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Posted on FB by Tommy Piros
Near Miss on Deckers Creek near Morgantown, WV
Summer 2020 - the sieve on river left directly below edge of the world
(Very technical Class V+ creek with lots of sieves)
Deckers and many other creeks we love are quality whitewater moves with severe dangers and consequences if moves are missed. Some of those dangers are easily noticeable, notorious, heavily discussed and even portaged (walked around). Some aren't as commonly known and can creep up when least expected. This is what happened to us.
We were having a good lap, mobbing down, slayin' lines, hiked a rapid cause we thought we saw a tree, and had just made it through -in my mind- the most dangerous part. But right then a little jangle led Nate to catch a slightly lower eddy than desired. I (leading the charge) didn't think anything of it. Figured he'd have no problem making it back on line for the next rapid and didn't know of the seive/undercut rock below him on that side. I dropped and made sure he saw where, but as I looked back up I saw him not quite make it to the line and drop into a pin.
We were not equipped with a pin kit or enough 'biners but hurried up and threw him a rope. He flushed under the rock but after more delay than you want we were able to get him out via live bait. After CPR and he was back, it was dark. And although this is a roadside creek, we were on the wrong side. We had called 911 earlier just in case and also Adam Johnson for assistance getting across the creek in the dark. AJah was able to intercept the paramedics and lead them to the exact spot. With the light they provided, Nate felt confident ferrying (paddling) across and hiked out. Was a huge wake-up call not to let class V be too casual and to never come unprepared for the absolute worst.

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