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May 19, 2018:  I happened to talk with a guy that lives only two houses from Haskins Park (he was sitting on a park bench by the boat launch).  He told me that he saved two people in 2017 that were swept underneath the floating dock at Haskins Park, West Baraboo, WI.  In one case this man (rescuer) said he usually walks there but for some reason had his truck there that day.   He always has 100 ft of rope in the truck.   He was able to get the rope out of the truck and rescue the person that was swept under the dock with his kayak.  He said that person would have drowned if he hadn't been there with the rope.  I asked him if he reported it and he said no - so I asked him if he would let the West Baraboo authorities know about that incident and he said he would call.

River Hazard – Floating Dock at Haskins Park, West Baraboo, WI. The floating dock at Haskins Park was installed fall of 2015.  This dock is a river hazard as the kayak/canoe launch is immediately upstream of this dock.  At rivers flows of 1000 cfs and higher there is the potential to get swept into and under the dock after putting in.  At flows of 2500 and up, this floating dock sits in the middle of the river.  Do NOT paddle on river left of this dock as there are metal supports and ramp attached to shore.  As of May 4, 2018 this floating dock was severely damaged in a flood and the debris is still there as of May 19, 2018.