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Photo shows fast moving river with Class I Rapids. Section unknown.

Woman Dies while Kayaking on River

By KSEE News, Fresno, CA

Story Published: Jun 22, 2008

After hours of trying to find a missing kayaker, authorities worst fears were confirmed when they found a body in the Kings River. The woman's kayak apparently flipped and she did not resurface.

The incident happened in east Fresno county. Search and rescue teams did all they could but ran out of time. At about 2:30 p.m. Saturday, emergency crews were called, when someone reported a missing kayaker. The unknown woman's craft apparently capsized sending her into the chilly water. It is unclear if she had a life vest on.

After three hours of searching for the missing woman, the rescue mission turned to a recovery effort. The woman's body found. It was too late to help. Authorities warn, if you are not a skilled swimmer, or if you fail to take safety precautions, the picturesque scene can become a death trap. The Fresno county coroner will now perform an autopsy and hopefully determine exactly what happened.

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