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Report ID# 3131

  • Caught in Low Head Dam Hydraulic
  • Near Drowning
  • Inexperience
  • One Boat Trip

Accident Description

Source: WKYT-TV Knoxville

Teen Boater Rescued After Nearly Drowning
A dramatic rescue along a Kentucky River that easily could have ended in death instead ended with a teenage victim counting her blessings. The 16-year old was attempting to launch her kayak into Elkhorn Creek in franklin county but was overcome by rough whitewater when boating over the dam and became trapped. The circulating currents spit her out into the river where she became stranded on a rock. Rescue crews were called in to help her and she made it out safely. Others have died in the same place.

Now the Bluegrass Wilwater Association is asking the owners of the dam to remodel it, or remove it. The Association says the particular type of dam--known as a weir dam--is commonly reffered to by kayackers as a "drowning machine".

They say in this case, the dam's victim lived, but they fear the next person might not be so fortunate.

Posted by: Daniel Mahoney
Location: Carrollton on May 21, 2009

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