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Accident Description

Warden Identifies Drowning Victim

Intense Rapids Found Along Kayak Route

POSTED: 7:03 pm EDT August 2, 2009

LIMINGTON, Maine -- A woman whose body was was pulled out of Little Ossipee River in Limington on Sunday has been identified as Shannon Phillips,51, of Portland. Warden Eric Blanchard said Phillips was not wearing a life jacket. Maine game wardens said the Phillips was going down river in an inflatable kayak. The kayak is still in the water, trapped underneath a waterfall.

Recent heavy rainfall has raised the water level and intensified rapids on the river. Wardens suspect those conditions may have caused the Phillips' kayak to capsize. Blanchard reminded people in kayaks and canoes to wear life jackets. He also said people should be aware of river conditions wherever they are.

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