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  • PFD Not Worn or Present
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  • One Boat Trip

Accident Description

 Man drowns while on Deschutes River rafting trip

August 9, 2006 KATU 2 News - Portland, Oregon

DESCHUTES RIVER, Ore. - Wasco County Sheriff's Deputies reported Wednesday that a man drowned while rafting on the Deschutes River Tuesday near Maupin. Deputies say that a raft with four people aboard was transiting the Wapinitia Rapids when the raft hit a rock. All aboard reportedly ended up in the river. David Layman, 27, of Phoenix, Arizona was pulled from the river and resuscitation efforts were carried out until an ambulance from Maupin arrived. He was pronounced dead at 3:25 p.m. Deputies say Layman was not wearing a flotation device. It is the third drowning on the Deschutes River this summer. (Non commercial. No life jacket. Could have been a rental raft.)

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