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Report ID# 32043

  • Equipment Trap
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Accident Description

Synopsis: A private rafter was swimming below Jump Rock when her ankle was tangled up in  a thow rope pulling her underwater. Ropes should not be fed out into the current to be used as a way to get recreational swimmers back upstream. All paddlers exposed to moving water and ropes should carry a river knife.

Luke Holcomb was rafting on the Ocoee with two friends. They stopped below Double Trouble to jump off Jump Rock. Luke stayed in the raft to pick his friends up. A two boat commercial trip stopped at the same time. They parked one raft on the rock upside down and a guide held onto another raft that stayed in the water. They hung a full length throw bag off the floating raft and let all the rope feed out so customers could pull their way back up to the rafts.

As Luke's friend floated downstream the rope caught and twisted around her leg. Luke was in his raft and was able to grab her lifejacket but he had to pull forcefully to keep her head up.  She was also pulling on the chicken line. He eventually pulled her by the bottom of her PFD and managed to unwrap the friction knot that had formed around her ankle, freeing her. She had rope burns around her lower leg but was otherwise uninjured.  


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