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Report ID# 23217

  • PFD Not Worn or Present
  • Other
  • One Boat Trip

Accident Description

Ranger Report: 7/31/2017 64 yo James Kent Hobson was fishing from a raft in the braided and built channel between Wildson Bridge and South Park Ramp. He had suffered injuries to his back and arms in past ski injuries that left him unable to use his left arm, and took medication daily for pain and neural issues.  While sitting in the back of a 16' Achilles raft with a frame that allowed him a seat, Hobson was able to fish. At some point, the boat sped out of a fast channel directly into the built levee were it stopped abruptly leaving the victim in motion sweeping him over the side of the boat. The boatman looked back, saw him in the water holding onto the line, and began going towards shore. Hobson had lost consciousness, breathing and heartbeat by the time his body was brought to shore. Rescuers could not resuscitate. Hobson wore no lifejacket. All members in the boat were still drinking the first beer of the day, and alcohol was not considered a factor in this instance.

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