions, rapid ratings, flow recommendations, hydro info, gage information, permit info, safety notices, history, pictures, maps, members' links, estimated numbers of paddlers per season, archived AW Journal articles, nearby motels, campgrounds, outfitters, gas stations, etc…basically, ANYTHING paddlers might find useful to know about a particular wwriver. The more info we share - the more powerflow we get…

In order to help AW identify, maintain and verify the river information entering (or not being entered into) the database, we will be relying upon our STs to keep their chosen watershed information correct and up-to-date as much as possible by using an email-driven alert system. Whenever new information concerning the rivers within the ST's chosen jurisdiction comes into the AW site (via the “Add a Comment” feature), an automatically generated email will be sent to the ST with the new information for verification. The ST can then verify and enter the information to the database as correct and confirmed to the best of their knowledge, find it to be incorrect and delete it, or simply leave it as unverified and/or unknown.

In addition to providing a comprehensive and eye-catching web-based interface, we've incorporated EPA and USGS identifiers in AW's main database, using it in cooperation with the USGS databases to provide user-customizable “Gaugebot” email-driven gage reports for our members. How does being automatically notified when your fave stream is running at your chosen optimal flow sound to you?

To do this, we need help from every corner of AW's membership. The initial phase of the StreamTeam Project had approximately 200 volunteers. For a truly comprehensive database, we need at least twice that number. A ST may choose to monitor as many, or as few streams as (s)he wishes. After choosing a stream, if an ST moves out of the area or decides that (s)he can't continue, (s)he can easily resign that stream, leaving it for the next volunteer to take on. This project is open-ended, which means that each of us can do as much or as little as (s)he wants.

So, please, if you have knowledge of a stream…whether it's a local stream that only you and your two buddies paddle, or a famous stream that gets 2000 kayakers and raft hogs every Saturday, join up with the ST project, share your knowledge, and help American Whitewater become the paddlers' resource for the new millennium!


Note: all StreamTeam members, StreamTeam Leaders, and the StreaMaster must be current American Whitewater members.

StreamTeam member:

* Choose a group of Streams to oversee.

  • Enter data and info on each Stream under his/her authority.
  • Receive user comments on the streams via email, and make appropriate updates.
  • Suggest other potential StreamTeam members.

> Regional StreamTeam Leader:

  • Recruit local StreamTeam members.
  • Answer questions and assist StreamTeam members in getting started.
  • Verify and finalize data that STs enter.
  • Receive user comments from streams without a StreamTeam member.
  • Do what is necessary to ensure that all streams in the region are covered.

> StreaMaster:

  • Recruit Regional StreamTeam Leaders and local StreamTeam members (RSLs and STs).
  • Answer questions and assist StreamTeam members in getting started.
  • Verify and finalize data that RSLs and STs enter.
  • Receive user comments from streams without a StreamTeam member or Regional StreamTeam Leader.
  • Oversee operations, including the relationship between the AW and the USGS databases.

How to Join the StreamTeam

Note: all StreamTeam members must be current American Whitewater members.
To become a StreamTeam member, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Register with the americanwhitewater.org site.
  2. Contact one of the Regional StreamTeam Leaders for your region. See the list below.
  3. Be sure to tell the Regional SL or StreaMaster the Username under which you registered. Also tell them the State(s) containing the Stream(s) you wish to adopt.
  4. Or you may contact the StreaMaster, Matt Muir (matt@americanwhitewater.org), giving the information listed above.
  5. When the Regional SL or StreaMaster has set you up as a StreamTeam member, you'll receive an email with instructions. And you'll get loads of great river karma, including a guarantee of high water and monstrous surfing waves and our patented Swim-Free Guarantee(TM)*.

*Void where prohibited by law, poor judgment or skill degradation.