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Accident Description

07-03-07 Red BLUFF, CA Rescuers see no sign of lost R.B. man (07-05-07)

Rescuers searched fruitlessly Wed. (07-04) for a Red Bluff man who is presumed drowned in the Sacramento River after he fell out of an capsized canoe Tue. afternoon, the Tehama Co. Sheriff's Dept. reported. The search for 23-y/o Ronald Osborne will probably resume today, a sheriff's dispatcher said.

The Sheriff's Dept. received a 911 call about 4 p.m. Tue. that a canoe had overturned in the China Rapids north of Red Bluff with 2 men aboard. James Vereb, 23, of Red Bluff told deputies he was canoeing down the river with Osborne when their craft flipped in the rapids. Vereb, who was wearing a life jacket, said he was swept downstream but eventually made it to shore, where other boaters helped him.

Osborne was not wearing a life jacket when the canoe overturned, Vereb told deputies. But Osborne was holding onto a life jacket and trying to swim out of the fast-moving water when Vereb last saw him. He lost sight of Osborne for a minute, and when he looked back, Osborne had disappeared. Rescuers searched the area Tue. with the help of a Cal. Highway Patrol helicopter. The life jacket Osborne had been holding was floating down the river, but they saw no other sign of the missing canoeist.

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