Accident Database

Report ID# 1167

  • Swim into Rock or Sieve
  • Near Drowning
  • Other

Accident Description

Near fatal seive Victim: Experienced elderly man Victim bailed out of his canoe presumably in terminator hole. He stopped on a small rock near river right where he proceeded to ask for a rope to assist in a rescue. A whistle was blown to alert paddlers nearby, but no one had a rope to help him off the rock. Moments later, he slipped off and tried to swim to shore. He didn't make it and was sucked into a sieve.

I think he tumbled over a rock near the entrance which made him go in headfirst and was not able to pull himself out. He kicked his legs franticly above the water as a few other paddlers and I yelled and ran to help. I made it to him first. His head was face up, merely a foot underwater when I saw him, but the water was too powerful for him to lift his head out. I got my footing on the two rocks and reached in to pull his head to the surface, he chocked on water as he gasped for air. Another paddler arrived and we pulled him out of the sieve. We rested on a small, submerged rock just before the entrance to the sieve and adjusted his lifejacket so he could breathe. He was visibly shaken.

A few more paddlers joined in to help while he regained his composure. We stayed there for a few minutes to wait for a rope, but decided we could pull him to shore ourselves. With all the extra help we made it to shore just fine. The total time under water was probably around 20-30 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. Thankfully this is a very popular river and plenty of people were around to help. Kenny was the second rescuer on scene. I don't know his last name, nor do I know the name(or age) of the victim. More details will probably come soon.

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