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From FB - Spring River Chronicle

ORIGINAL POST: A recovery team comprised of Hardy Fire and Police Department, Survival Flight and a swift water recovery dive team from Arkansas Game and Fish Commission have been working since about 3:45 this afternoon near Bobo Trace In Hardy at the top of High Falls. A group of four were floating on tubes when a female went over the falls, was sucked under and never resurfaced. The group is currently working to recover the female. Scott Rose with the Hardy Fire and Police Department confirmed the woman was sucked into an 8-10 foot hole on the far side of the falls. The woman is reportedly from Paragould but a name is not being released at this time. The SRC will provide updates on this post as they become available.

UPDATE: 7:45 p.m. The swift water dive team arrived on the scene and decided the suction was too great into the hole, the hole was deeper beneath the falls than originally thought and the water too swift to dive. The recovery crews are currently utilizing plywood as a way to divert the water in an attempt to slow the flow to allow the dive team to continue with the recovery.

UPDATE: 9:30 p.m. The recovery team at High Falls on the Spring River at Hardy has called off the recovery for the femajle who is believed to have drown around 3:45 today due to the swiftness is the water. According to the Hardy Police Chief, Tam Taylor , divers with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will continue in their efforts around 6:30 a.m. with additional plywood having been donated by B and B Supply to attempt to divert the water to allow divers access in the extremely swift and suctioning water to complete the recovery .


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