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Report ID# 1016

  • Impact/Trauma
  • Head Injury / Concussion
  • Other

Accident Description

On this date a three-boat party was having a good day on the Forks of Kern when they arrived at Carson Falls . One of the paddlers hit the huge hole at the base of the falls and had to roll up. He hit the right side of his helmet hard against a submerged rock in what had been assumed to be a clean run-out, suffering a small tear in his eardrum. After he rolled up, he experienced intense vertigo followed by deafness and pain. The helmet, a Seda Kevlar, covered the ears fully and there was no sign of concussion. Dr. Beck has often seen these injuries among surfers, and believes that it was caused by water pressure created by the collision. He has since learned of a number of paddlers who have hit their heads at this spot, and will stop running Carson Falls as a result.

Source: Dr. Keith Beck

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