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Friends and Paddling Community, As I'm sure many of you are now already aware: Ben Earle, Age 25, Drowned while kayaking down a creek in BC - Canada On Sunday Ben and I put on to Finn Creek. Within the first 1km Ben was sucked underneath a log that was not visible from the water's surface and unable to pull his skirt. Many attempts to rescue him failed and after 30mins I had to leave to call 911. After 2 and a half days of rescue attempts by the search and rescue (Many of them Ben's close personal friends), managed to pull Ben, and the boat he was paddling, out. Ben sustained no major injuries and close relatives and friends have had the chance to go and visit him before being cremated.

A service will be held for him in his Canadian home of Clearwater- BC on Saturday. Ben died doing something he loved, exploring a new river. He died not due to a fatal mistake of judgment or going outside his more than capable paddling ability. He was simply claimed by a log that he could not see, even after standing directly in front of it to scout, unawares of the danger lurking beneath the surface. A tragic incident indeed. Ben Earle is Probably the most competent and experienced river user i know. Growing up in Tasmania Australia, he was exposed to the way of life that came with running rivers at an early age compared to many. In a relatively short time he has rafted and kayaked all over the world and introduced hundreds if not thousands of people to the joys of the river. He was a sponsored paddler for Fluid Kayaks and WRSI helmets and a great contributer to river safety in the paddling community. He was one of the key organizers of the Clearwater River festival and is a devastating loss to the paddling community in general, not to mention his his family and friends.

I do not wish to leave too many details of the incident here, but if anybody would like further information on the incident, updates on service arrangements or to be put in touch with any of Ben's family and friends, I will do my best to bring you into the loop. I am contactable @ goboatingaus( and you can try calling me on +1 250 674 7001

Ben is and was one of my closest friends; it is a very difficult loss for me personally to deal with. But our thoughts and prayers must go out to Ben's Family, Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother, especially his Wife Robin and his two beautiful children Rio and Finn who will miss their father greatly. Rest in peace Benji Adrian Kiernan Clearwater


Fatal kayaking accident in Finn Creek

File #2008-0601 2008-06-03 10:53 PDT

At approximately 1 pm on Sunday June 1st, RCMP in Clearwater were made aware of a tragedy that was unfolding in Finn Creek. An experienced kayaker was navigating the fast moving river when he became caught under a log that was hidden beneath the waters. The kayak was pinned under water and unfortunately the young man was unable to get himself free. A second kayaker was able to get to a phone and call for help.

Emergency personnel worked until dark, and all day long the following day in an attempt to recover the body from the river. The recovery attempt, which is still ongoing, is taking place down a steep gorge in a canyon area of Finn Creek, which empties into the North Thompson River. The creek is approximately 35 feet wide, and the water is moving rapidly due to the time of year.

The deceased is twenty five year old Ben EARLE. He is from Australia, but spends his summers working in the Clearwater area. Further updates will released as they become available. Released by: Sgt. Stuart SEIB Detachment Commander Clearwater RCMP 250-674-2237

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